Dining Room Chair Re-do

Today is going to be all about non-food things.

These pictures have been sitting on my computer for months(!), waiting to be shared, and I’m finally going to share them.

So…remember our house that’s filled with wallpaper? It still is – mostly. I mean, it’s an 80+ year old farmhouse with the original plaster walls, so it’s just what you did. Wallpaper, and lots of it.


We’ve pulled down the fruit wallpaper in the kitchen, the shimmery peach in the dining room, and everything so far in the master bedroom/bathroom.

And after painting the dining room a light blue and getting a new table (thanks to Susan and her husband re-doing their kitchen), we got some new fabric to add a little punch to the room. IMG_1460

I ordered this fabric from Fabric.com, and I love the pattern and how it looks in the room. The only thing I was a little disappointed with is that it was categorized under “upholstery”, so we were thinking it would be a little thicker. But it’s been great so far on the chairs!

And now that we’ve recovered them once, it’ll be easy to do if/when we change our minds about colors or patterns in this room.


In my head, I knew this would be a pretty easy project, but I always convince myself that crafty-things will be much harder. Not this! You just get the fabric how you want it on the cushion, pull it tight and staple it on the underside of the cushion. Seriously, couldn’t be easier.

Of course…we had this fabric for over a month and waited until the weekend before our entire family was here for Christmas to actually do it, but still! It’s nice to know that it’s so easy to change the fabric on these chairs so we can update our room whenever we want.


Maggie didn’t really like the sound of the staple gun – or the fact that we were basically ignoring her for an hour – but I think she likes the new fabric, too.


Have you ever recovered chairs before?


  1. Love that fabric!!! Way to go!

  2. Love the fabric! And the chair backs

  3. Oh wow, what a fabulous remodel :)

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