Le Creuset giveaway!

Time for another giveaway!

le creuset baking dishes

Besides a good stand mixer, I feel like Le Creuset is a a classic symbol of a well-stocked kitchen. When I first started learning to cook (aka, obsessively watching the Food Network), I saw them everywhere: these huge dutch ovens and stock pots, in gorgeous colors, resting on the stove top, just waiting to be used to make soup or risotto or macaroni and cheese.

I wanted one! But what color? Maybe I needed them all? How in the world would I ever decide what color to get?

Sometimes – when you don’t know how to cook – these are the only things you think about in the kitchen.

le creuset dutch oven

But – lucky for me (and for Nick) – now that I spend time in the kitchen cooking, I know why all those tv chefs had them on their sets and why they are always pictured in kitchens in magazines.

Le Creuset are known for being dependable, sturdy, classic. And beautiful! They have new colors coming out all the time, including their newest: palm.



My Le Creusets are used all the time – for paella, risotto, pasta sauce, jam. You name it, it’s probably been made in one. They’re my favorite!

One lucky winner will get a 5.5 quart french oven, in the color of their choice! That’s right – if you win, you get to pick whatever color you want. I’d suggest deciding now, because they’re all beautiful and it will be hard to choose.

Good luck!!

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Le Creuset is providing the winning prize. Contest is only open to U.S. residents.


  1. Paella sounds like an excellent idea!

  2. I’d definitely make some kind of stew first!

  3. I would make mac & cheese!

  4. Going to give it to my sister! she’s always wanted one!

  5. A big pot of chili!

  6. Your paella recipe if you’ll share it! :-)

  7. I would make… Soup

  8. Green bean casserole first.

  9. I will make a glorious beef pot roast!

  10. What won’t I make? LOL But first I think it might be……posole.

  11. Beef stroganoff!

  12. A big batch of chili!!

  13. I would just FLIP if I won anything Le Creuset!!! The very first thing I would make is Roasted Root Veggies & Chicken!!! Mmmmm!

  14. I would give it to my son’s new wife to be in May 2014. She’s a good cook so she probably would make some sort of stew.

  15. I would give it to my son’s new wife to be in May 2014. She’s a good cooks

  16. slow roasted pork or chicken sounds about right. Then the sky is the limit. Sandwiches, burritos, pasta………… Dinners made easy….

  17. These are just so beautiful! I think I’d make a beef stew so the house will fill with wonderful smells. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  18. The first thing that I would make would be a huge pot of spaghetti sauce. My family loves the home stuff and it is SO much easier to control the sodium levels versus the store bought kinds.

  19. I would make ribs.

  20. Love the blue and the palm colors. I believe I would make a soup.

  21. I would make our favorite lima bean soup. It’s so yummy! Awesome giveaway!

  22. Beef stew

  23. The new color is beautiful for spring! I would make a pot of escarole and bean soup, or potato leek soup, or lentil soup! Soup very night!

  24. Risotto – I love the creamy deliciousness!

  25. Beef roast

  26. I’d make a braised tofu recipe I just heard about

  27. Lecrueset Dutch oven is my favorite gift for friends and relatives.
    I need a new one desperately. I’ve used mine almost daily ( especially for soup). Would love to win one!!

  28. I’d make my black bean chicken chili recipe!


  29. It has still been cold and damp here in Chicago, so I think I’d make a nice batch of chili in it – to warm everyone up on the inside. ;) I’d select green. It wouldn’t go with my kitchen (burgundy and yellow) but it would make me happy when I see it.

  30. 5.5 quarts is the perfect size for braising short ribs for two!

  31. Baked rice and peas!

  32. I will make a huge batch of my spaghetti sauce :)

  33. Oh, what an awesome giveaway! I would braise a gorgeous piece of pork!

  34. I’d had my eye on an eggplant dish that I’d make!

  35. Macaroni and cheese!

  36. I would make a stew first! :)

  37. A spring vegetable risotto!

  38. I would make a Coq a Vin. It requires slow even heat like these dutch oven gives.

  39. risotto??

