stonyfield gift basket giveaway

It is freezing here. And I know some of you are having even colder weather right now.

To help us get through winter together, I’ve got some great giveaways lined up for the next couple of weeks! This is partly because I’m not a fan of winter and partly because I will hit 5 years of blogging in February and I want to celebrate by giving away some of my favorite things!

stonyfield yogurt

First up – Stonyfield Yogurt! Stonyfield has always been my favorite, and even though I can’t always get the new flavors in my little town, we always have it in the fridge. Always.

It goes into smoothies, overnights oats, and is tossed with fruit and nuts for snacks.

orange yogurt pound cake

I stir it into pound cake batter and mix it with cream cheese to fill chocolate cups. Stonyfield yogurt (especially their plain greek) is definitely a staple in our house, and I want to share the goodness with you!

greek yogurt cheesecake cups

To help spread the goodness, the folks at Stonyfield have put together this awesome giftbasket worth $100 for one of you – talk about a pick-me-up in the middle of winter!

stonyfield prize pack

This gift basket includes:

  • Stonyfield tote bag
  • This Lunch Rocks recycled lunchbox
  • Food Inc. DVD
  • On the Go Alternative Paper Towel
  • Preserve Measuring Cups
  • Life is Better with Stonyfield mug
  • Stirring It Up – Gary Hirshberg book
  • Preserve Sandwich container
  • Stonyfield chapstick
  • $50 in Stonyfield coupons

Good luck to everyone! Contest open to continental US residents. And keep your eyes open for some more giveaways coming soon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m also working with Stonyfield this year and can’t wait to share some new recipes with you guys.


  1. Plain yogurt or with fruit

  2. Mixed with dill mix on a potato

  3. blueberry yogurt or plain unsweetened with a little homemade granola

  4. With fruit and granola. Classic!

  5. I love to use yogurt to make overnight oats for breakfast!

  6. I love mixing Crystal Light with yogurt and then adding a little fruit or granola! YUM!

  7. I love to have yogurt with just a little granola on top. I need a little crunch with the smooth yogurt.

  8. In a smoothie!

  9. Favorite way to have yogurt is just with some good granola! There’s no better way :)

  10. Nonfat with a squirt of Honey!

  11. I like yogurt with a little granola on top.

  12. I like plain yogurt with fruit, sliced almonds and a little honey on top!

  13. With fresh fruit and granola

  14. I LOVE baking with yogurt! It gives it such a moist texture, and I always feel like it is a healthier choice than oil.

  15. I like just plain flavored yogurt with pomegranate seeds and chopped up banana put in it that I do myself. I have it for breakfast.

  16. i enjoy yogurt plain

  17. With fruit and granola! YUM!

  18. with fruit and granola!

  19. Mixed with berries and granola!

  20. Yogurt is the best! I usually eat a lot of plain full-fat on things like lentil soup or enchiladas. I drain it and make my own labneh too. So good. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  21. I like to eat it with granola for lunch.

  22. I like to have yogurt by itself.
    It’s make a fast and yummy snack.

  23. I love yogurt with fresh fruit.

  24. with fresh fruit and granola!

  25. With chocolate chips :)

  26. with a banana & some cocoa powder!

