weekend wrap-up

uh….can I still call this a weekend wrap-up if it’s happening on Thursday?

I’m a few days ( plus a week! ) behind on these finds, but I just had to share before my list gets too long.

How’s your week going?

Good? Drenching? That’s a good word for ours. It’s been raining – no, downpouring – since Sunday night, and I don’t know if I can handle it anymore. I know it’s great for the garden and our strawberries and blah blah blah….but the gray days are just too much when you have 4+ in a row.

So here’s what’s been keeping me from going stir crazy this week.

1. Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) break dancing. I can’t stop watching this. It’s Ron Swanson….break dancing. And, with his dancing name as tik-tok, i have to ask – doesn’t he resemble tik-tok from Return to Oz? Just a little?



2. 26 Reasons Kids are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults. Truth. These reasons (and the pictures) are hilarious. I’ve definitely seen a few of these things in person with my nephews, and I love it. And why can’t I just take a nap wherever and whenever I want to? That should be perfectly okay for adults to do, too.

3. 33 Dogs that Cannot Even Handle It Right Now. Do you like dogs? You’ll love this. Do you not like dogs? (Is that even possible?) Even if you don’t, these pictures people somehow got of their dogs making these faces will have you crying by the end. I just can’t even….I wish I could catch Maggie doing this sometime, but she moves too fast for me.

4. Did you enter the Dole cookoff yet? I can’t wait to find out if my recipes made it!! I’m really excited about the one with jalapenos I made last week.

5.  Shovels & Rope. Have you found them yet? I hope so. I can’t stop listening to them, especially with the album in the car and this set playing constantly.


6. And the most exciting thing. One of my friends is an insanely talented banjo maker and I’m officially having him make me my own custom, one of a kind banjo. This is just one of his (it’s actually one he just made for Scott Avett!) and I can’t wait to try to decide what I want on mine. I’m the worst decision maker ever, so it should be fun.

banjo pic


  1. Your own custom banjo! Amazing! :)

  2. The 26 reasons why kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults had me laughing so hard I was crying! Thank for sharing! A custom banjo is WAY cool. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. The tiny drunk adults link is the best! I love it :)

  4. “Return from Oz” has seared some scary images into my head! I used to also pretend my house was like that basement in the movie, where the knick-knacks were my friends and I had to choose wisely! So creepy.

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