Eggs + Bran

Have you tried eggs over oatbran yet?


You should. Especially if you like grits or polenta or something else with your eggs.


I actually use to hate grits, but that was before I knew how amazing runny eggs were  ;) Now I have to have something with my eggs to make sure I don’t miss any of it!


The oatbran texture is a little bit like grits but softer and the slight nutty flavor goes great with eggs.

Especially some some crushed red pepper on top.


Nick and I also split an apple this morning and I made coffee! But I’m taking mine to go.


Are there foods you love now that you used to hate?

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Like a Bowl of Gravy

Oh, thank goodness humpday is over, right?

Today was crazy. I had so many emails today, plus all the stuff that was backed up from all the computer issues Monday. Busy pretty much sums it up, I guess.

And I got my hair cut! It was driving me crazy, so I definitely needed it today. I’ll have pictures this weekend for sure – I want to see how it is tomorrow after I do it myself. I’m not really talented in hair styling (which is why I don’t do hair) so the basics are all I can do. I like the cut, though, so I think it will be good.

The weather turned out to be so cold today! It was 36 when we were leaving work, and the wind was even colder.

Good thing I had a warm and comforting meal planned for dinner.


Nick said this soup was like “eating a bowl of gravy”.

I have to agree – it was so good and thick and creamy! The perfect meal on a cold winter day.


I had a salad with my soup tonight – just some romaine, carrots, garlic almonds and homemade vinaigrette for some extra green. I did eat my veggies + hummus, but it felt weird not having many fruits or veggies with my lunch. Plus, I knew I would need something else with my soup and this worked out perfectly.


For the main part of dinner, I made some Baked Potato Soup.

I peeled and cubed 3 potatoes and cooked them in the microwave for about 6-7 minutes to soften them up.

While those were cooking, I crisped up 2 slices of bacon. Once those were cooked, I took them out of the pot (leaving the grease in the pot) and let the bacon cool. I added the cubed potatoes to the pot (and grease) and cooked them until they were soft enough to mash.

At that point, I mashed most of the potatoes up – leaving a little of it still chunky – and added a mix of 3 cups of 1% milk and 5-6 Tbsp of flour.

Then I just threw in some salt and a little pepper and let it cook on medium high heat until it thickened up a bit. Right before serving, I added about 1/4 cup of half and half and some crumbled bacon.

Then to serve, we just topped our soup with the rest of the bacon, scallions, and some cheese.


All in all, it was a pretty good day…but I’m happy tomorrow is Thursday :)

I’m about to help Nick cut his hair and then I think I’m going to read a little before bed.


Make sure to stop by tomorrow for a fun giveaway!


What’s your favorite soup?

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Chip-wich and Clicks

I loved reading about all your holiday traditions! Seems like a lot of people get new pjs for Christmas  :) That’s actually one of my favorite things! I love sleeping in a new pair of pjs for the first time on Christmas Eve.

My sisters and I also used to sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve – well, we tried to sleep, but we normally just kept asking each other if we could get up yet! One year, we just couldn’t wait and we made my parents get up at 3:30 in the morning to open presents! Then my parents went back to bed for a few hours while we watched a movie  :) Fun, right? I’m sure I’ll be repaid for that whenever we have kids.

Lunch today was hard to put together.

We had NO leftovers to bring – and I mean nothing.

I ended up packing a sandwich, which is usually my last resort, but it turned out to be a great lunch that brought back a lot of memories.


I made a chip-wich!


Do you ever do this?


In middle and high school, my mom always packed a lunch for us and it almost always included a sandwich and some type of chip/pretzel/cracker. I LOVED putting my chips on my sandwiches.

The best combos always included doritos or cheetos, and this lunch just made me smile.

I made a ham + provolone sandwich this morning on Nature’s Pride 100% WW bread with a little olive oil mayo, and then layered on some Salt + Pepper Popchips at lunchtime.

I just love the crunch in the sandwich – and it doesn’t matter what chips you use. It’s always good.

I also had a tangerine with lunch and am planning on having these veggies + hummus later on.

IMG_7651 IMG_7652

Okay, maybe not the carrots and not all of that hummus  :)


I’m actually going to get my hair cut during part of my lunch break – I can barely see because of my super long bangs!




What was your normal lunch in school?

Holiday Traditions

Happy humpday, people! Thank goodness this week is just about halfway over. It’s just been a mess so far!

I think my computer issues should be a bit better today at work – plus, we have an exciting thing happening on Friday, so I can’t wait!!!

I was so excited when I was getting peanut butter out of the jar yesterday because I knew it meant I could have this today.



Today’s mix was all about the peanut butter + apple.

  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • cinnamon!
  • 1 small apple, chopped and heated up for 1 minute with MORE cinnamon
  • about 1.5 Tbsp pb in the jar


I love the big blob (ha, I wrote blog!) of pb that’s waiting at the bottom of the jar, but I think my favorite part about doing this is the little bites of melty pb that follow you down the sides of the jar.


If you haven’t tried this, you should! It’s good with regular pb, flavored pb, almond butter, nutella…you name it.


While finally getting to watch the latest edition of VeggieGirl tv yesterday (my internet is too slow at home), I started thinking about my family’s traditions at Christmas.

  • We always open one present on Christmas Eve, and that present is always new pajamas
  • No one can open anything on Christmas morning until we’ve gone through everything in our stockings
  • We always go to a family friends’ house – that might as well be family – for breakfast on Christmas morning to exchange gifts with them and have breakfast casserole, fruit, juice, and coffee

Since Nick and I have been married, we’ve actually only been at his parents’ house for one Christmas so far because of schedules, but we’ll be there this year.

I do, however, remember that Nick’s parents HID all the presents that were under the tree and we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find them again. :)


What are your family traditions around the holidays? Specific meals? Places you go?

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