weekend wrap-up

I am officially moved! Our new office is….strange. It’s very corporate feeling, so I think I need some funky lamps, a plant (that I will not doubt kill in a matter of months since I have no natural sunlight) and a fan to feel like the air is circulating. I’ll miss my window from the old place and the ratty old blue chair I used to have and a phone that I knew how to work. I’m scared to even pick up this new one – I’m just hoping no one calls me this entire week so I don’t have to figure out how to use it.

Since this past week has been crazy – in every sense – and this weekend was jam packed with spring weather and fun, I thought I’d share some things that I’m loving right now.

1. Tina Fey’s Bossypants


I know – I’m years late on this one, but I finally read this a few weeks ago and then I read it out loud to Nick on a trip we took a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t suggest reading this one on a plane like I did because you will be laughing out loud every few pages. It makes for an entertaining flight, sure, but it may not make your seat-mate happy.

2. These 20 Infomercial gifs That Prove Life is Hard have been cracking me up all week – have you seen them yet? “Why doesn’t somebody invent something to put stuff on?!?” – um…a table? These are even funnier because I get sucked into infomercials pretty easily. Thankfully, I’ve never bought anything. I just like the bad acting, I guess. It’s good for a laugh, at least.

3. Sometimes The Universe Takes a Giant Dump on You . My only question is….who is watching through my windows to know that I watch Friends reruns all the time? I blame Chandler. Could I be any lazier?

4. I made homemade angel food cake for the first time – ever – this weekend. This is huge for me because I grew up on the store-bought dry, spongy cake. I will never go back! Homemade angel food cake really is sent down from angels, I think; full of vanilla bean paste and light and fluffy egg whites and everything good in the world. The first night, we had slabs topped with Scharffen Berger cocoa-whipped cream and chocolate shavings. The second night, we used the rest of the cocoa-whipped cream and made a strawberry/raspberry sauce with some of our frozen berries from last summer. You should do that. Soon.

5. This Bavarian Potato Coffee Cake.

brunch cake

I’ve made this cake twice in the past few weeks and have already been told I need to make it again. It’s like a cross between a sweet breakfast danish and the best coffee cake you’ve ever had. And that crispy topping? It’s whipped cream that you spread onto the cake and then bake! Crazy, right?

6. I’ve got 2 giveaways going on that will close this week – make sure to enter the Excedrin Nutrition Month Giveaway and the Whole Grains Packet giveaway if you haven’t already!

7. Nick and I had the chance to go to the Celebrity Chef Tour again on Easter weekend and it. was. incredible. I’m still dreaming about Mike Isabella’s risotto. I’ve got to get through all the pictures, but I’ll be posting about that soon! If it comes to a town near you, definitely go! The past 4 years have all been amazing – some of the best meals of our life, for sure.

8. I also made the BEST BISCUITS OF MY LIFE on Saturday morning this weekend to go along with Nick’s dad’s sausage gravy. Those are coming soon….if I decide I can share the recipe. Seriously – they were ridiculous. Would it be a bad thing to just eat biscuits from now on and nothing else?


  1. I dream of homemade angel food cake!!!

  2. Homemade angel food cake?!?! Delicious!!!

  3. That food tour sounds amazing. So jealous!
    Moving to a new office definitely takes getting used to, but hope things transition smoothly for you!

  4. I behind too but I still really want to read Bossy Pants. I was (years) behind on 30 Rock but now I am obsessed with it and want to do all of the things Tina Fey!

  5. Glad you are all moved in and hope the transition period is relatively painless. Baking the whipped cream on the coffee cake is a genius idea! Can’t wait to try it!

  6. the infomercial gifs are amazing :) great wrap up!

  7. You tell the truth, they were the best biscuits EVER and we had some crazy good food all weekend.
    Um no news about the new kitchen island?

  8. angel food cake recipe – did i miss it or were you too busy to post? and the later would be totally understandable. have you ever seen a version made w/ white whole wheat? or perhaps spelt of barley?

    oh i’m thinking angel food cake topped w/ fresh strawberries ….

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