weekend wrap-up

What is up with this weather? It is spring? Are we going straight from early spring back to fall? I’m ready for real spring – 70s temps, warm breezes. Not cold mornings, frost in May(!) and days of cold rain.

After being cooped up in the house all last week thanks to crummy weather, Nick and I made Saturday a day-long date. Maybe we should do this anytime it rains.

Friday night, we rented Guilt Trip and we started the movie that night…but I knew we wouldn’t finish it. If we try to start a movie after 9 pm, it’s just not happening. So we ended up watching the movie with breakfast on Saturday – and it was good! Funny. Barbara Streisand was hilarious and we love Seth Rogan and his stoner laugh.

And then Saturday.

Gatsby. Great, great Gatsby.

I was so excited for this movie and was not disappointed. I wasn’t sure how I would like the modern music mixed in this roaring 20s setting and story, but I think the music was one of my favorite parts! Leo was the perfect Gatsby – all of the characters were genius, actually, especially Carey as Daisy.

And Nick hadn’t read the book and he really like the movie, too, so even if you haven’t read it (you should sometime!), you won’t miss out by seeing the movie first.


After seeing Gatsby, all I’ve been thinking about is Midnight in Paris, one of my favorite movies from the past few years. I think it’s about time I just buy it. A young Hemingway, F. Scott, Dali, all playing in their hey-day in Paris with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams? I loved it.


The highlight of last week was definitely eating hummus for 1.5 days straight. I headed to Richmond to see a friend and spend some time with the team at Sabra, visit the factory, and taste as much hummus as I could.

And I only have 2 words: lemon hummus. I had no idea they made lemon hummus! I had no idea I would love lemon hummus! Lemon hummus! Can you tell how excited I am about this flavor? It was the best hummus I’ve ever had. Ever. I’ll be doing a full post about the trip soon – so much hummus info to share!

lemon hummus

No surprise here: I want everything in Target right now. I’ve seen everyone with these sandals in the brown/glitter option…and I think I may need to go get them in that color, too. I found them in this cognac + kelly green and LOVE them. So comfy.


Currently drooling over Meredith’s Popovers with Strawberry BUTTER, Cassie’s Fajita Flavored Popcorn with Queso Fresco, and Rachel’s Vanilla Bean Cookie Bars.

This time of year is always weird for me, food-wise. It’s spring – technically – but none of our spring produce is really coming in yet because of the weather. We’re still waiting on strawberries to ripen and I have so many ideas and plans for those, but I feel like I’m just sitting around, twiddling my thumbs until they’re ready.

So….get ready? It’ll be strawberry overload pretty soon. Any requests?

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  1. What an adorable outfit! I wish I was more fashionable. Still so sad about Sabra too–wish I could have made it. We’ll meet (and eat tons of popcorn) eventually.
    Thanks for the link love. :)

  2. Can’t wait for strawberry overload!!

    I had no idea the Sabra factory was in Richmond and that you could visit! I’ll be there this weekend, but only for a quick minute before going to Virginia Beach for a wedding! Definitely making a trip back :)

    Also, seeing Gatsby tonight!! And I love those sandals!

  3. Cute shoes! I love lemon hummus and pretty much any flavor of hummus :)

  4. Cant wait for strawberry recipes, I think I either eat them plain in my corn flakes, in chocolate or in daiquiris.

  5. This sounds like an amazing weekend and I totally want some lemon hummus! Thanks for linking up to my popcorn, friend!

  6. Mmm, LOVE lemon hummus! Sounds like a great weekend!

  7. Ohhh…lemon hummus sounds delicious! I need to find some of that!

    I agree with you, I could buy everything in Target right now!

    And strawberries…vegan strawberry shortcake (or basically shortcake that isn’t so rubbery?!!? HEHE!)

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