brownie spoon pie

This isn’t your typical pie.

There’s no crust. No separate filling. No shaping the dough edges or pre-baking or fruit filling.

It’s a brownie spoon pie, which also means no slicing into even wedges! No worrying about pretty, perfect slices! This may be the best pie ever.

brownie spoon pie

Even without the usual pie characteristics, this should be on your list to make soon.

It’s a baked cookies and cream dessert, essentially. Baked cookies and cream! And it’s probably one of the easiest pies you’ll ever make.

If you can crush cookies and whip egg whites, you’re set.

brownie spoon pie

The pie bakes up super tender inside with a lovely top crust from the egg whites. The cookie crumbs are in every bite, and the creme chantilly puts it over the top. I’m still not sure how I’ve missed pies like this for so long – this one honestly takes 10 minutes to put together and get into the oven!

oatmeal cookie smoothie

Seems I might have a little bit of an obsession of making smoothies that taste more like desserts.

Is this a bad thing?

oatmeal cookie smoothie

It took me YEARS to figure out smoothie recipes that I actually like. Years! And I have no idea what my aversion is about them. I think, as tastes change over the years, I just had some smoothies that weren’t really up my alley and it totally turned me off to ALL smoothies for a while.

For years, I would never, ever buy or make a smoothie that had yogurt in it. I didn’t want any tang at all in mine! Just milk, thankyouverymuch. Or just a mix of fruits + juices. I guess, because smoothies usually look like milkshakes that I expected them to taste like a milkshake – sweet, not tangy.

oatmeal cookie smoothie

Plus, my other issue is that smoothies seem like a breakfast thing to me. And for the majority of the year, I cannot have cold breakfasts. At all. From fall through spring, I want warm breakfasts – I’m already cold in the mornings and a freezing cold smoothie does not sound appealing.


Summer is a different story. And, afternoons are one of my favorite times to have smoothies now, as an easy snack, when I’ve been awake for longer and am warmed up a bit.

citrus cider punch floats

This is a very special recipe for a very special Tuesday.

Today, this is one of many stops on the How Sweet It Is Invisible Internet Friends Baby Shower!

citrus cider punch floats

We are SO excited to be celebrating Jessica and the sure-t0-be fabulously dressed baby that’s coming VERY soon! Seriously, the list of foods and drinks and desserts that people made for this shower is ridiculous in the best way.

And because this isn’t for any typical baby shower, this punch had to be a little bit different.

citrus cider punch floats

It’s fall – which means = apple cider! But not a hot, spiced apple cider. Or a cold apple cider with bourbon (although, those are totally delicious).

Nope – this punch is everything good about apple cider, with a little bit of bubbles from the sparkling water AND it’s topped with caramel buttered pecan ice cream. I know, I know – does that sound weird? It might. But just go with it. The tartness from the apple cider and orange juice is so, so, so good with the salty-sweet buttered pecan ice cream.

Farmhouse Sandwich Bread

Some recipes simply have to be made, over and over. And that means they’ll probably be updated at some point (and get new pictures, if you’re a food blogger).

farmhouse sandwich bread

While we’re on the subject, how do I not have a classic quiche recipe on the blog yet?! We made one for dinner last night, and I was searching my blog to find the normal crust recipe I use….and I found nothing. I have a hashbrown crust quiche and a yeasted crust recipe, but not a classic, butter crust quiche recipe posted.

That will change soon. We make them often enough that there should at least be 4 (or more) recipes here!

farmhouse sandwich bread

One other recipe we use quite a bit is our farmhouse bread.

It’s one of the first bread recipes I’ve made that is totally foolproof. I’ve changed up the flour mixes I use, and they always turn out. We’ve done flavored breads, swirled breads (sweet and savory) and made cinnamon rolls and stromboli with this dough. It’s all you need! It makes perfect bread for sandwiches (especially BLTs or homemade chicken salad) and makes even better french toast.