temp-tations by Tara giveaway

To celebrate my birthday, I’m giving away some of my new favorite kitchenware!

Have you seen temp-tations by Tara?

They’re all-purpose, all-temperature, handcrafted kitchenware with gorgeous designs so you don’t have to bake something in a plain, metal pan or have to transfer your food from the baking dish into a serving dish. It’s an all-in-one!

temp-tations by Tara

I received a set of nesting/mixing bowls and some of their beautiful muffin tins to try out – and I. am. in. love. They are such a nice change from my usual clear glass mixing bowls and old, scruffed up muffin tins.

They have a ton of designs and colors to choose from, giving you all kinds of new options for your bakeware and mixing bowls (plus mugs, bowls, tea sets, loaf pans, etc).

temp-tations by Tara

I made a batch of  blueberry bran muffins in mine (still working on tweaking the recipe), and I loved having these colorful muffin tins sitting on my counter while they cooled. It automatically made the muffins feel a little more special.

One of my favorite parts about these? You can leave them sitting on your counters and it won’t look like you just haven’t picked up the kitchen. They’re gorgeous! They can easily sit out and add a punch of color to your kitchen. And they make incredible gifts.

temp-tations by Tara

I’m so happy to spread the word about these and so thankful that temp-tations by Tara is offering up some mixing/nesting bowls and muffin tins to one of you, too!

To enter:

Tell me about your favorite baking dish right now – was it handed down to you? Is it broken in, stained, scratched?

For extra entries:

Check out the designs and tell me what you would pick!

Good luck!

Contest open to U.S. residents. temp-tations by Tara provided me with bowls and bakeware to try and will provide the prize for the winner, but I was not compensated for my review or post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Probably my pie dish. It is like these with a cute design!

  2. I got a cherry red pie plate as a wedding gift and I use it for just about everything: baking, serving, dredging, etc.

    Love the Old World design!!

  3. I love the red, white, and blueberry cobbler dish! Thanks!

  4. I love my silicone bundt pan – it’s perfect for making monkey bread!

  5. I’ve been loving my glass loaf pan (dish?) lately since I have been baking all of our bread from scratch. It was part of a set that my husband and I received as a wedding gift and it works wonderfully since I can see how well the sides and bottom of the bread are browning as it bakes.

  6. I just love the dark blue floral lace nesting and mixing bowl set!

  7. temp-tations® Old World Multi-Purpose Colander
    I would leave this out on the counter, it is so cute

  8. My favorite baking dish came from my mother’s kitchen and is a big flat pasta dish that I use for desserts and casseroles

  9. I would definitely get one of the baking dishes with the “recipe for a perfect mother” on it for my Mother in Law!

  10. My current favorite basking dish is a suuuuper old casserole that was passed down in my family!

  11. My fave baking dish is a giant red clafoutis dish I have…its perfect for cobblers, quiche or anything else that’s a little too much for a regular pie dish.
    I love any of the muffin tins on that site!

  12. Happy birthday!

    My favorite baking dish is an 8×8 pyrex one that is gross and stained. I’d love a nicer versin from Temp-Tations!

  13. My favorite baking dish is definitely my stoneware loaf pan from Pampered Chef. Everything slides out of it beautifully.

  14. I have many baking dishes that were my mother’s. They are all my favorites and I remember her baking wonderful muffins, cakes and pies in them

  15. My favorites are my Longaberger red pie plate (because it adds beauty to my dishes) and my Pampered Chef stoneware pieces (because they cook so well). I purchased these.

    Love the Floral Lance and Polka Dots! Basically, I love anything that makes my table more beautiful and inviting and my baking/cooking more fun!

  16. My favorite is a baking pan I have had since I was a teenager

  17. My favorite baking dish isn’t too exciting…but I love having a 9×13 glass baking dish for all kinds of recipes!

  18. I love my Williams Sonoma ceramics.

  19. I love the polka dot pattern!

  20. Mine is my bread pan. It’s old and scratched and people keep trying to replace it for me… BUT it was my mum’s and it’s a part of her so its important

  21. My favorite pattern is the floral lace! How beautiful

  22. i’m obsessed with the mini donut pan from my boyfriend!

