how we make perfect sunny side up eggs

Eggs. I love eggs! I’ll put eggs on just about anything – toast, grits, pancakes (the BEST), rice, pasta.

They’re one of the easiest things to cook, but can also be one of the hardest. Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, souffles….every egg dish is completely different than any other. This is usually fun, but kind of frustrating sometimes! It’s not like cooking pasta, where you know the method is the same each time.

sunny side up eggs

I’m still working on perfecting scrambled eggs, but we’ve finally got our favorite + easiest + best way of cooking perfect sunny side up eggs.

First, you want a medium pan over low heat. LOW heat. This is important, because you’re never going to flip these eggs (hence, the sunny side). You want the heat low enough that they can sit and cook until the eggs are done without them burning or browning too much.

While the pan is heating, drizzle in your choice of oil until the entire bottom of the pan is coated, generously. We usually use olive oil, but grapeseed or any other neutral oil would be great. Depending on your size pan, it’ll probably between 2-4 Tbsp of oil, possibly more. Don’t be shy! You need the oil to help with the cooking process – you won’t be eating all of it with the eggs.

sunny side up eggs

Now, here’s the secret. We found this out totally by accident cooking them one morning, but it works so well! Once the bottoms of the eggs have start to set (when you can see the whites turning white), you want to take a spoon and gently scoop up some of the warm oil, drizzling it over the egg.

You’ll keep doing this – scooping up warm oil and drizzling it over the eggs – for 4-6 minutes (maybe longer), depending on how low your heat is and how long it takes for the whites to cook completely.

sunny side up eggs

And this is what you want. Whites cooked through, yolks golden and still a little runny. You can shake the pan gently to make sure all the whites are cooked, and then let them cook until the yolks are how you want them.

While the eggs are still warm, oily, and in the pan, sprinkle on your salt + pepper, and then get ready to eat!

sunny side up eggs

These eggs went over some broccolini and then topped with a hummus / dijon / aioli mixture, but really – sunny side up eggs can go on anything! Pancakes, burgers, french toast, leftover grains + veggies. You name it, it’ll be 100% times better with a runny egg on top. Fact.


  1. Your eggs look PERFECT! Great tips – thanks for sharing!! Sunny side up is a method I’ve yet to figure out quite yet…so will have to give this a try.

  2. I’ve always found that scrambled eggs are best made with milk not water. It makes them fluffier, also, if you keep them moving in the pan constantly and not let them set before you start stirring. Then you end up sometimes having to cut the eggs. A British chef also suggests a pat of butter whisked with the eggs before cooking (it doesn’t need to be completely incorporated) also makes them understandably richer.

  3. I love eggs! I’ve never made sunny side up ones before though and always wondered how. So thanks for the tutorial. The oil tip is really interesting. Do you think you could use butter instead? I make some really fluffy scrambled eggs. My poached eggs are always a gamble but I love em so much!

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