easy lindt lindor truffle pot de cremes

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us again.

How in the world does January go by so quickly each year? I feel like I blink and the entire month is gone.

lindor truffle pot de creme

We don’t normally do anything huge on Valentine’s Day, but we do like to either go out for a nice meal or make something special/different at home. I mean, it is the anniversary of our first date, so we definitely have to do something out of the ordinary.

In past years, we’ve gone to our favorite local restaurants and last year we made paella at home, which was awesome! We started with some Spanish wine, olives, and cheese, and watched a movie after dinner. Most nights, I’d go for that over a dinner out.

lindor truffle pot de creme

As of right now, I have no idea what we’re going to be doing this year! Probably picking something new to make at home for dinner….maybe putting a crib together? Who knows?

leek and sausage quiche

Finally – a real, honest to goodness quiche recipe here!

I’ve done a few other varieties – hashbrown crusted, rice crusted, even frittatas – but no classic quiche recipes until now. This took way too long.

leek and sausage quiche

Quiche is actually one of our most common meals, usually for dinner, simply because they are so easy to make. I will admit that I often claim to be “too tired/lazy” to make a pie crust for quiche, but really, it takes almost no time at all.

Even with whipping up a crust, the majority of the time you need to make quiche is spent baking away in the oven (i.e. – hands off time!). Plus, crushing butter into flour after work is a good stress reliever. And you get delicious quiche at the end of it….so it’s always a good deal.

salsa poached egg tostadas

If there’s one thing that messes me up during the week, it’s forgetting to get stuff prepped for dinners. I’m usually good about writing myself a note to take something out of the freezer in the morning, but if I don’t get the note written OR actually remember before we leave for work….it doesn’t leave us many options.

Except eggs. There’s always eggs.

egg tostadas

And as much as we love breakfast for dinner, it’s nice to have some different egg dishes to throw into the rotation.

Some of our regular easy, weeknight meals are omelets, or biscuits with eggs and bacon, or something like waffles or pancakes. But a few months ago (when I had forgotten to take something out to thaw), I wanted something non-breakfasty that was still quick + easy to make.

Enter the tostada!

egg tostadas

Sure you can make these with any meat or veggies you like, but this has turned out to be our very favorite version. The eggs are poached in salsa while the tortillas + beans + cheese heat up. Then all you have to do is get the toppings chopped, and you’re good to go!

celery, olive, and radish salad

I know it’s cliche to post a salad recipe as the first recipe of the year. But it’s a total accident! And I’m pretty sure my next recipe will be stromboli….so we’ll have a good balance going to start 2015.

celery olive radish salad

Even so, I’m so excited to share this recipe!

See, I’m usually at a total loss when it comes to celery. I get stuck in a huge rut when it comes to this veggie, so I am PSYCHED that I have a new way to eat it.

It seems any time I have celery in the fridge, I have it one of two ways: sliced and dipped in hummus, or chopped and put into some kind of soup. And that’s usually it. And as much as I love those two things, that gets sooooooooo boring.

So – I’m challenging myself to come up with new ways of using celery (and lots of other ingredients) this year so I don’t get stuck in so many food ruts. This will also mean that we use up everything in the fridge each week! I hate wasting food, so the more recipes I can have on deck for, well, everything, the better!

celery olive radish salad

Even though I love celery on its own, it’s hard for me to picture it being in an actual “dish” with other ingredients. After only really having it covered in hummus or stuffed with peanut butter, it’s just tough to come up with new ideas.

But thankfully, olives save the day.

Do you like olives? I love olives. I love olives so much that I used to sit and eat an entire can of them as a snack growing up. Thankfully, we have a pretty good olive bar at our Kroger, so we have access to much better olives than the ones I grew up eating. And tossing them into just about anything is a good way to make it a dish that I love.