Ethiopia coffee Prize Pack Giveaway!

Some exciting things are happening around here! First, I started a new job this week. Yup. After almost 8 years of working in the same office, I officially moved to a new position / new office / new everything on Wednesday of this week. I am equally crazy excited and a little terrified. Change is always a little scary, isn’t it? But it’s a good change.

On top of having a new job and finishing up the garden and having football again (yay!!), I’ve got a fun giveaway for you guys!


Did you know that this coming Sunday, September 29th is National Coffee Day? Well, it is. And that just gives me one more reason to make a good cup of coffee at home.

Lucky for me (and for one of you!), Starbucks is celebrating National Coffee Day, too. They’ve got a new whole bean coffee, Ethiopia, a single-origin medium roast with notes of chocolate, citrus, and peppery spice. Believe me: it’s good. I’m a big sucker for coffees that have that mix of chocolate and citrus flavors. It makes for a balanced cup that’s perfect with whatever I’m having for breakfast.

If you’re a coffee snob like we are, you probably already know most of these, but if you’re just getting into making really good coffee at home, these tips will definitely come in handy. To make the best cup possible at home:

  • Always, always use fresh coffee. Get coffee that has been freshly roasted, if you can. Buy it whole bean and grind it yourself right before brewing your morning cup. Store opened bags of coffee in air-tight containers, but don’t freeze it!
  • Starbucks recommends using 2 Tbsp of coffee for each 6 oz of water, but that’s a little too strong for us. We normally do about 1 Tbsp for each cup that we’re making. This is just personal preference, so just try different amounts and see what you like the best.
  • Our favorite methods of making coffee are the french press and the coffee siphon. But, honestly, if you’re using fresh coffee and have the right amount for you, you can still have a great cup of joe, no matter how you make it.


On Sunday, Starbucks stores across the U.S. and Canada will be joining in by offering free samples of Ethiopia. Also, customers who purchase a 1-lb. bag of Ethiopia that day will receive a free Ethiopian-inspired commemorative ceramic cup.

And to celebrate even more, Starbucks is letting me give one of you this prize pack so you can try Ethiopia for yourself! The winner will receive:

  • 1-lb bag of Ethiopia
  • Starbucks Siren mug
  • $25 Starbucks gift card

To Enter:

Tell me your favorite place to have your morning cup of coffee.

For extra entries:

Tweet about the giveaway and let me know you did

Share your favorite recipe to have with your cup of coffee in the comments. Coffee cake? Homemade sweet rolls? I want to know!

Good Luck!


  1. Chaise lounge in the bay window in my bedroom … looking out into a woodland area … calming, serene, grounding.

  2. In the spring & fall, I love to sit on the deck and listen to the sounds of nature.

  3. My favorite place to enjoy my coffee is on my comfy couch, on the weekend, with no real plan for the day ahead. I love lazy days!

  4. Ok, maybe I am weird, but I start every morning drinking from my 16oz starbucks yukon bear mug while reading emails and the news on the net, then finish it in the shower. There is a built in shelf in the shower that holds my shampoo with more than enough room for the mug. If more water splashes in there, hey, that is just more coffee to drink now isn’t it? I am making the rounds this Sunday! Cheers!

  5. Summer mornings on my patio. Rest of the year I my living room looking out at my back yard.

  6. Snowing day by the window of the kitchen.

  7. -

  8. I love madeleine with coffee

  9. Summertime coffee out on the deck watching the birds and animals. In winter, sitting inside in the rocker.

  10. One of my favorite things to have with coffee is biscuits. I use a recipe that produces a biscuit similar to those at Dot’s Diner in CO. So good!

  11. Congratulations on your new job!!! That is awesome!! I love Starbucks and drink my first cup of coffee every morning in the kitchen as I chat with Chris for a few minutes before he leaves. Also, National Coffee Day is also my birthday, which I think is no coincidence. It’s meant to be! :)

  12. Right now, with the wonderfully comfy mornings we’re starting to have, my most favorite spot to enjoy my coffee is on the deck in our backyard. I love how quiet the neighborhood is, and I get to watch the birds enjoy their breakfast.

  13. Congratulations on your new job!

  14. I have mine at the kitchen table while I work. :-)

  15. Spring and fall: on our porch or on a lounge chair in the garden
    Summer and winter: on my dad’s giant, super comfy lazyboy, avoiding the summer heat and winter freeze!

  16. Right in front of my computer as I am doing right now – catching up w/my favorite bloggers and foodies! As for recipes – the Kraft Food and Family magazine in the early years used to feature a coffee comfort food w/many issues. It was my favorite part of the magazine and I collected a number of them! My FAVORITE one is the Cream Cheese Squares. Crescent roll dough sandwiched w/a cream cheese filling and topped with a cinnamon sugar top. Who wouldn’t love that! Would be even better w/a premium coffee for sure :)

  17. My favorite place to have coffee is sitting next to the campfire in the morning while camping!

  18. Tweeted! Good luck w/the new job – change is SO hard, but SO good for us isn’t it?

  19. Good luck with your new job…… change can be so good for us! I’m having my coffee right now…. in my jammies….. in front of the computer. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. I love to have coffee in the morning, while lounging on the sofa, catching up on blogs, social media, and all the latest happenings!

  21. My favorite recipe to have with my cup of coffee, is pure and simple: a bowl of cereal with a yummy yogurt mixed in, plus a freshly-sliced banana! Satisfying and ideally complemented with coffee!

  22. Saturday morning, with my hubby, watching ESPN gameday!

  23. In the fall and winter I love to drink a cup of coffee curled up in a blanket with a good book.

  24. My favorite place to have my morning cup of coffee is around the kitchen table with my parents, husband, sisters, and bro-in-law. This usually only happens at Christmastime, so it’s extra special for me.

