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Top Chef: I’ve been watching Top Chef for years, and every year, I think “I’m probably not going to get sucked in as much as I did last season…”, but I do. Every time. Besides wanting to be a chef in my next life, I love watching these people cook. Their imaginations blow me away – and if I don’t ever get to come back as a chef, then I’d at least like to be a judge on Top Chef.

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The finale is 2 parts, and I was SO excited to see one of my favorite contestants come back this week!! So, in the finale, we’ve got Kristen and Brooke. I’ve honestly been a huge Sheldon fan the entire time. His food has always looked incredible and he seems like someone I could be friends with and I was super sad to see him go.

I’m not sure who’s going to win it all, but if I had to pick, I’d say it’s going to be Kristen. She was my other favorite contestant early on in the show, and I was so sad to see her go – but she wasn’t ready to go down without a fight. And as much as I love the idea of the show, I kind of love that they added in the Last Chance Kitchen a few years ago to give these chefs a second chance to show their skills. If it was me, I know I would make mistakes – it’s just what happens – and I would be so happy to have another chance to prove myself and get back on the show.

If nothing else, I just want Kristen to make me her Crispy Salmon with Pickled Pineapple and Raisins, Shaved Cauliflower and Crème Fraiche. Holy moly, right? Plus, I think she totally deserves the win, especially after fighting her way back on.

Luckily for me (and all the other viewers), Kristen came back and was ready to battle it out for the top honor.

In previous seasons, I’ve usually been off in my predictions of who would win the show, but I have to say that this year, I picked the final 3 exactly! Even with Kristen going home early – which initially made me antsy – my final 3 contestants were right on, and that has never happened before. Maybe I’ll do it again next year? If there are contestants are talented and creative as this season, it’ll keep getting harder to predict who will make the cut, but I know I’ll be watching. I don’t know how the judges do it week after week. Every single chef on the show is so talented; it would be insanely difficult to decide who stays and who goes….except for the 1-2 each season with horrible attitudes. Those are the ones I would get rid of first, for sure.


  1. Too funny. We love Ridiculousness too…I know I also hesitate to admit it. But one can’t help but laugh…really now people come on! My daughter and I love fashion police, although I question my judgment in letter her watch Joan Rivers…hokey pete that lady can be foul! but it’s funny too, sometimes a girl just have to LOL! My youngest son loves Gold Rush, but I’m sorry I don’t get it.
    How about The Middle or Modern Family…Honey Boo Boo??? Theres one for me to be proud of rot-ther! American Idol…I said I wasn’t going to watch but totally got sucked in. We don’t get Bravo or I totally would be watching Top Chef!

    • love it :) We DO watch Modern Family and Parks & Rec, which I love. NO Honey Boo Boo. I just can’t give someone more press/viewing time that’s making that kind of money acting like that. I can’t justify it :) Plus, the commercials alone are enough for me. And I can’t understand a word they say.

  2. I used to hate Joan Rivers too, but she has grown on me. You should watch her show, Joan Knows Best. Actually, I think a new season starts this weekend!

  3. I love White Collar! I’m a few seasons behind, but that I adore the main character. Well, AND all of the others, but they’re not quite as cute. ;)

    Cheers to great shows!

  4. We watch Breaking Bad together (catching up), and I also watch Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, and Downton Abbey (you might like it! I wasn’t into the idea at first, either).

  5. We don’t get USA, so I have to wait for it to come to Hulu, but I love White Collar!

  6. i am not watching downtown abbey or walking dead either!! love burn notice, but haven’t gotten into white collar… will have to check it out :) top chef is quickly being taken over by sponsors, and i don’t like it :(

  7. Favorite show hands down is NCIS! We watch it every week and have caught up with the reruns on USA. We just started watching NCIS Los Angeles.
    My favorite is Worst Cooks in America, and Cupcake Wars. Rachel vs Guy.

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