No Lunch, Must Shop

Well, 2 days in a row with no real lunch! I don’t know what got into us.

I think having big, filling breakfasts and eating later than normal just filled us up.

After eating breakfast and getting ready to brave the cold weather, we ran up to the Walmart near our house for a few things we needed for our Christmas gifts. They ended up being out of one very important item, so we drove over to another store, but they didn’t have it either.

We tried one more place (no luck) before heading back home to drop of the goods we did pick up.

Nick actually had to go into the lab for about an hour this afternoon, so I took a book and went into town with him. I sat and read Espresso Shot for a while, and then I got to look at some cells under the microscope – it reminded me of science class!  :)

We trudged through the uncleared parking lot back to the truck and headed over to the mall. Since we were out in town already, Nick and I both finished shopping for each other and we got almost all the rest of our gifts for family.

Since we were still out in town at 5, we decided to eat at Olive Garden –we were both finally hungry and just happy to be out of the house.


I had 2 bowls of salad, 2 breadsticks, and a bowl of the zuppa toscana soup.


Nick got a sampler plate for his dinner, and I had 2-3 tiny stuffed mushrooms and 2 toasted raviolis, too. I was hungry! And this dinner didn’t really fill me up at the time, but once we got home and I drank a glass of water – I felt stuffed!

We came home and got all our Christmas stuff put away for now and are pretty well organized. Now the last thing to do is to make everything! The next few days will be pretty busy in our house, but it’ll be fun.

I’m hoping work will be cancelled – or at least delayed – tomorrow since the parking lots at work were still completely full of over 1 foot of snow…but we’ll see. My work isn’t known for closing down unless it’s really bad.


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Nonstop Snow

It’s still coming!

The snow stopped for a few hours yesterday afternoon, but then started up again last night. We don’t have big snowflakes anymore, but it’s coming down again as I type this.

Yay for lazy + snowy weekends!


Nick and I went back outside yesterday after our hot chocolate lunch and played with some of the kids from across the street.

We helped build a snowman (and provided the carrot nose) and I slid down our hill on my butt a few times. I’m too chicken to get on the sled because our hill is pretty steep, but snow bibs are slick, so I was still going pretty fast!

We came back in, changed clothes, heated up leftover picadillo for dinner and watched a movie. It was a nice cozy night.

This morning, we woke up to see it snowing again! I thought it would really be done yesterday, but I’ll take it when I can get it.

Without having to get up or use an alarm clock, you’d think that we would have gotten enough sleep – but Nick and I got out of bed this morning, laid on the couch to watch some news and we both fell back asleep and took a little morning nap! I guess we were just worn out from yesterday.

Once we woke back up, we got started on breakfast.


Nick made some biscuits and bacon and I cooked some eggs for us.


We also made little apple turnovers with some puff pastry for dessert last night and had some apples that wouldn’t fit so we heated those up to have with breakfast.


I had some eggs, 1 biscuit with some of that awesome Frog Hollow Farm Apricot Conserve, 1 slice of bacon and some apples.


And lots of coffee :)


We’re about to brave the snow and go up to the store.

I’ve got a lot to do today!

  • Clean the house
  • 1 load of laundry
  • Get started on Christmas gifts!!!


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Pizza for Breakfast…

and hot chocolate for lunch!

What a fun Saturday  :)  We are officially snowed in, probably for the weekend. Church is already cancelled for tomorrow, so I doubt we’ll be leaving the house unless it’s to play in the snow or walk around the neighborhood.



We got somewhere between 10-12 inches at our house, but I know a nearby town reported that they got 24 inches!



While I was working on breakfast this morning, Nick played outside for a while and started to clean off our walkway and the cars. Everything was completely covered!

It may be messy in the next day or two, but it’s beautiful right now.

Since I had all the ingredients and I wanted a fun breakfast, I planned on making something that I’ve never made before.


Breakfast Pizza – aka, the best breakfast to make for your husband or boyfriend.


I saw this recipe on Joe & Betsy’s blog (they’re getting married this weekend!!) and just had to try it, but I did “health” ours up a bit.


