It’s getting awfully close to my birthday, so you know what that means – cookie cake time!

gluten free chocolate chunk skillet cookie

For as long as I can remember now, I’ve requested a giant chocolate chip cookie cake for my birthday. Don’t get me wrong; I love good cake. But I think I might love cookies a little bit more (if you can’t tell from all the cookie recipes on this blog). This also may have to do with the fact that I’m not a good cake decorator – and you don’t have to do anything to good cookies.

And really – what’s more fun than a huge slice of a chocolate chip cookie? Plus, I love having a piece for breakfast the morning after my birthday. It’s becoming quite the tradition and I don’t want to lose it. Ever.

gluten free chocolate chunk skillet cookie

So when the people at Bob’s Red Mill asked me to whip up something using their Gluten Free 1 to 1 Baking Flour, I knew I had to make an updated version of my favorite skillet cookie.

coconut curry braised parsnips

It is spring, right?

I’m getting pretty confused because it froze overnight a few days ago and we’re stuck in a perpetual cycle of cold, rainy days. Now…in some ways, I am perfectly okay with this. Rainy days are perfect for play dates, Twilight movie marathons, catching up on books, and recipe testing.

But I’m also ready for perfect spring days, strawberries ripening in the yard, and at least a little sunshine.

coconut curry braised parsnips

Before we’re fully in spring and headed into the hot days of summer, let’s celebrate with some root veggies! I know – I’m ready for tomatoes, too, BUT root veggies are kind of the unsung-hero of, well, food. Potatoes are a kitchen work horse. Carrots can be added to anything – stews, salads, cakes.

Root veggies and hearty greens are what keep us going from fall until the first warm days of spring. And parsnips are one that is often overlooked. Well, no more!

Because we’re taking these beauties and braising them in a spiced coconut cream.

stuffed pepper topped hummus

There are three great things about today:

  1. It’s Friday – hello, end of the week!
  2. It’s day five of my first week as a stay at home/work at home mom, and we’re doing great! The house is somewhat put together, everyone is still alive, full, and happy – so I’m calling this a win.

We don’t need a holiday to have hummus in this house, but National Hummus Day pretty much means that it’s going to happen.

stuffed pepper topped hummus

If you couldn’t tell, we love Sabra Hummus. I love everyone that I’ve met working with them over the past 4 years and I especially love that they’re right here in Virginia! Virginia is for hummus lovers, after all. Pretty sure they need to be suggesting that as an alternate slogan.

one bowl mocha cake

Do you ever just want a piece of cake? Like, right that minute?

I may bake a lot of things, but big beautiful cakes aren’t one of them. I am NOT a decorator. I can’t ice cookies or frost cakes to save my life but I CAN whip up an easy one-bowl, one-pan cake that doesn’t need more than a slather of homemade frosting.

one bowl mocha cake

For quick desserts like this, I love finding ways to make vegan treats.

One, because they come together super fast. Two, because that means we can have cake anytime and it doesn’t matter if I have eggs or butter or milk on hand. (This also means this is the perfect dessert when are ARE out of something and don’t have time to go to the store.)

Last minute party invite? Make this.

Late night snack attack? Make this.