Happy Merry Christmas Eve! :)

We got here safely, but I just did not want to pull my computer out last night.

I think I got everything done yesterday – the morning was so busy!

  • I wrapped all the presents and bagged other things
  • Made tags + tied on ribbons
  • Cleaned the house (with Nick’s help)
  • Packed my bag for this weekend

Once Nick got back from doing sound stuff, we heated up some of the leftover french onion soup and I had some broccoli with it before we got on the road.

The drive here was uneventful, thankfully, and we got here just in time to eat some soup and cornbread.


Today has been exciting!!!  :)

Nick and I got our Christmas present to each other, and since the oatmeal I had for breakfast and leftover soup + cornbread I had for lunch don’t compare, I’ll just post some pictures of our new family member.



This is Maggie – our 11 week old Brittany puppy.


We went out to look at some puppies this morning, not knowing what ages they had or if we would find “the one” today, but she definitely found us.


Needless to say, other than a trip to Petsmart…playing, cuddling, and taking her out to go to the bathroom is all we’ve done today.


IMG_0861  IMG_0858

We’ve got dinner in the oven and will be eating and heading to a Christmas Eve service at Nick’s parents’ church tonight – and then home for more puppy play!

Signs of the Holidays

1. I’m awake and melting chocolate at 8 am…in my pajamas.

2. Breakfast is only made after we shift lots of dishes around so we actually have room to cook.




After shuffling around the kitchen, Nick started cooking some local VA sausage and cut up some apple while I cooked some eggs for us (and oatbran for me!).




and some coffee!


I’ve still got so much to do!!!

Nick just left to help set up sound for church, so while he’s gone, I’m going to be working on:

  • finishing up presents
  • wrapping gifts
  • cleaning the house
  • packing my bag

Can I get it all done?!?

What color are your dishes?

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Sugar Date

I don’t know about you, but my “holiday weekend” started at 5 pm today!!! Woohoo!!!

Today was my last day of work this week, and I couldn’t be more excited.

AND I’m just excited to be doing all kinds of holiday stuff tonight and tomorrow  :)

I was pretty busy working this afternoon and somehow got through the afternoon without a snack – I’m not sure how that happened, but that leaves more room for dessert tonight.

Dinner was quick + easy since we still have so much to do tonight.


We heated up the last of the picadillo from the other night and I steamed some broccoli for a quick meal.


Plus, eating this tonight meant we wouldn’t waste these leftovers.


We also had some of this brew with dinner – it’s good and from North Carolina!


And now, the rest of my night includes a lot of this –


and this –


plus wrapping presents and a few of these little treats from one of my coworkers.



Better get started – I’ve got a lot to finish by tomorrow.


What’s your favorite Christmas / holiday treat?

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Going Nutty

This day is dragging by just like yesterday!

I’m busy with work, and my mind is just racing with all the things left that Nick and I need to do tonight and tomorrow.

I’m ready for today to be over because I have a to-do list that is super long, and I need to get working on it!

Lunch today had to be quick, because I also have to run up to the store during lunch to pick up something I need for our gifts.


I knew I wanted a big salad, and I somehow ended up using pecans + almonds in my lunch today!


The salad is:

  • romaine
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • cranberries
  • pecans
  • dressing with: 2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp blackberry/pear balsamic, 1 tsp dijon


and I really wanted some yogurt with lunch today.

Thank goodness for these little containers! They’re the perfect size to have with lunch.

I topped this plain Oikos with some Frog Hollow Farm apricot conserve + salty roasted almonds.


I’ve got to get up to the store and get back to work – wish me luck!


Are you ready for the holidays? Presents bought/made, wrapped? Or are you scrambling like we are?  :)

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