Easy Peach Praline Cobbler


I know what you’re thinking.

Easy, Praline, and Cobbler all in the same sentence?

easy peach praline cobbler 4

I know, I know. I thought the same thing. Bu I promise – it really is easy.

Even when I was reading the recipe and looking at the list of ingredients and the steps, I thought “This doesn’t look easy – it’s going to take me forever!”.

And then I started working on it.

easy peach praline cobbler 1

And surprise, surprise. The title is right.

The steps are a little different than your normal cobbler because of pecan praline rolls, but it takes no more time. And every single step is simple.

easy peach praline cobbler 2

We’re a big fan of fruit cobblers around here – it really doesn’t get much better in the middle of summer when berries and peaches are taking over the counters. I usually try to switch up some spices or nuts in a cobbler topping, to give a different flavor every now and then, but I had never thought to do something like this.

The pecan praline rolls? Such a genius cobbler-topping!

And just in case you end up with a few extra rolls to bake…..they make a delicious breakfast ;)

easy peach praline cobbler 3

Get the Easy Peach Praline Cobbler recipe over on the Dixie Crystals website!


  1. The cobbler part of this looks freaking amazing!! Soooo much better than plain drop biscuits! YUM!

  2. Whoa! Such an awesome cobbler! I love the rolls! So awesome!

  3. It is like two treats in one! What a great idea ….

  4. um yes. i want to make this but with apples!!!!

  5. Oh wow! This cobbler looks incredible and cozy :) perfect flavoring

  6. Mmmm…this looks soooo good! Perfect fall dessert (or breakfast!) :)

  7. Hi Brandi! I’m just making the rounds and visiting the blogs of some of the other attendees of the Mixed Conference next weekend. This recipe caught my eye, because my hubby and I are also HUGE cobbler lovers. (Well, it’s mainly me, but he certainly doesn’t complain. :) Looking forward to meeting you in person next weekend!

    • HI Courtney – I’m excited to meet you, too! I can’t wait for Mixed. It was great last year, and I’m sure this year will be even better :)

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