the baby food post!

Most nights, this is what’s going on in the kitchen:

baby food

Maggie and baby boy, causing all kinds of fun trouble – eating things they shouldn’t, making messes, and loving every minute.

To try to keep the rock / stick / fuzz eating at bay (although, it doesn’t really help – baby boy will literally pick up anything off the floor and put it in his mouth), we’ve been working on making all kinds of new foods for him and using the freezer as our new best friend.

homemade baby food

I’ve got some recipes of my own to share soon (woo!), but in the meantime, I’ve had a lot of people ask what he’s been eating, so here’s a glimpse into a few things we’ve been making so far.

Welcome to my newest obsession.

In the past year, I’ve tossed aside fat free and low fat yogurts and have become hooked on whole milk yogurt. Especially Stonyfield’s whole milk greek yogurt. Let me say that again: whole milk. greek yogurt.

It’s the ultimate thick and creamy yogurt, times two. Greek yogurt in the best way possible.

Am I a little over-obsessed with this? Maybe. But I am a-okay with it.

stonyfield yogurt

Stonyfield’s two newest lines are the Whole Milk Organic Greek Yogurt and the Organic Grassfed – and they’re both delicious! The cows that provide the milk for the grassfed yogurt are at Maple Hill Creamery. They eat no corn, no grain – just grass, plain and simple. Milk from cows who graze naturally on grass gives the yogurt a rich and really unique, sweet flavor. And like all Stonyfield products, 100% Grassfed is organic, non-GMO, and made without the use of artificial hormones. Bonus!

stonyfield yogurt

One of my all-time favorite afternoon snacks is some whole milk yogurt topped with fresh raspberries and a few chocolate chips. This combo is SO GOOD. A little tang from the yogurt, tart from the berries, sweet from the chocolate. It’s basically the best.

turkey milanese and pea risotto

Spring: when everything is green.

Including your food!

Fresh herbs are coming back, spring onions, the last of the winter greens. The trees are budding, the grass is bright, and – finally – the sky is blue! All the drab, winter gray is gone and spring is heading in, quickly.

turkey milanese with pea risotto

And when everything outside is turning green, it makes me ready for bright, green, light, fresh food. I love a good hearty stew or casserole in the dead of winter, but once the weather turns, my appetite changes. That turkey meatball tortilla soup I made in January? Amazing. Still one of our favorite from the last couple of months. And this recipe is high up on the favorites list, too.

Are you ready for a new salad topper?

Who isn’t, right? My salads all seem to turn into the same mix after a while, so I’m always looking for new salad inspiration.

And if there’s anything better than a warm, crispy crusted round of goat cheese on a salad, someone needs to tell me what that is. Because I don’t think a salad topped gets any better than this.

raisin pecan goat cheese salad

Or….maybe it’s a little better than usual because the crust on these babies is full of flavor with some chopped raisins, pecans, and spices. Salty, tangy, golden brown, melty goat cheese. On your salad.

Why aren’t we making these every day? I might just start.