BlogHer Food ‘13, Part 2

The one bad thing about being so busy at these conferences is that I never get all the pictures I want. When I’m there, I feel like I’m taking pictures all the time, but as soon as I go to put them into a post, I realize just how much I missed!

After the Stonyfield reception, the rest of the weekend went by like a blur. I spent a few hours each day with the fabulous Stonyfield and Organic Valley girls at the booth, talking to bloggers and eating my weight in yogurt and string cheese.


Stonyfield and Organic Valley had also set up different times during the days to feature recipes from Liz, Amelia, and me – I’ll have to get all the recipes to make them at home and post them here because Amelia’s parfaits and Liz’s dips were great! It’s always nice to have new ways to use yogurt – especially in savory dishes.


For their “cookie and milk” break, they used my almond no bake cookies and some chocolate cookies that I’ll be making and posting soon.

The other bad (but kind of great) thing about these conferences? There is food everywhere. Not even just at meal times, but there’s always food out for snack breaks, plus at the booths, and then just around in the city, too.

But I could definitely get used to having a cookies and milk break every afternoon. Can we build that into a normal workday? Maybe at least once a week?


After a few days of non-stop conference action, we had a smaller yogurt-topping bar get together to end the weekend and it was just perfect. A handful of people – all good friends now – Stonyfield greek yogurt and all kinds of toppings plus a lot of laughs.

Even though I’m back home, I already miss all my blogger friends. It’s always bittersweet because these are some of the only times I get to see other bloggers and my friends from Stonyfield. But I can’t wait until next year! Who knows what new flavors Stonyfield might have by then…and it’ll be fun to share that with all of you.


PS: If you haven’t tried their Pineapple greek yogurt, put it on your list – I think it’s officially my favorite now!

A big thanks to Stonyfield for sponsoring my trip – it’s always a fun time!


  1. So much fun meeting you and hanging out with you this weekend Brandi!!! I hope we can do it again soon…with yogurt involved of course. :-)

  2. oooo how fun Brandi! I am so making sure that I can go to BlogHerFood next year! I have stonyfield greek yogurt with caramel on the bottom the other day and it is so, so good! I’ll have to try the pineapple

  3. Sounds like you had a blast B!!!

  4. Sounds like a great time. I love Stonyfield. So nice that you are able to help promote such a great product! I hope I can go to BlogHer next year! We will see!

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