weekend wrap-up

Three weeks in the new office and I’m seriously in need of some plants and more lamps. I just can’t handle the fluorescent bulbs as the only light source. The one nice thing about our new place is that it’s closer to downtown and there’s a lot more places within walking distance, which means I actually have a reason to leave my desk and take a break – bonus, for sure.

But figuring out our schedules is a little difficult – we’re still working on finding the best time to leave in the morning to get me and Nick to work on time and deal with the traffic on this side of town.

I totally missed out on the weekend wrap-up last week, but I’ve got some good stuff today!

1. Please tell me you’ve seen this new Kmart commercial. I cannot stop watching it. So smart! And hilarious. And it gets funnier the more you watch it.

2. Hanson was on Leno a few weeks ago, playing their new song, and the 13-year old me was fa-reaking out. I was obsessed with Hanson – had the concert video, a binder full of Bop magazine posters, and knew the word to every single song. Their Christmas album is still my favorite Christmas album, ever. Julie and Ali know this – I had it with me at Mixed! Nick always jokes with me that we had a crush on the same Hanson brother, Taylor, because he thought it was a girl with that long, flowing blonde hair.

3. We got a new kitchen island!


It’s an old drafting table, but as soon as Nick’s dad saw it in the antique store, we all knew it would make a perfect island. I’ve been looking for something to get some more counter space, and this was exactly what we wanted. It’s the perfect size, and – because it’s not a real kitchen island – it’s not blocky. I love that we can raise and lower it if we want or even tilt the table, if we need to. I really don’t know how I lived without an island for so long – it feels like it’s always been there. I mean, where did I put the cookie jar before this? I have no idea.

4. Embarrassing Things You’ll Do When You Live Alone. Um, yup to 5, 7, and 9. What does it mean if I do those things and do NOT live alone?

5. Lemon Parmesan Angel Hair with a Fried Egg. It’s like Meredith can read my mind.

6. So….I’m still watching Pitch Perfect pretty much non-stop. And quoting it non-stop, especially when I’m with Susan. It might be a little bit of a problem….but it’s so funny that I don’t care.

How was your weekend? Anything I missed? Things I should watch, read, make?


  1. love your new island!!! gorgeous :)

  2. So jealous! Love that island – and the fact that Nick’s dad has that kind of design eye.

    I love pasta with eggs. Glad I’m not alone :)

  3. Your weekend sounds wonderful! I had one perfect morning this weekend. My husband took the kids out for breakfast and then to the park while I cooked and took photos while listening to music and drinking coffee, blissfully alone. It was amazing! Hope I get to do it again soon!

  4. HANSON!!!!

    And I adore that drafting table! So creative and beautiful!

  5. Also envious of the island! Very cool idea, and now I want to find something just like that!

  6. That island is aca-awesome! Love it!

  7. Brandi
    The island is wonderful! What a great find! Loving your blog postings too!

  8. Kmart commercial is great, now it is stuck in my head!

  9. omg i can’t believe i missed them on Leno and I can’t believe they’re still going strong and making new music. good gosh, I just love them :) i loooooved jammin out to the christmas album with you and Ali. Oh man, that was such good times and it really makes me miss you 100x’s more than i already do!!!

  10. That island is great. I love it! Glad it is working out well for you!

  11. GENIUS using the drafting board as an island! I need to find one for my new place with Whit! Because then we can use it as a table too, since he doesn’t have one! And now I need to buy Pitch Perfect again since I let my Mom have the copy I’d been watching at home! Such a good and funny movie!

  12. I love the old drafting table as an island! How cool!

  13. THAT IS THE COOLEST KITCHEN ISLAND! seriously wish i had room for something like that!

    also, right there with you on the pitch perfect obsession :)

  14. Okay, I love that Kmart commercial :) it’s hilarious!! That island is so unique, I love it!

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