You Butter Believe It

Want to know the most exciting thing I bought at Trader Joe’s the other day?

Butter. I think my heart started beating faster when I saw it.

Nick and I got to try this Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter at the Foodbuzz Festival and fell in love. I don’t really know how to explain how it tastes, but it’s about 100 times better than normal butter.

I can find 2-3 of the Kerrygold cheeses at home, but I haven’t found a place near us that carries their butter.

I bought salted + unsalted to take home, and I convinced my mom to buy one, too ;)


Dinner last night was leftovers and some green beans my mom made.


I had a little turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato/apricots, a roll with that butter, and a bunch of green beans.


These green beans were awesome! She just cooked some frozen green beans with some sliced peppers, oregano, garlic, and onion and tossed in some sliced almonds at the end. Yum!

I did have some veggies + hummus during the football game today, but I can’t find the picture! Oh well – my mom made a hummus tray with some carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, and sliced peppers and we ate it all. It was a good “light lunch” to carry us over until dinner and get us some veggies.

The boys + Melissa went to a hockey game last night, and me and my mom went over to visit some family friends last night for a few hours. Too much fun…I don’t think we ever stopped laughing.

Isn’t it crazy when you see people again that you’ve known your entire life and all the kids are grown up now? It’s weird seeing everyone as tall as me and graduating and going into high school.


Oh, and I know I forgot to post the games yesterday! I can’t believe it – my brain has just been fried from all the family, friends, food, and nonstop shopping…so we’ll just consider this week a break – back at it next weekend for championship games!


I’m going to help make breakfast – once we eat and finish packing up, Nick and I are getting on the road to head home. I’m ready to see Roxy, but I’m sad this weekend is over already.



I love the camera!

We actually have 2 Rebels now, so it’ll be great! Nick and I will both be able to take pictures on vacations or when we go hiking or just everyday and not have to worry about sharing or passing the camera back and forth. It was fun playing with it last night.




OH, and I made Nick take a picture of me in my new boots this morning, too ;)


I apparently just woke up – it barely looks like my eyes are open!

We ended up changing our plans for today once we talked to Nick’s family last night.

We got up and left the house this morning at 7:30 to drive to Richmond so we could eat breakfast with Nick’s parents and sister and her husband.


Before we left this morning, I had an apple and Nick and I split this Clif bar.


We also made a pit stop on the way and I got a cup of coffee from Hardees, but it was disgusting! I only had 2 sips and decided I would wait for coffee at the restaurant.


We met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and sat there for almost 2 hours! I know I’m lucky to have a family that gets along great…and I love it.

I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t this way. I love being in the middle of this group when everyone is cracking jokes, telling stories, and laughing so hard they have tears in their eyes.


I had coffee + water to drink and a huge pancake breakfast!


I had their normal pancakes, but took the butter off so I could put my eggs on top ;) Seriously – if you like eggs, you need to try this.

Pancakes + over easy eggs + maple syrup = Perfection


I had some turkey sausage on the side and ate every. single. bite of this plate. This is basically breakfast AND lunch and I was starving by 10:30 when we ate.


After finishing brunch, we headed over to Short Pump and shopped for Nick’s sister for a bit. I don’t know how us girls have so much fun, but we do. We can’t quit pulling stuff off the racks to try on…it feels like we just take over the stores!

After we each spent some money, we headed back to the cars to say goodbye and we got on the road around 1 to head back home  :(  It was such a short trip, but so fun! I’m glad we got to see everyone.

I’m actually in the van right now writing this so  I can hit publish as soon as we get home – there’s a Hokie game on at 3:30!


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Mexican + More Shopping

Okay, I’m finally home for good tonight!

We went to one of my family’s favorite little Mexican places for dinner tonight – I was hungry! All that shopping today kicked up my appetite.


I got a bean and mushroom quesadilla with some guacamole salad and some rice. Their rice was actually pretty good, but all I wanted was the bean-y, cheesy mushroom filling in the quesadilla  :)


And no, these pictures aren’t taken with the Rebel! ;) It was charging at home, but I’ve already been playing with it and am in love.

My mom, sister, Mammaw, and I all went to Kohls after dinner, too. It’s an addiction! Once I get in the shopping mood, that’s all I want to do.

I did find a few sweaters at Kohls, though, so it was worth the trip.

We got back home a while ago and have been sitting around talking and watching the football games….and having more pie.

Or I did!


Gotta get it while I can.

We have another early morning tomorrow – we’re going to meet Nick’s parents, sister and her husband for a few hours, and I can’t wait to see everyone.

My feet are killing me and I’m ready for pajamas.


Shopped Out

For now ;)

We were gone from 7:30 this morning until 3:30 this afternoon! AND, if that isn’t crazy enough, my older sister actually went with a friend to Williamsburg to the outlets last night at midnight and didn’t get home until 6:30 this morning…and then she went out with us, too!

We didn’t have much Christmas shopping to do today since we’re doing homemade gifts for everyone, so today was just for fun.

I got some great deals, though! 1 pair of boots, 2 pairs of dress/work shoes, and a pair of jeans.

We also went ahead and went to Trader Joe’s today so I stocked up on some stuff I needed and got some fun things, too.

AND – the big news for today – Nick and I bought a new Canon Rebel! We really wanted to get one for our trip in February and there was a really good deal today, so that is our Christmas present to each other.


While we were shopping with the masses this morning, I had a small fat free peppermint mocha – with just one pump of each syrup.


Did you know they normally put 3 pumps of each flavor in the tall/smallest size?!? That makes it so sweet – I always ask for less, and it’s the perfect amount of flavor.

We went in a bunch of stores….tried on tons of clothes…and really barely bought anything that we tried on. In fact, I think the only thing that all of us bought was shoes!

I really want to find some solid color shirts/sweaters, but had no luck today.

My sister actually had to work at 1 today, so we went to get some lunch at Atlanta Bread Company before she got on the road.


It was just like Panera! So strange. Except this salad was much better than the last one I got from Panera – that one was half slimy greens. Ick.

This one was good.


I got the Half’n’Half with a half house salad + half Avocado sandwich.


Whole grain bread with avocado, tomato, lettuce, provolone, red onion, and some dill sauce, I think? It was tasty and there was a lot of avocado  :)

We’re finally home, relaxing, and (duh) watching more football. I think we’re going out for dinner with my Mammaw and sister once she gets off of work.

Should be good – I’m hungry!


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