Families Rule…


…puppies drool. And howl and whine and pee and bite and slobber and cuddle. A lot. :)


My family came up yesterday and stayed the night so we could do Christmas with them. I know I didn’t get pictures of everything and I have no pictures from dinner at all – but it was tons of fun.

Spending time with my parents, sister, Mammaw, Nick, my other parents, and some friends, and playing with the new puppy just took over everything.






And I loved every minute.








We’re about to make some lunch and probably get on the road in a few hours to get home with our new puppy and get settled in.

See you from home!


*I have some sourdough starter to bring home and am very excited about it! We’ve had homemade sourdough biscuits, bread and pancakes this weekend and they’ve all been amazing.

Merry Christmas!

From our sleepy family, to yours.



Maggie wasn’t too bad last night, but she whined for about half an hour before Nick or I got to sleep. She slept for a few hours, and then woke us up again around 2:30 this morning, so Nick took her out to use the bathroom.

She did good, but never really went back to sleep after that.

After 4 poops, she was ready for breakfast :) She is a bundle of energy in the morning…it is going to be hard leaving her at home when we have to go to work.

We ate breakfast – bacon, eggs, homemade sourdough biscuits, and jam + tea and then opened presents. It was a fun time with Harley cuddling Cindy on the couch and Maggie cuddling with Nick in the chair.

After showering and giving both dogs a bath, Nick and I took some little naps with the dogs and Bob decided to take pictures to prove it.



We just finished eating lunch + making tons of sugar cookies and fudge!


We all had turkey sandwiches with the leftover turkey from last night’s dinner and some Martin’s bbq chips – the best bbq chips ever.


I had a sugar cookie star and am now watching the dogs play and Nick’s parents take a nap.




Not sure what’s on the agenda for the rest of the day – probably lots of cookie eating, cutting into that fudge soon, and dinner after the sugar coma :)


Merry Christmas!!! I hope today is filled with joy and love and that the giving spirit continues on into the new year.



Happy Merry Christmas Eve! :)

We got here safely, but I just did not want to pull my computer out last night.

I think I got everything done yesterday – the morning was so busy!

  • I wrapped all the presents and bagged other things
  • Made tags + tied on ribbons
  • Cleaned the house (with Nick’s help)
  • Packed my bag for this weekend

Once Nick got back from doing sound stuff, we heated up some of the leftover french onion soup and I had some broccoli with it before we got on the road.

The drive here was uneventful, thankfully, and we got here just in time to eat some soup and cornbread.


Today has been exciting!!!  :)

Nick and I got our Christmas present to each other, and since the oatmeal I had for breakfast and leftover soup + cornbread I had for lunch don’t compare, I’ll just post some pictures of our new family member.



This is Maggie – our 11 week old Brittany puppy.


We went out to look at some puppies this morning, not knowing what ages they had or if we would find “the one” today, but she definitely found us.


Needless to say, other than a trip to Petsmart…playing, cuddling, and taking her out to go to the bathroom is all we’ve done today.


IMG_0861  IMG_0858

We’ve got dinner in the oven and will be eating and heading to a Christmas Eve service at Nick’s parents’ church tonight – and then home for more puppy play!

Signs of the Holidays

1. I’m awake and melting chocolate at 8 am…in my pajamas.

2. Breakfast is only made after we shift lots of dishes around so we actually have room to cook.




After shuffling around the kitchen, Nick started cooking some local VA sausage and cut up some apple while I cooked some eggs for us (and oatbran for me!).




and some coffee!


I’ve still got so much to do!!!

Nick just left to help set up sound for church, so while he’s gone, I’m going to be working on:

  • finishing up presents
  • wrapping gifts
  • cleaning the house
  • packing my bag

Can I get it all done?!?

What color are your dishes?

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