Marinated Yogurt Cheese Bites

Okay, this is officially one of my favorite things that I’ve made this year. And it’s so easy!

I’ve seen mention of yogurt cheese in dishes before and have tried it a few times, but I never thought it would be so simple to make my own.

marinated yogurt cheese

These little bites would be the perfect to add to your next cheese board for a summer get together or as an easy and quick dinner.

We spread our bites on toasted bread and had it alongside giant salads for a simple weeknight meal. They made dinner feel a little more fancy, plus filled us up thanks to all the protein!

marinated yogurt cheese

I used a mix of oregano, herbes de provence, garlic, and onion, but you could use any spices you like. I can’t wait to do a summer version with some basil and chives!

Check out the recipe over on the Stonyfield Yogurt Dish blog!

marinated yogurt cheese


  1. What an awesome idea! And the perfect excuse to eat a loaf of bread for dinner :)

  2. Yummy!! This sounds really good!!

  3. Wow, that is really awesome! I really love whenever yogurt is used as an ingredient. It adds such great flavor and nutrition!

  4. Herbes de provence & garlic? Sign me up!

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