  23. I love the dark blue floral lace nesting and mixing bowl set!

  24. I love all of my Pampered Chef stonewear. I love the way it seasons overtime!

  25. I love the black floral pattern!

  26. I love using the casserole dish that I received from my great aunt. It just brings back good memories from Thanksgivings and Christmases past.

  27. My favorite design is the red polka dots

  28. I like the temptations floral lace design in black. My favorite baking dish is my old anchor and hocking glass dish that I bought from the store.

  29. My favorite baking item is my set of 4 nesting Corning mixing bowls. “Someone” in my family broke the 2nd largest one a few years back and I finally found a replacement at a small antique type store in Boone, NC in a different pattern though but at that point I didn’t care :)

  30. Who doesn’t LOVE polka dots – that would be my favorite style of this gorgeous bakeware

  31. To be completely honest, I love any bakeware that I can put in the dishwasher. As a working Mom of 2 active boys, I’d rather have the clean up easy.

    I love all the floral lace patterns….actually, all of it is really cute!

  32. My favorite baking dish was handed down to me by my mother and I cherish it. She always baked cobblers in the pan. I use it only to bake cobblers and think of her every time I bake a cobbler. I will hand it down to my daughter.

  33. I have a muffin tin that has 6 heats I have used since they were small. They are now in their twenties.. I made muffins, cupcakes and breakfast egg and meat muffins with it. I love the colors and designs of your bakeware :)

  34. My current favorite dish is this hideaous 70’s gold colored round stonewear baking dish my mom handed down to me. Its not pretty but it works like a charm!

  35. I love the Old World mixing bowl set! Very pretty.

  36. My favorite cookie sheet was given to me from my mom and shows plenty of wear!

  37. I like the Old World Vivid nesting bowls

  38. What a beautiful dish!! I don’t have any really pretty baking dishes, but I do love my 11 x 13 Pyrex that has a lid. (I have a ‘thing’ for casserole dishes, and this is the perfect dish for those).

  39. My favorite baking dish is actually a temp-tations dish! It’s the 9×13 casserole dish, in which I baked almost everything… Until… My former mother-in-law decided to soak it overnight, which you’re not supposed to do. Oops. It was the Old World design in confetti.

  40. My favorite baking dish is my muffin tin.

  41. I like the temp-tations® Floral Lace Set of Two 6-cup Muffin Pans.

  42. My favorite baking dish is my 9 x 13 cake pan by Doughmakers.

  43. I would pick the bowl with “Recipe for the Perfect Mother”.

  44. my bread pans that i make fruitcake in each year.

  45. the old world mixing bowls would be my pick

  46. My favorite is a Le Creuset dish I bought when I first got married 20 years ago.

    • Hi Jen – congrats! You won the giveaway! Email me your address and we’ll get your prize on its way :) branappetit at gmail

  47. Really love the Old World Coffee and Dessert set.

  48. I have no baking dishes right now because I just moved overseas :( Really missing my “kitchen staff”!

  49. When I say overseas, I mean Hawaii :)
    Anyway, I love the Floral Lace winter design. Thanks!

  50. My favorite baking dishes that I have right now are the ones that were my grandmothers. She passed away 4 years ago and its fun to carry on her baking tradition with her dishes.

  51. I love the Cherry jubilee design.

  52. My grandmother gave me a casserole dish. It’s glass. It’s got so much baked-on stuff and scratches. But it’s full of love and memories. I’m sure I could clean it up nice – but something would seem missing then.

  53. I love these: temp-tations® Floral Lace Nesting & Mixing Bowl Set

    They have some really beautiful stuff!

  54. My favorite baking dish right now is my glass Pyrex 9×13 pan….it’s my most used pan!

  55. I love the Floral Lace design!

  56. I have these amazing ceramic mixing bowls from my great-grandmother that I love.

  57. My favorite baking dish right now is a round white casserole dish that we got for our wedding.

  58. I really love the Floral Lace Nesting Bowls set and the Old World Set of Two 6-cup Muffin Pans.

  59. My favorite is a vintage Pyrex dish that once belonged to the mister’s grandmother.

  60. I would choose Old World Vivid. So pretty!

  61. I love the Floral Lace pattern! Close second is the Polka Dots. Didn’t know they had all these different patterns!!

  62. I have a green Longaberger pie plate that I love!

  63. The only baking dishes I have are a cake pan I won in a giveaway and a cookie sheet I got from a yard sale. Not hand me down dishes in my family.

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