kitchen table update

Well, this project only took me about 6 years to do.

Not to actually do, start to finish. But it took about 6 years to start it. The project itself didn’t take much time at all!

refinished kitchen table

I wish I was crafty. I really do. I read tons of DIY and decorating blogs and magazines, and I always think “I could totally do that”. But then I don’t. I have ideas and never do anything. If it requires tools, I’m at a loss.

But not anymore! There is definitely still a learning curve for me to be in the garage, but I loved helping on this table and I can’t wait to do more projects in the house.

See, Nick is a straight-up, super handy man. He can pretty much do anything around the house that we need. Just since we’ve been in this house, he’s re-plumbed sections of the house, fixed leaks in the roof, ripped out and built a tile shower, closed in a doorway, and more. He can fix anything. And I think it’s time I learned – at least to do the basics.

So this table was a good starting point.

table example

*Not our actual table, but this is what it looked like. I didn’t have a picture of the original chairs to post.*

This table is pretty much our table (although, not our actual table – that isn’t our kitchen; I found this picture online). I didn’t have a picture of our table and chairs, but this (above) is what we started with. We’ve had this table for over 10 years, and it’s still in great shape.

We did get rid of the chairs a few months ago, and picked up 4 of these from Target (which I LOVE). They’re much more comfortable than the other chairs.

refinished kitchen table

The main thing I didn’t like about the table was that the finish on the top was really golden and very light. It didn’t go with any of the wood stain/finish in our house.

You know how things just feel “beachy”? That’s how this table was. Which, is fine, if you’re at the beach or if it matches the feel of the rest of the house, but it didn’t go with anything else in the space.

So we sanded the finish and stain off the table top, and then stained it with an American Walnut color. I originally wanted it dark – really, really dark – but this turned out perfect in the kitchen. It works well with the rest of the finishes in the house.

refinished kitchen table

Up next? Refinishing our drafting table-kitchen island with the same color. I can’t wait!


  1. I chuckled at ‘6 years to start it’. Seems like it was worth it – the table is just beautiful! Hope you have many wonderful meals there and make lots of delicious memories :)

  2. Oh, man, I wish you guys lived in our neighborhood so you and I could learn to be handier together! So many times, I think about a home project and don’t even know where to begin with it. It’s all so out of my league! Except that everything is one step at a time, and I don’t want to be so intimidated. I love that you went for this. looks great!

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