turkey milanese and pea risotto

Spring: when everything is green.

Including your food!

Fresh herbs are coming back, spring onions, the last of the winter greens. The trees are budding, the grass is bright, and – finally – the sky is blue! All the drab, winter gray is gone and spring is heading in, quickly.

turkey milanese with pea risotto

And when everything outside is turning green, it makes me ready for bright, green, light, fresh food. I love a good hearty stew or casserole in the dead of winter, but once the weather turns, my appetite changes. That turkey meatball tortilla soup I made in January? Amazing. Still one of our favorite from the last couple of months. And this recipe is high up on the favorites list, too.

Are you ready for a new salad topper?

Who isn’t, right? My salads all seem to turn into the same mix after a while, so I’m always looking for new salad inspiration.

And if there’s anything better than a warm, crispy crusted round of goat cheese on a salad, someone needs to tell me what that is. Because I don’t think a salad topped gets any better than this.

raisin pecan goat cheese salad

Or….maybe it’s a little better than usual because the crust on these babies is full of flavor with some chopped raisins, pecans, and spices. Salty, tangy, golden brown, melty goat cheese. On your salad.

Why aren’t we making these every day? I might just start.

one hour chicken stock

This quick chicken stock is one of my very favorite things to make – and use.

Did you know you can make rich, super flavorful chicken stock in an hour? And with almost no work from you? That’s right. It pretty much does everything itself.

Let’s get started!

one hour chicken stock

carrot and leek steel cut oat risotto

Well. This is right about the time I’m done with winter.

We’ve had a couple of good snows, a few days off of work (thanks to the snow), but now it’s just cold. I’m ready for spring, anytime.

I really love lazy, snowy days when we’re cooped up inside and have to catch up on movies or books and / or naps. And I love winter citrus and my comfy sweaters and boots. But after a few weeks of this, I’m ready for some warmer weather. Maybe not 90-degree summer days, but something other than dreary, gray, freezing cold winter days.

But we’re still in the thick of it, or so it seems.

So! To cheer us up, we’re making a new twist on risotto.

carrot and leek steel cut oat risotto

Are you already thinking I’m crazy with this one? I promise, if you like traditional risotto, you will love this.

If you love oats as much as we do, then you know how fun it is to find new ways to use it. And savory options are my favorite. Everyone always thinks you can only make breakfast with oats, but I’m here to tell you that you can do MUCH much more.

With a classic risotto, you slowly cook arborio rice, adding broth little by little, until the rice has released its starches and is tender and creamy. With these Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats, it’s the same process! Easy.