So, You Want to be a Fan?

Friday Football should start with something fun, right?

What could be more fun than starting with fashion – or the lack thereof when talking about football.


Honestly, half of the game is dressing the part.


Come game day, whether you’re AT the game or sitting at home watching, showing your support is a huge part of the football culture as we know it today.

People paint their bodies and stand out there shirtless in frigid weather…I’m not sure I understand that one since I keep my clothes on, but it’s that passion for the game, the players, the fun that makes the sport what it is.


Those team colors are what set you apart in a stadium full of 60,000 people.

And besides, the more fun you have getting ready for the games, the more games you’ll watch.

And the more games you watch, the more you learn.

The more you learn, the more you want to watch. It becomes fun.

And it sometimes become a bit of an obsession  :)


So, throw on that tshirt, jersey, purse, socks, sweatpants, hats, gloves, scarves, beads….I’ve got ‘em all.

Pick your team – Show your pride.


So, if you do watch football (college or NFL) – who’s your team?

Also, here’s some highlighted games (that will be on tv) for this weekend!

If you want, make your picks in the comments.

Navy at #6 Ohio State, Noon Saturday (ESPN)

#13 Georgia at #9 Oklahoma State, 3:30 Saturday (ABC)

#20 BYU at #3 Oklahoma, 7 pm Saturday (ESPN)

#5 Alabama at #7 Virginia Tech, 8 pm Saturday (ABC)

Maryland at #12 Cal, 10 pm Saturday (ESPN2)


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  1. Girl i’ll be for sure watchin me some football this weekend!!! tomorrow is the Michigan game! :)

    you are so adore with that jersey! loves it!

  2. Nothing beats college football. UT Austin Hook ‘Em Horns baby!!! Watch the game this weekend :)

  3. I’m totally a Patriots fan from before Brady made ’em big. I’m no bandwagon jumper…pure fan.

    Loved last night’s game. It was great! Excited for the season.

  4. I like your outfit better than the first guy’s ;) Hehe…enjoy!

  5. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for football. I live near the Panther’s stadium in Charlotte. I DREAD Sundays during the fall because there are football fans everywhere!

  6. There are some good games this weekend! I’m a K-State allum and will always be a faithful wearer of purple :)

    My picks: Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Cal.

  7. Indianapolis Colts, baby! I’ve lived in Indy my whole life and Tony Dungy (sadly, he’ll be missed!) and Peyton Manning have done SO much for our community here. I LOVE FOOTBALL! I just wish I had a college team to root for. I went to Indiana University and…um….we were not a football school. Like, they stink!

  8. I spy a hokie! I’m so out of touch with college football these days, but it was my life back when I was at Boston College. Plus I was on the dance team so I watched every. minute. of every. game. Some better than others. In fact, such others usually included teams like VTech! Booooo!

    At least you aren’t a Notre Dame fan (right??). Then I could never read your blog again. ;)

  9. I don’t watch much football, but it’s been drilled into me to root for Michigan :)

  10. I’m a huge Cleveland Browns fan and I gotta support OSU because I am from the Buckeye State.

    Picks: OSU, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Cal

  11. Up here in the great white north (actually, it rarely snows where I live), we follow the CFL (Canadian Football League) and we’re all for the BC Lions!!!!!!!!! As you already know!

  12. I only really watch football when the boyfriend is over so I don’t know much about college football. My NFL team is Eagles!

  13. Hi Brandi!

    I didn’t go to a college that had a football team, so I dont know any college teams. But I still want to play.

    Navy (gotta root for the guys in uniforms)
    Georgia (my daddy’s name is George)
    BYU (have no idea who they are)(bring your underwear)
    Virginia Tech (you)
    Maryland (visited Baltimore this summer)

    I guarantee I will have the worst picks all year, is there a donkey prize?

  14. i grew up with the giants :) no football team in undergrad…

  15. BUCKEYES!! O-H-I-O. Love college football. Wearing my scarlet and grey at work. I watch more football than my husband…

  16. Navy at #6 Ohio State, Noon Saturday (ESPN)
    pickin’ Navy cause like Tammy says, you gotta go with the guys in uniforms :0)

    #13 Georgia at #9 Oklahoma State, 3:30 Saturday (ABC)
    pickin’ Georgia (aren’t they bulldogs???) I have a bulldog

    #20 BYU at #3 Oklahoma, 7 pm Saturday (ESPN)
    BOOMER SOONER ALL THE WAY :0) (um I mean OU :0)

    #5 Alabama at #7 Virginia Tech, 8 pm Saturday (ABC)
    V TECH?

    Maryland at #12 Cal, 10 pm Saturday (ESPN2)
    hmmm Cal?

    I LOVE FOOTBALL AND FOOTBALL SEASON . and the only thing that makes Friday better is a little HS football.
    Have my season tickets and new stadium seats purchased! wooo hooo

  17. I love this post! I don’t ever dress too crazy, but I definitely wear my crimson and cream! I’m a University of Oklahoma Sooners fan, sooner born, sooner bred…

    As far as the picks go I’ll just say the ones I’ll be watching (and these are purely emotional picks, aka who I WANT to win.)

    Hokies over Bama (the Tide almost beat us in 2000 when we won the championship, they are being talked about as contenders with OU in the championship this year, they stole our color (crimson), and besides all that you and my mister like the Hokies)

    Gerogia over O. State (OSU = second bigglest rivalry)

    OKLAHOMA over byu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Former OU employee…always loyal! BOOMER SOONER!!!

  19. oh yeah…AND they’re playing here in Arlington this weekend! heck yeah! it’s just icing on the cake that they’re going to dirty up some Texas soil with crimson ;)

  20. Well you know I’m going for Tech all the way!!! Then OU, Navy, OS, and Cal! Fun fun fun!!!

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  23. * Tulsa at #1 Oklahoma, 7 pm Saturday (ESPN)

    Very late response to your post I know, super busy with school and working this weekend

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