life lately

I have no idea where the last 7 weeks have gone.

Well, I do…but still. It has FLOWN by!

We are all doing great – hubs, me, and the mini muffin, plus the pets. We’ve had lots of family visiting to meet the little man, and he’s a champ. He’s the snuggly-est little baby, meaning most days I don’t get much of anything else done, and I am completely okay with it.


There still isn’t much of an actual schedule, except that he does sleep really well at night, thank goodness. We usually get at least one 3-5 hour stretch, plus another 2.5-3 hour closer to morning, so I can’t complain! Plus, most of his crankiness seems to happen during the day – and not in the middle of the night – so it could definitely be worse.


Besides getting used to having another person in the house – and one we have to keep alive – we’ve been doing good! The hubs has been back at work for about 5 weeks, so we’ve tried to get back into the habit of planning/cooking meals for ourselves now that meals from friends is slowing down.

When my mom was here a few weeks ago, we prepped and got some things in the freezer (which has been awesome). I’ve been trying to plan for simple, easy to prep/make meals since we’re both usually preoccupied with the baby and pets and house stuff.

And we’ve been eating pretty well!

On Nick’s birthday last week, little man was taking a great morning nap with Nick, so I made us some chocolate chip pancakes as a treat. Pancakes really are a good idea, any time. And this felt like such an indulgence. It was nice to have a big breakfast on his special day.


A friend of ours also got us a gift certificate for Blue Apron, so we’re working through some of those meals this week. We made the arepas the other night, and they were so good! I love that they send everything you need – down to the seasonings – already measured out. It makes pulling a meal together super easy without having to think much or doing a bunch of prep when you really don’t have time.


And lucky for me, a farmer’s market opened up in the town next to us so I’ve been trying to get over there every weekend. The one I usually go to is about 35 minutes away, and I just can’t make the trip every week depending on what’s going on or who’s here.

I’m so happy to have fresh veggies from the garden again! We’ve been swimming in cherries this week and got the first of the peaches.


Another thing I’ve been snacking on a lot? Jessica’s Lactation Cookies (seriously addicting) and some banana chocolate chip muffins that I’ve made the past two weeks now. Recipe coming soon!




  1. SO glad you’re doing well! It is SUCH an adjustment, but definitely worth it :) Hooray for pancakes and the farmers market. Peaches are amazing right now. Kaylin requests at least 2 a day. She may just turn into a peach ;)

  2. This makes my heart so happy. :) Love your life lately!

  3. Hey girl- Glad everyone is doing good!! Continue to enjoy that little man!! And enjoy every moment!!

  4. Brings back so many wonderful memories to those early months. So glad you’re soaking up every second!!

  5. Enjoyed reading about your days. Those pancakes with those raspberries looks SO yummy! Makes my heart happy when I think of you and your sweet baby boy!

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