  40. I Would Make Chicken N Dumplings.

  41. It would be a happy day and I would defrost my last bag of frozen sand plum juice and make wonderful jelly!

  42. French Onion Soup

  43. 40 cloves of galic and a chicken

  44. i would make some mac and cheese.

  45. Pot roast. Today is my birthday!

  46. I would make mac and cheese!! Yum! I love all their colors!!

  47. I’ve always wanted to try making Osso Buco. I love Le Creuset! As every snob should ;-)

  48. I think I’ll braise short ribs in it, with lots of red wine and garlic :)

  49. I would make a pot roast

  50. Pot Roast

  51. I would make some sort of stew!

  52. Paella sounds great and I would like to make some after making some chicken mole.

  53. My favorite glorious no kneed bread!

  54. What wouldn’t I make! Bread, stew, chicken etc :)

  55. I think a Louisiana Jambalaya

  56. I’d probably make a whole bunch of things. A yummy beef stew, meatballs with marinara, chicken tortilla soup.

  57. I would definitely try making risotto!!

  58. I would make mushroom risotto.

  59. risotto.

  60. I would make African Braised Chicken. The pot I use now is a little small. I would love to have plenty of room or to be able to double the recipe.

  61. I would make chicken & lentil soup and a loaf of no-knead bread!

  62. I would make vegetarian cassoulet!

  63. I would make some sort of fruit crisp!

  64. jam, for sure! I can’t wait for summer fruit :)

  65. I would make a chicken stew.

  66. Vegetable Soup! Just joined Weight Watchers and am making a pot of soup every week, as I can have a bowl of it anytime I get hungry … no points!

  67. I’ll make a chicken stew!

  68. I’d like to bake some bread, there are plenty of recipes floating around the internet, especially on Pinterest.

  69. Some kind of casserole!!

  70. I would make my famous souther Mac and Cheese first and foremost

  71. Chili!

  72. I would make a pot roast first.

  73. I would make a big pot of seafood gumbo.

  74. Cream of Chicken and wild rice from scratch. It would be the perfect vessel to create such a great meal!

  75. soup!!!

  76. soup soup and more soup

  77. I would probably make a nice comforting stew first.

  78. I am going to make some bread!

  79. I would make venison stew!

  80. I would christen a new pot like that with amazing Short Ribs!

  81. I would make EVERYTHING in it! including but not limited to risotto, pasta sauces, ribs, bread, jam, soups, stews, and anything else I think up :). I love how versatile those dutch ovens are and how it’s perfect for almost all recipes I frequent!

  82. I would either roast a chicken or make barley risotto. yum.

  83. i would make pasta sauce!

  84. I would make some sweet potato chili

  85. risotto. yum.

  86. I really want to make Coq Au Vin!

  87. Some kind of stew! I’ve been so hungry for a good stew recently.

  88. I would make short ribs – slow roasted and full of yummy goodness! Serve it at a dinner party – want to come? I am quite the cook!

  89. I would make spare ribs.

  90. I would love to try baking bread in it! I’ve seen recipes for it that look amazing :)

  91. I would first make a recipe I saw today for braised turkey. It sounded delicious.

  92. I would make chicken kelaguen or chicken and dumplings first.

  93. Some braised pork loin!

  94. Beef tagine! Yum!!

  95. Just looking at that beautiful pot made me hungry! I’m not sure what I would make first… Chili? Soup? Probably something with sausage, since that’s my favorite ingredient!

  96. chicken soup

  97. Trinidadian Chicken Pelau!

  98. I would make homemade bagels. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  99. I’d make a vegetable stew.

  100. I’d make that no-knead bread recipe that I’ve been itching to try.

  101. I think I’ll try Dutch Oven Bread first

  102. I would make a lamb saffron biryani to inaugurate it!

  103. I’d make pot roast

  104. I would first try my hand at some no-knead bread!

  105. Up first: bacon mac ‘n cheese! My fiancee’s favorite.

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