ginger pear preserves

Every year around this time, I think that canning season is over.

And I’m always wrong.

There are still so many things you can can! Apples, pears, fruit butters, pumpkin butter, soups, curds….it’s never ending. I’ve never done apple butter or pumpkin butter or a curd of any kind, but they are ALL on my list for this year!

So we’re starting the season off right with some Ginger Pear Preserves.

ginger pear preserves

This is probably one of the easiest canning recipes I’ve ever made – and so delicious! I love ginger in anything – I don’t think you can ever go wrong using ginger.

And even though I’m not a huge fan of fresh pears by themselves, I love pear spreads and butters, especially when it’s cooked with crystallized ginger, sugar, and lemon.

ginger pear preserves

If you haven’t canned anything before, this is the perfect recipe to start with. And if you don’t want this many jars of ginger pear preserves – although, why wouldn’t you?! – cut it in half! Easy. If you have enough pears to do the entire recipe, I would.

Canned items make for great holiday gifts, and it’s always nice to have extras on your shelf, for emergencies, too.

ginger pear preserves

This recipe was originally printed in the Imperial Sugar 125th anniversary cookbook. Check out the recipe here! I tested the recipe and updated some pictures for Dixie Crystals. Some recipes, like this one, are worth holding on to.


  1. I’ve never canned, but this combination of flavors sounds so good.

  2. That recipe is so simple! I can’t believe it doesn’t even call for pectin. Love easy peasy!

  3. Every year (or summer) I say I want to can something; peppers, tomatoes, jam, etc… Then summer flies by as does early fall, and I haven’t canned anything. Thanks for inspiring me with pears as like you I usually don’t reach for a pear to nibble on but making comforting preserves would be great.

  4. The recipe just says to seal immediately. You usually have to water bath preserves. So my questions is this, how do you seal the jars in this recipe?

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