Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love whole grains.

For a few years, Nick called all my dinners “berry food”….mostly because I had a 2 year long straight-up love affair with wheatberries. Once I found them, I just couldn’t stop!

Bob's Red Mill

I almost always use whole wheat flour when baking, and I love trying new whole grain salads, side dishes, and breakfasts.

Oats are main staple in my pantry – from everything to morning oatmeal, smoothies, quick risotto, and cookies. Bulgur is so easy to swap in for dishes that call for rice. Cornmeal makes a fantastic breading for chicken and perfect buttermilk cornbread. Millet is a great swap to use for spanish rice recipes – the flavor goes perfectly together!

steel cut oat and tomato stuffed zucchini

From sweet to savory, breakfast to dinner, we’ve tried it all:

Steel Cut Oat and Tomato Stuffed Zucchini

Wheatberry Cranberry Salad

Strawberry Wheatberry Salad

Quinoa Raisin Maple Salad

Cherry Almond Chia Granola

No Bake Cocoa Cookies

Butternut Oat Risotto

strawberry wheatberry salad

When I first started cooking whole grains a few years ago, the brand I first found was Bob’s Red Mill. They have just about everything you could imagine, the quality is incredible, and I’m a sucker for cute packaging. If you haven’t fallen in love with whole grains like us, I’ve got something that might just push you over the edge.

And lucky for you, they’ve put together the ultimate whole grain prize pack for you!

bobs red mill

The prize pack will include:

  • Organic Tricolor Quinoa
  • Whole Grain Millet
  • Whole Grain Spelt
  • Steel Cut Oats
  • Scottish Oatmeal
  • Muesli
  • 10 Grain Cereal
  • Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • Hard White Whole Wheat Flour
  • Cornmeal
  • Bulgur
  • $100 Bob’s Red Mill gift card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will be open until next Tuesday – good luck!

Bob’s Red Mill is providing the prize package for this giveaway. I was not compensated for this post – all opinions are my own.


  1. My favorite type of whole grain is Quinoa.

  2. I like oats and I also like brown rice I can’t pick a favorite

  3. Mine is Quinoa, I love incorporating it in my meals in interesting ways!

  4. I’m really into quinoa right now. I use it in my morning oats, mix it in with turkey meatballs and use it as a substitute for rice. I find it best to toast it in a pan a bit before cooking it, brings out a little nuttiness.

  5. Are wheat berries a whole grain? B/c they’re my FAV!

  6. What a fabulous giveaway! I love Bob’s – eat their oat bran every.single.morning :)

  7. I love quinoa!

  8. I love love love oats!!

  9. Oats and Corn!

  10. We are in love with Farro right now!

  11. I love wheatberries! I love the way they almost pop in your mouth. What a great giveaway – thanks so much!

  12. I love Quinoa as my favorite grain.

  13. I love quinoa! Can’t get enough of it lately. :-)

  14. My favorite is Quinoa!!

  15. Millet – I love the added crunch it gives to cookies.

  16. Wheatberries-love the chewiness!

  17. I think I would have to go with oats.

  18. Does whole wheat pastry flour count? If not, I’d say oatmeal!

  19. My favorite whole grain is amaranth! I love to pop it and eat is as cereal.

  20. Rice. It’s so versatile. White & brown.

  21. I love brown rice

  22. I like brown rice!

  23. I am a quinoa fiend! Great for us vegetarians looking for perfect proteins!

  24. I am fairly new to traditional whole food cooking, but I am really enjoying whole wheat and rye, spelt, and oats. I guess that’s not one favorite, but it all seems sort of new and exciting to me:)

  25. Quinoa!! Love it on salad!

  26. Quinoa is my favourite!

  27. I love farro and bulgur!

  28. I like Whole Wheat Flour

  29. Oatmeal for breakfast is my favorite whole grain!

  30. That prize pack is crazy! So full of all the best grains. I actually spy one or two packages I have in the kitchen right now. :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  31. Oh yeah, and I like practically everything, but I’m going to go with OATS since I just ate a big bowl of excellent oatmeal.

