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Time for another fun finds round up!

I find so many new things all the time and always forget to take pictures and post them here for you guys – but not this time!

1. One of my new favorite things? Blue Apron. I know there are a few companies doing something similar, but I LOVE this idea. I had the chance to try Blue Apron out last year – right after we got back from vacation (which SAVED me that week) – and it’s so much fun!

Blue Apron basically does all the prep work for you, leaving just the cooking to you. They come up with recipes, shop for the ingredients, measure everything out, and then ship it to your doorstep.

blue apron meal kit

It’s even better (and easier) than going grocery shopping because once you open the box, you have all the ingredients you need for 3-4 meals AND everything is measured for you so there’s no prep work at all! I don’t think I would do this every week, just because I like coming up with new recipes on my own, but I could get hooked on this pretty easily. Especially during really busy times – it would be so nice to have a box of food show up and be set for meals for a couple of days.

blue apron meal kit

One of my favorite recipes from the box we tried was this Cod with Pickled Grapes and Summer Succotash. Every part of it was delicious, but those pickled grapes? I want them on everything.

And bonus for you guys! Blue Apron is offering up 30% off for anyone that wants to try them out! I think I’m going to order another box soon, too. If you try it, let me know how you like it!

2. Have you heard about upwave’s 2014 Health Madness? It’s like the health buzzword version of March Madness (perfect for foodies who aren’t that into basketball)!

upwave is pitting the hottest health trends of 2014 against each other in a winner-take-all contest called #HealthMadness. They’ll be tallying the Twitter mentions racked up by each buzzword in their bracket. The competitors that receive the most “votes” on Twitter will advance to the next round. The semi-finals run March 31 – April 2, with a finally winner crowned on April 7.

upwave health madness bracket

upwave is the first personalized health and wellness site of its kind, connecting the dots for users with individually tailored content linked to five core pillars: eat, move, relax, thrive and connect. They also have tools for healthy living including informational articles, recipes, videos, challenges and customizable user profiles. I’ve been poking around on the site the past couple of weeks, and it’s pretty cool! I like that it’s a different twist than most health-related websites.

Make sure to toss in your votes in the #HealthMadness brackets on Twitter and check them out on Facebook!

3. I’ve been going simpler with meals lately (and am actually about to start the Conscious Cleanse this week!), and we’ve had some great dinners over the past couple of weeks.

I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it once I’m done. I have a few friends that have done it – and loved it – so I’m excited to get going.

4. And – my newest obsession. Have you seen the Jimmy Fallon Hashtags he does every week on twitter?! Go watch the Worst Advice one right now. And then just keep watching. So hilarious. Mom Texts? Awkward Breakups? You won’t be sorry.

What about you? Any new things you’ve found lately? Good books you’ve read? Movies to watch? Spill it!

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  1. #momtexts was pretty darn funny too!

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