  • I cut the dough recipe in half since I was only making one pizza for us and I used almost all whole wheat flour.
  • I only cooked about 2-3 oz. of local Virginia sausage and used 1% milk in the gravy.
  • We only used 2 total slices of bacon and maybe 1/2 cup of cheese?


Just imagine this –

  • whole wheat pizza crust
  • homemade sausage gravy as the “sauce”
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • cheese


I can’t even describe how good this is!!! We ate almost the entire pizza this morning, but we didn’t eat breakfast until almost 11 am, so we were both starving.


We also got to try out some new coffee this morning. I received this from Cleo Coyle herself!  :) Cool, huh? I was so excited to try it.

We got this Amaro Gayo coffee from gimme! coffee and decided to try it this morning in the french press and using our antique coffee grinder.



This coffee is a light roast, so it’s very different than the Columbian and Kona we normally drink, but I loved it! You could definitely taste the slight berry finish in the coffee.



After eating breakfast (and watching 2 episodes of One Tree Hill) :), Nick cleared off more the walkway and I went over to talk with our neighbors and watch them all have a snowball fight.

I got caught in the crossfire a few times, but it was fun to be out there.

Nick and I took a drive around the town to see how bad the roads were, and most of them near us still aren’t cleared off. I have a feeling the roads will be pretty bad tomorrow because it’s all going to re-freeze tonight.

By the time we got back, it was 1 pm but neither one of us is hungry! so, I just made some hot chocolate on the stove top.


I just used the recipe on the Hershey’s Cocoa box and it turned out great. I haven’t had real hot cocoa in a long time. Cocoa, vanilla, sugar, water, and milk – that’s all you need.


And a spoonful of fluff on top :) This filled me back up!

Oh yeah! For my family (and anyone else that wants to see), here’s my new haircut.



More bangs + shorter. Ah, it feels so much better! I needed a trim so bad…I couldn’t see past my bangs the other day. They needed some TLC and they finally got it on Wednesday.


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Let It Snow…

It’s snowing!!!


These pictures are from just about 30 minutes after it started (about 2:30 this afternoon), and it was already sticking to the ground.



Just one hour later.




That’s Nick, sledding down our hill :)

And it’s still coming down!

We already have between 6-7 inches right now and the brunt of this storm isn’t supposed to hit until later tonight and into tomorrow!

I don’t know how much we’re going to get, but Nick, Roxy and I are ready to be snowed in this weekend.


About an hour after it started snowing, Nick and I drove up to the store across the street to pick up some beer for a recipe tonight – no dinner out tonight, sadly. The roads would have been way too bad and I’m kind of glad we didn’t try to get out to the restaurant.

Even just an hour after it started snowing, the snow was sticking to the roads and slushy + slippery! They’ve been salting the roads and getting ready for this storm for the past couple of days, so I wasn’t expecting it to build up so quickly.

But dinner was great!

I stared working on it while Nick was out sledding with our neighbors  :) No worries – we’ll all be out there playing tomorrow, I’m sure.



The perfect cold + snowy-night meal.


I used this recipe from MyRecipes / Food and Wine as inspiration and changed just a few tiny things.




  • I used Virginia (!) ground bison instead of ground beef and only 1 lb. total
  • I used 2 15 oz. cans of crushed tomatoes
  • I forgot the tomato paste! Just realized it.
  • I used 2 large sweet potatoes and cubed/roasted them in the oven for 30-40 minutes (with olive oil and salt) instead of cooking them on the stovetop


I loved the sweet potatoes + raisins in this! It was such a great balance with the salty olives and the cumin + coriander spices.

We had some steamed broccoli with the picadillo, along with some of the beer that was also in the picadillo.


We love Starr Hill! This was our first time trying their Winter Lager, and it was great. I think we’ve tried just about every one they make and have enjoyed every one. We’ll have to visit someday – maybe a trip to Charlottesville needs to be planned.

Right now, Roxy is napping Nick’s lap and I’ve got one load of laundry to fold.

Other than that…it will be a pretty lazy weekend I think.

We’ve got one movie from Netflix plus a DVD with 3 One Tree Hill episodes  :)  Nick won’t be happy about that, but I think I might make him like it. We’ll see!


I can’t wait to see how much snow we have when we wake up! That’ll make breakfast even more fun.