oatmeal turtle bars with maple date caramel

Oh my goodness, friends.

Is anyone else as obsessed with salty + sweet desserts as I am?

oatmeal turtle bars with maple date caramel

The only challenge in our house is that Nick isn’t a huge fan of chocolate + peanut butter desserts, so we’re finding other ways to add a little saltiness to some of our homemade treats.

I also wanted to try making something with a little less sugar than a typical cookie bar and used dried dates (yum!) as the base for a maple caramel that is slathered on top of these oat-filled cookie bars before they’re baked.

peach caprese salad with basil dressing

Is it any surprise that tomato and peach season go together?

The only bad thing about peach and tomato season is that it is gone waaaaaayyyyyy too fast. Can’t we have them from April to November? Instead of June to September? Just a few more months, please?

peach caprese salad with basil dressing

I’ve seen lots of people putting peaches with tomatoes, but never really thought I’d like the combination. I mean, I know they’re both fruit – technically – but tomatoes aren’t something I ever put in a fruit salad or smoothie or anything else that I make with fruit.

But can I tell you something?

bacon, tomato, and arugula panzanella

Thank goodness for summer. I’ve been waiting for tomatoes for a full year, and they’re finally here!

Our weather has been crazy so far this summer and right now, I’m not sure how our tomatoes will fare in the garden. The plants are growing, but it’s sloooooooooow going. We’ve had a few zucchini already, so I’m still holding out hope.

In the meantime, I’m buying a few at the farmer’s markets each week to hold me over.

bacon tomato arugula panzanella

With the arrival of baby boy last year, I didn’t get to do any real canning (taking care of a newborn is work, y’all!). Thankfully, our basement is still stocked with some canned tomatoes from the summer before so we’ve been working our way through the jars.

We had this salad a few weeks ago, just before fresh tomatoes hit here, and I cannot wait to make it again with a couple Cherokee Purple beauties (my favorite tomatoes of all time).

bacon tomato arugula panzanella

If you ever get sick of the typical BLT during the summer (…but really, who does) OR if you’d just like a little more green with your bacon + tomatoes, THIS is the dish for you.

bean, hummus, and guacamole taco cups

Who doesn’t love a good taco?

And an even more important question, who doesn’t love a perfect little bite size taco?

bean hummus and guacamole taco cups

Really, if you can make anything in a “mini” version, people go crazy for it, right? Mini donuts, mini cupcakes, mini burgers, mini tacos. It was only a matter of time.

And I’m pretty sure I got Nick’s seal of approval because he called these little bites “taco-tastic”.

bean hummus and guacamole taco cups

Working with Sabra the past few years has given me lots of opportunities to find new ways to use hummus, dips, and their new Veggie Fusions guacamole, and I love coming up with recipes to showcase them. These new Veggie Fusions Guacamole dips are made with real crisp vegetables, with 7 different varieties per recipe! Plus there’s 30% less fat than a classic guacamole, which is something you can feel good about.