Red Star Yeast giveaway

It’s no secret that we love bread around here. Besides croissants, I really don’t think there’s anything that can beat the smell of fresh bread, baking away in the oven.

pumpkin spice bread

To be honest…baking – especially bread – was the thing that scared me the most when I first started learning to cook. There’s just something terrifying about the first time you use yeast in the kitchen.

But there’s no reason to be scared! I’ve had lots of flops – and most of them still tasted fine.

They weren’t the prettiest things to ever come out of the kitchen, but homemade bread is still homemade bread. Ugly doesn’t make it taste bad.


I only use Red Star Yeast at home, and after trying their Platinum line last year, I haven’t looked back. As long as you have a good recipe and good yeast to work with, you’ll have incredible baked goods coming out of your oven – trust me!

So, to help spread the bread-baking love to you guys, Red Star Yeast is offering up a prize pack to get you baking.

red star yeast prize pack

The winner will get:

  • Dough whisk
  • Apron
  • Lots of Red Star Yeast to stock your pantry
  • Healthy Breads in Five Minutes a Day cookbook (one of my very favorites!)
  • Oven Mitt

Good luck!! And happy baking :)

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Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. Red Star is providing the prize pack for this giveaway.


  1. I love to bake cookies and cakes. I NEED to not be afraid to bake bread!

  2. I love to bake anything but especially cakes and cookies!

  3. Cookies AND CUSTARD

  4. My favorite thing to bake is bread!

  5. My favorite thing to bake is cake! I did make a cheesecake for my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day and it was almost perfect– especially for my first time.

  6. I love to bake desserts, I’ve never been good at breads, but since moving to Colorado and high altitude baking I’m rocking the bread baking!!!!! Your hamburger buns are on our menu this week!!!

  7. I love baking cookies and homemade bread!

  8. I love baking Onion bread. It’s great for toasted grilled sandwiches!

  9. Farmhouse style bread

  10. I love to bake oatmeal bread and focaccia!

  11. I love to bake bread of all kinds

  12. Hard to choose. I bake all the time and love to try new recipes. Love to bake quick breads as well as yeast doughs.

  13. I have to be honest…I love baking cookies. Just now learning to master baking bread and I love it.

  14. I adore baking bread, just wish i could eat more of it.

  15. I love baking dessert, mostly because I enjoy eating it too!

  16. i love baking muffins!

  17. I love to bake Peasant Bread

  18. My favorite thing to bake is cookies. But with yeast, I’d say pizza dough!

  19. Bread is my favorite thing to bake! Cookies are a close second though.

  20. I love to bake blueberry muffins.

  21. I love baking bread. These gifts would be an awesome addition to my cookbooks and kitchen supplies.

  22. I love to bake any kind of cookies!

  23. I LOVE to bake cakes !! They are the most fun especially when everyone tells you how much they loved it!

  24. Actually it’s baking bread! I taught myself how to mix and knead at a young age and it’s still my passion.

  25. I love to bake…Pita & Pizza

  26. I love to bake cakes and decorate them as well!

  27. There’s something magical about yeast. Just watching it spring to life in a bit of tepid water and a pinch of sugar gives me goosebumps! I love, love, love baking bread, and Red Star is always in my pantry!

  28. banana bread!

  29. Bread for sure! I love the feel of the dough, the smell of the bread baking and smiles from my family.

  30. Cookies and Pizza (tho, obviously not at the same time!)

  31. I bake a mean apple tart.

  32. My favorite thing to bake is bread, of course!

  33. cupcakes with fluffy buttercream frosting!

  34. I like baking cookies

  35. Pizza dough !! love it!

  36. Scones! All different types :)

  37. anything, I bake bread every other day, the kids and I make cookies and cupcakes, we do pizza once a week, so really anything!

  38. i love to bake bread and dinner rolls

  39. Cookies and quick bread, I am easily foiled by kneading :)

  40. I like baking biscotti with chocolate chips and espresso

  41. I love baking cakes

  42. My favorite treats to bake are brownies. Simple and delicious!

  43. Chocolate cake or muffins

  44. I love to bake bread, cookies and brownies.

  45. Cookies and muffins
    thanks for the giveaway

  46. No-knead bread.

  47. I love to bake bread, muffins and pies!

  48. I love to bake homemade bread. There are only 3 of us in the house & we go through at least a loaf a day.

  49. I love to baake muffins.

  50. I love baking absolutely anything, it’s so tough to choose, but cinnamon buns would definitely be on the top of the list!

  51. Rye bread is one of my favorite things to bake.

  52. I like to bake banana bread

  53. I love to bake and lately have started baking our sandwich bread. Nothing makes my house smell so good!

  54. Lasagna

  55. Artisan bread and brownies.

  56. I really love baking yeast breads. I adapted a challah from smitten kitchen last week. It was to-die-for.

  57. My favorite thing to bake is cookies.

  58. I love to bake cookies and bread. I make almost all of the bread we eat.

  59. cookies brownies and cakes

  60. I like making sweet yeasty dough things like cinnamon rolls.

  61. cakes

  62. I love baking cakes because I love eating them after :)

  63. If you mean the thing I bake most, brownies. But bread or rolls are more fun…

  64. zucchini bread is my favorite!

  65. I love to bake cookies

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