Brookside Chocolate Kit Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love chocolate.

Any form, any kind, any time. I’ve just always been a chocolate girl. It will always pull rank over vanilla and strawberry and any other flavor you can come up with.

So when Brookside offered to send me a chocolate tasting kit, I couldn’t wait to try it!


Most of these chocolates are already gone – sweets don’t last long in our house. I think my favorite is the Goji with Raspberry – I am a sucker for raspberry + dark chocolate together.

But I do love the idea of having your own chocolate tasting party, too! The kit came with some gorgeous serving pieces and 2 stemless wine glasses (which I’ve been wanting for forever) to serve some wine along with your dark chocolate.

Too bad most of my “tasting parties” usually end up with just me and Nick, chocolate, and wine – not exactly a hopping party, but we’re really good at judging chocolate now! Not a bad thing, at all.


Want to win your own tasting kit? Brookside has also offered to send one to one of you lucky people!

The Tasting Kit Includes:

  • Serving Tray
  • 3-dish serving bowl
  • 2 stemless wine glasses
  • 1 bag of Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberries, 1 bag of Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry, and 1 bag of Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Brookside Chocolates
  • and a few more little surprises!

To Enter:

Tell me your favorite chocolate. Milk? Dark? Fruit infused? I’m always looking for new ones.

For extra entries:

Like Brookside on Facebook and let me know you did

Tweet about the giveaway and let me know you did


Brookside provided the tasting kit and will be shipping the winner’s prize.


  1. DARK CHOCOLATE REESE CUPS! They get me every time! I also love mint chocolate anything, literally!!! So delicious!

  2. tonight i’m about to eat reese’s peanut butter clusters…i think i may fall in love…

  3. Dark is my fav, but I also love dark chocolate covered fruit and nuts!!! And of course chocolate and PB :) happy Friday!

  4. Classic milk chocolate is definitely my favorite!

  5. I’m a dark chocolate girl all the way! :)

  6. I “liked” Brookside on Facebook….

  7. I make chocolate nachos. It’s cinnamon tortillas with chocolate and caramel sauce and pecans.

  8. I liked Brookside.

  9. I always go for dark chocolate, its more satisfying. A small piece after a great meal is all I need to fill the craving.

  10. I like Brookside on Facebook.

  11. Homemade chocolate with walnuts. I can never pass these up at fairs, etc. I liked Brookside on Facebook

  12. Dark Chocolate is my favorite! Thanks.

  13. Well, as a kid, you go HERSHEY, then as you get older you somehow develop the taste for the really dark stuff. Have to say I snack on handfuls of the 60% Cocoa chips from Ghirardelli (the really huge bag from Costco).

  14. Wow I like it all. I guess my favorite is milk chocolate.

  15. I liked Brookside on FB

  16. Milk. Mmm!! :)

  17. Ahhh! Chocolate and peanut butter, or dark chocolate covered espresso beans are always a fav for me.

  18. I really don’t care much for milk..if I do eat it I will eat it with cereal or cook with eat or eat it with graham crackers but I do somewhat like strawberry milk :)

  19. I realized I answered that question wrong HAHA well I do like reeses peanut butter cups!

  20. Try Madre’s Triple Cacao – it’s chocolate, nibs and cacao pulp (the fruit that surrounds the beans in the pod) all in one bar.

  21. I love all chocolate, but dark chocolate is my very favorite. Pair it with peanut butter and I am a happy camper.

  22. I love chocolate with bits of honeycomb in it! sooo tasty

  23. Dark chocolate! Any kinda :) Tweeted about it!

  24. Milk chocolate would have to be my favorite.

  25. I love dark chocolate, chocolate with toffee, or “volcanic” chocolate–chocolate with pop rocks in it!

  26. I love dark chocolate.

  27. I like them on Facebook

  28. I know I should love dark chocolate because “it’s good for me”, but I simply adore milk chocolate!!

  29. Liked on FB

  30. Dark chocolate and buttered popcorn! I learned to love this combo as a child at the saturday matinee. Never outgrew it. Also love chocolate covered apricots, or, indeed, any fruit.

  31. Love milk chocolate

  32. liked on fb

  33. I love Ghirardelli dark chcocolate

  34. Like Brookside on Facebook

  35. Dark chocolate all the way!! Dark truffles or filled with fruit. Holy yum!

  36. I liked Brookside on FB.

  37. I like dark chocolate

  38. I like Brookside on Facebook (Elena Istomina)

  39. Dk chocolate with hazelnuts or dk chocolate covered. Cashews

  40. liked on facebook: Rae Pavey

  41. I love dark chocolate with sea salt!

  42. Dark chocolate!

  43. Karen Goodwin Delaney likes Brookside Foods on Facebook

  44. I love milk chocolate. I am a See’s girl. However, I did try two things recently I loved. They had Hershey Kisses in Hawaii with macadamia nuts and they were good (were because they are all gone). I have also found the Valentine’s Day Cherry M&Ms very addicting. I need to stop buying them.

  45. I am a lover of all things dark chocolate, especially dark chocolate with mint and dark chocolate with peanut butter. Or raspberry. Or caramel. :)

  46. I like Brookside on Facebook

  47. One of my favorites is a Hershey’s Special dark mini bar that had bits of fruit in it. I used to buy them at Costco. I haven’t had them in a long time, so I am not sure if they even make them anymore, but they are definitely worth a try. The other two I love are the Dove Chocolate Promises with Almonds or Caramel–milk or dark either is great with me.

  48. I prefer Milk Chocolate. (Lindt truffles always work for me there!)

  49. SORRY Correcting my email address… can’t win with wrong address….

  50. Dark chocolate!

  51. My favorite the Milk Chocolate.

  52. I Like Brookside On Face Book. LeeAnn Perry

  53. I love fruit flavored chocolates! Really any chocolate is good by me!!

  54. I like brookside on fb too- name is Realia Mazing

  55. I like dark and frut flavored chocolate

  56. I luv dark chocolate reeses cups

  57. I tweeted

  58. I “liked” Brookside on facebook

  59. I hope this hasn’t expired…my favorite is white chocolate with nuts in it.

  60. I like Brookside on Facebook (Carolsue Anderson)

  61. I love white chocolate almond bark!

  62. I loooove dark chocolate!

  63. I Like Brookside on Facebook (meredith montgomery)

  64. I love milk chocolate! it’s delicious!!

  65. liked on facebook – Ann Lyfe

  66. I love white chocolate!

  67. I’m a milk chocolate kind of girl.

  68. My favorite is definitely milk chocolate although I also enjoy 72% cocoa variety dark

  69. I’m all about the dark chocolate (I’m eating some right now)

  70. I like Brookside on Facebook

  71. Dark chocolate please :)

  72. LOVE dark! :)

  73. Really like a lot of the dark chocolate bars Trader Joe’s sells :-)

  74. Like Brookside on Facebook!

  75. Always looking to try any type of chocolate but milk is a favorite

  76. Love dark chocolate…especially 70-75% cocoa. Fruit makes it even more fantastic.

  77. My favorite chocolate is dark Swiss. I’ve never tried Brookside before.

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