  32. I love them all but I’d say oats are probably my favorite!

  33. I love oats!

  34. I am a big fan of oats and oat bran!

  35. Favorite is Steel cut Oats

  36. Quinoa counts right? I lurve quinoa.

  37. Oats, oats, oats! Yum!

  38. Quinoa—though it’s technically a seed, I guess.

  39. I love Quinoa

  40. I LOVE quinoa

  41. I feel like nothing will ever replace the special spot oatmeal has in my heart.

  42. I love quinoa because it is so high in protein and amino acids too!

  43. Quinoa, without a doubt.

  44. Brown rice is my favorite.

  45. Oatmeal is my favorite–there are so many delicious ways to eat it. I can have oats in some form every day and not get sick of them!

  46. I love brown rice.

  47. I like oats.

  48. I love oats.

  49. Farro is my new favorite, taking the spot long held by quinoa.

  50. oats are my favorite

  51. I love steel cut oats and bulger. I just purchased some spelt to try for the first time. Love Bob’s Red Mill!

  52. I love almond flour and coconut flour. I would love to try the whole wheat and brown rice flours!

  53. I’ve only used their oats, but only because I’m not always sure what to do with the others. :) Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  54. I like the whole wheat flour but would love to try all of the others.

  55. I love adding quinoa to my salads and entrees as it provides a nice hearty texture!

  56. My favorite is chia seeds. This is a new thing to me, but I love what I am finding I can do with it.

  57. My favorite whole grain is quinoa.

  58. I love steel cut oats.

  59. Oats. I love their flexibility.

  60. I am an Oats fan!

  61. My favorite whole grain is Quinoa

  62. Love Quinoa!!

  63. I really like Bulgur and steel cut oats

  64. My favorite is oats, followed by brown rice.

  65. Bulgur and quinoa are my newest favorites but oats have been a favorite forever!

  66. I love Quinoa

  67. I love quinoa! :)

  68. Hemp seeds–alone or on —anything.

  69. Actually I have been making a lot of Farro recently, so I guess my fave right now.

  70. Call me old fashioned but this mama loves oatmeal!

  71. Quoins is my favorite!

  72. Quinoa

  73. I love oats, both old fashioned and steel cut.

  74. Wheatberries are probably my all-time favorite, but recently tried Kamut and love it!

  75. Oats. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I like spelt and fresh rolled oats
    I grind wheat berries and make fresh bread and whole wheat
    Pancakes and waffles. Yumm Yeah for fresh grains!!

  77. Oats…kinda boring, but Oh So Good!

  78. My favorite whole grain is oats. I like them sweet or savory, depending on my mood!

  79. Love oats:D

  80. farrow and barely

  81. Oats. Good enough for mares and does (little lambs eat ivy).

  82. Wheat berries!

  83. We use so many oats in this house!

  84. i like steel cut oats and rolled oats, quinoa, bulgur, but i have to try farro!

  85. Oats are my favorite.

  86. Steel cut oats- eat them pretty much every day!

  87. My favorite whole grain is the steel cut oats. I put it in cookies, muffins and even meatloaf besides making it for breakfast.

  88. I love quinoa and oats!

  89. I love all of Bob’s fantastic grains. My newest favorite is the brown rice for hot cereal and so many other things! So hearty and delicious!

  90. That is a hard question!! I love the adventure of trying new grains. My favorite grain right now for winter is hard red wheat berries. I like to bake breads in the winter especially, and grind the flour. This wheat is great for bread. I also sprout wheat berries and chop them and add them to the mix.

  91. I love brown rice!

  92. Hard to choose a single favorite, but I guess I’d have to say quinoa

  93. I love quinoa!

  94. Quinoa…..

  95. love them all

  96. Oats will always be my favorite!

  97. I’m pretty sure mine is oats.

  98. Its so hard to choose just one – but I think its either oats or farro

  99. I love quinoa (and I know it’s a seed, not a grain). :)

  100. I’ve always loved quinoa, but I tried Bob’s Red Mill kamut once…fantastic!

  101. I really like wheatberries mixed with rice!

  102. I’m partial to oats…though I love quinoa too!

  103. Oats and farro

  104. gotta be cliche’ here – oats. pb and banana oatmeal? doesn’t get better

  105. I like oats. I’d love to win so I can try more grains!

  106. My favorite whole grain is wheat berries. They take a while to cook, but are amazing in salads!

  107. oats!

  108. I like wheat flour

  109. I love quinoa pasta!

  110. brown rice is my favorite!

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