slow cooked pulled mexican beef

If there’s one thing I worry about as I get older, it’s my memory.

I’m just over 30 and already have a horrible memory. Not about everything – I tend to remember completely random (and mostly useless) facts and info, but I forget important information that I need to know.

crockpot pulled mexican beef

Or the forgetting-what-I’m-about-to-tell-you, just after the thought popped into my head? How does it disappear so quickly?

I forget where I put things. I need things in writing – not on the computer – and am completely devoted to paper lists and calendars because I love being able to physically cross things off.

One thing I tend to forget – every. single. year. –  is just how good slow cooking is.

crockpot pulled mexican beef

As soon as fall hits, I want cozy meals. Rich, warm, hearty dishes. Basically anything you can ladle over mashed potatoes or cheesy grits is a good idea.

And while I love my crock pot, I really really REALLY love throwing something in the oven on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and letting it bubble all day, filling the house with mouth-watering scents, just waiting to be pulled out and served for dinner.

lemon parmesan roasted zucchini

Even though zucchini season is over for us, I have to share this recipe.

Plus, you might live in an area where you’re still able to get zucchini – and this is one sure fire way to have all your zucchini gobbled up at dinner time.

lemon parmesan roasted zucchini

When tomatoes and zucchini are really coming in from the garden each year, we’re usually so overwhelmed with trying to can and freeze extras that we make the same recipes all the time. Mostly because they’re easy…and it’s easy to be lazy about meals when you’re trying to can tomato sauce and cook dinner at the same time.

But I’ve been trying to make some different dishes with our zucchini, spaghetti squash, and tomatoes, and this one definitely paid off.

lemon parmesan roasted zucchini

I’ve roasted zucchini before, but I don’t think I ever really got it right. They always seemed a little too well done. After trying a few different mixes of toppings + cooking temperatures, I think I’ve finally found the perfect combination!

pear cardamom vanilla butter

There are still quite a few things that I’m leery of making up completely on my own in the kitchen. The biggest thing is canned goods, hands down.

Even after canning now for 5 or 6 years, I know my experience is still incredibly limited compared to people who have been doing it their entire life. Plus, I’d really like to not a) get sick or b) possibly die from a bad batch of something because I didn’t do the right proportions or cook it long enough.

pear cardamom vanilla butter

Once you’ve made a bunch of batches of jam or jelly, it’s easy enough to swap in different mixes of fruit as long as you keep the basic measurements the same so you get the right consistency. Same thing with tomato sauces or straight up canned sliced fruits or something like green beans.

But anytime I’m canning something for the first time, I always go for a tried and true recipe. Maybe I’ll add in extra flavor with a different spice or mix of herbs, but I don’t change anything else. I love seeing all these jars in my basement, and I want them to stay good until we’re ready to use them!

pear cardamom vanilla butter

This year was the first time I’ve ever made a fruit butter. I’ve made lots of jams and jellies over the years, but fruit butter is a new one.

hummus grilled cheese

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sabra Dipping Co, LLC.. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m usually all for keeping the classics classic. Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate chip cookies.

Some things are just better left alone; to keep them the way they’ve always been. But sometimes, it’s worth it to try something new.

hummus grilled cheese

Maybe by browning the butter in your cookie recipe or adding a new mix in. Or switching up the jam in your sandwich, or grilling it when you normally have it cold.

And with grilled cheeses, I didn’t think I’d ever fall too far from the classic butter-on-bread, only-cheese-in-the-middle sandwich.

But I’ve gone off book before, and this version is definitely worth trying.