  27. I love yogurt & fresh fruit together

  28. My favorite way to have yogurt is plain with fresh fruit and berries swirled in!

  29. I love yogurt with granola on it.

  30. I love plain yogurt with a pinch of salt

  31. At lunch with granola

  32. I like mixing granola with my yogurt for breakfast!

  33. I like plain yogurt with honey and sometimes fruit!

  34. i like yogurt mixed with berries

  35. I eat one yogurt plain every day but I love to use greek yogurt to make sauces for pasta and veggies

  36. I use yogurt in my fruit smoothies – it bumps up the protein and tastes great!

  37. I love mine with granola!

  38. I like to dip pretzels in it or put granola with coconut flakes in it.

  39. My favorite recipe for vanilla scones uses yogurt, and of course I like it for breakfast or a snack !

  40. I like my yogurt with fruit.

  41. In smoothies and with granola on top are our favorites!

  42. If there was some way to survive on yogurt alone, I would do it. I eat yogurt with almost every single meal–and sometimes as snacks in between! My favorite way to have yogurt is with my cereal (usually a combo of 3 different kinds mixed together) instead of using milk. I also love it with frozen fruit, on top of spiced pumpkin puree, plain yogurt mixed with peanut butter or lemon crystal light packets for a zingy flavor boost, or as the side accompanying anything I might be having as a meal. Friends and family can attest that my fridge is regularly packed to the gills with all types–plain, flavored, greek, regular, frozen, drinkable yogurts, etc.. YUM!

  43. I like it with granola, a banana, and blueberries. Sometimes I like to mix in a little Speculoos spread with all of those things as well.

  44. My favorite way to have yogurt is with nuts and granola mixed in. Thanks!

  45. I love blueberry or strawberry yogurt or even plain just right out of the cup with a little fruit or blended in a wholesome fruit and protein powder frozen smoothie!

  46. With fresh berries and mixed nuts.

  47. with chia seeds!

  48. I love yogurt in smoothies, with fresh or frozen fruit, and just plain!

  49. I love having yogurt with fruit and granola but just recently started making dressing out of it- lower fat and calories than mayo and sour cream :)

  50. I love yogurt with granola added in!

  51. With homemade granola and chia seeds.

  52. I like my yogurt extra cold and without a lot of chunks. I like fruit that is jam-like and swirls in nicely.

  53. I like yogurt with homemade granola and blackberries.

  54. I like it just as is or with some fresh fruit

  55. With fruit or in a smoothie

  56. I like eating yogurt with mix fresh berries and granola. And at times with in smoothies.

  57. I really enjoy having my yogurt mixed with nuts either almonds or cashews :)! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize pack :)!

  58. I like eating flavored yogurt.

  59. The way I love to have my yogurt is to replace the milk for my cereal with the yogurt. Or even adding fruit and granola.


  60. I love my yogurt with Chia seeds and peaches

  61. with fresh fruit and a little granola

  62. I put yogurt in my smoothies.

  63. With granola!

  64. I use it to make banana bread, and I loooove mixing in my cereal with yogurt for breakfast

  65. I like yogurt with fresh berries and honey

  66. I love to eat it like dessert with a bit of cocoa powder stirred in and a bit of whipped cream on top.

  67. My absolute favorite way to enjoy yogurt is with a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in. It is soo nutty and creamy!

  68. I like it mixed with granola

    Thank you for the chance to win this!

  69. In a parfait with granola

  70. Yogurt with fresh fruit chopped up and mixed in!

  71. Yogurt and granola with fruit!

  72. I like to stick it in the freezer for about an hour so that the texture gets a bit thicker, and then I might add some berries or other fruit.

  73. I like to use the plain yogurt in place of sour cream. My husband loves the flavored. I like to add fruit, flax, seeds, nuts.

  74. I love yogurt with fresh fruit or in smoothies.

  75. I make killer parfaits with yogurt. And Stonyfield is my absolute favorite!

  76. I use yogurt for my “cereal” with granola.

  77. Lemon yoghurt with granola.

  78. I like plain yogurt mixed with fruit and/or honey

  79. as a breakfast parfait with fruit and granola

  80. I love mine with fruit and granola.

  81. fruits, nuts or granola

  82. Fruit and granola!!! Or I mix the plain nonfat with can tuna. Delicious!!!

  83. It might sound strange, but my favorite way to eat yoghurt is with cereal! I use it instead of milk. Growing up I was semi-lactose intolerant. Milk would make me feel sick, but for some reason yoghurt didn’t. I mix one carton of yogurt with a serving of cereal for breakfasts most mornings. I love vanilla with Special K Red Berries and strawberry with fruit loops :)

  84. Love plain Greek yogurt with a bit of honey and wheat germ.

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