  25. Coffee in the morning is great anywhere! Favorite place is along side a stack of pancakes.

  26. In the summer, I love to drink a cup of coffee out by the lake at our cottage and watch the sun rise. Most days, though, I’m drinking out of a travel mug on the way to work!

  27. I love to sit on my porch wherever that may be I belong to Porch Sittin Union , and I love to visit with my friends and family. I work up an hunger for breakfast, my favorite is a good old fashioned egg and hash browns. My favorite you ask? That would be bisquits and gravy, single servings for me of Course ;) I would love to win this prize, and thanks for the tip on Starbucks Special Sunday!! That’s always a savings when they have a special. I wish they would get a regular going for specials,,, a lot of people would be there!! Have a great time with your new job, and yes change is good, so roll with it I say as best you can.
    Go Bears!! Enjoy!!

  28. In front of my computer!

  29. Sitting on my couch under a blanket in the morning. It’s my happy time. :)

  30. Snuggled on the couch, still in my PJs! Unfortunately most mornings it’s in a travel mug in the car or at my desk at work.

    Good luck with the new job!

  31. At our kitchen bar, wearing cozy PJs, and reading a good book!

  32. hanging w/ the pups after the morning walk.

  33. My favorite place to enjoy coffee is in our back yard on the lounge chairs with the company of our kitties!

  34. Favorite place? Either on the screened-in porch of a beach house or on the deck of a mountain house :)

  35. I like to enjoy my morning coffee at the kitchen counter while scrolling through my blog reader.

  36. I love this recipe — best pumpkin spice muffins! :)

  37. My favorite place is typically outside while reading the paper or just enjoying the weather on a nice day. More often than not it’s usually at my desk at work.

  38. In front of the TV watching The Today Show…

  39. My favorite place is outside on the patio when the weather is nice! Love it!

  40. My favorite place is at the Target Starbucks so I can use their wifi ;)

  41. after a leisurely breakfast either watching the today show or reading my blog feed!

  42. Favorite place is definitely in our sunroom!

  43. Favorite place: on the porch

  44. Favorite treat: pound cake!

  45. My favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee is on my back porch looking out at the backyard and just enjoying th stillness of the morning before the day starts.

  46. I like to enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch

  47. I like biscotti with coffee

  48. My favorite place would be my home, because that would mean it was the weekend ;)

  49. I’m a Starbucks fan!

  50. I like to have my morning coffee on the porch with the doggies.

  51. Sipping while I push the stroller and walk with the baby. Peace & quiet and a hot cup of coffee . . . the best.

  52. Favorite place is sipping coffee while strolling on the beach in the early morning. Since that rarely happens, my next favorite – and more realistic – place is sitting in my home office with my husband. The “sitting down” and “with my husband” parts are key to the enjoyment experience.

  53. I love having my morning cup of coffee with my husband at our little dining room table in front of the slider door so we have a view of the outdoors. Plus there are no distractions (like computers or phones) allowed at the table so it’s peaceful.

  54. My favorite thing to eat with my coffee is a bowl of southern biscuits & sausage gravy…so good!

  55. On the couch in my living room looking out the back window.

  56. At starbucks!! I’d be thrilled to pieces if I won this!

  57. On my front porch!

  58. My favorite place to have a morning cup of coffee is sitting right in front of my computer, relaxing, with no where to go and no time restraints!

  59. I like sitting on my comfy chair enjoying the peace and quiet (since people are usually asleep still for the 1st cup)

  60. My favorite place was on vacation in Utah overlooking Bryce Canyon.

  61. My favorite place to have a cup of coffee is snuggled up on my couch with my hubby and my pup!

  62. I like to have my morning coffee at our dining room table with the morning paper.

  63. Outside on the patio on a cold morning :)
    Or in bed with iced coffee on the other 364 days of the year, that’s Florida!

  64. Favorite thing to eat with coffee, hands down, is this recipe

  65. I like the curl up on the couch.

  66. I love enjoy coffee with fresh homemade pumpkin bread this time of year

  67. In my sunroom, looking out at the fall foliage. The outside fall colors match my room and furniture colors. I feel so much at peace and ease. You have all the 5 comfort senses- taste and smell of coffee, sight and sounds of fall, touch of a warm blanket on me. Love it…

  68. at my desk at work

  69. My favorite place to have my morning coffee is in the big comfy chair in my living room, with the dogs by my side. I’m always up before daylight, and long before “the house” wakes up.
    Early morning + big comfy chair + dogs + coffee=my favorite time of day!

  70. I’d love to have my coffee in my bedroom while watching tv in the morning before getting ready for the day!

  71. I love to have coffee on the sofa while watching tv before I leave the house for work.

  72. I love having my coffee at my computer desk while I do stuff online. Or with friends while talking.

  73. I love a lot of things with my coffee. Blueberry muffins, biscotis, coffee cake, pudding rings, cheese danish, and more. I have a big sweet tooth lol.

  74. I love having my coffee while watching the news and sitting on the sofa. :-)

  75. Favorite place for coffee: sit outside and look at the beautiful Capitan Mountains in New Mexico

  76. I like to have coffee in my own breakfast nook.

  77. I like to have my morning coffee with orange rolls.

  78. I have my morning coffee on the patio while I am out with my dogs. If it’s too cold, then I enjoy it in the family room.

  79. I love drinking my coffee at my desk!

  80. I love when I get a chance to nab a cup of joe before class in the morning. Holding the cup to warm my hands and taking quick sips as I walk across campus, there is something really classy about the feeling.

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