Top Chef Restaurant Wars

I’m finally caught up on Top Chef, and last week was one of my favorite episodes of every season! Do you watch?


Stefan….would not be my friend, I don’t think. He didn’t even tell the judges about the dishes. Not a good idea, dude.

Josie is a little opinionated. Maybe this is how most people are, but I’m not. Or – really – I am that opinionated in my head, but I don’t act like that with other people. I also know that TV skews things and cuts scenes together and probably puts personas together for people that may or may not be true.

All I know is that I’m not a chef, and probably won’t ever be a chef, but when I’m watching Top Chef, that’s the only dream I have. Except I want to be a chef without the quick fires and elimination stress.

I want to wear the coat and bake croissants and make people happy, and that’s it.

And as much as I love watching restaurant wars, it makes me so stressed the entire time. I can’t imagine how nervewracking it is to put together an entire restaurant in 2 days. Not just a menu, but everything in the restaurant: a name, the menu, a theme, staff, tables and chairs and dishes.

I think my favorite part of the episode was when Gail told her table what food she would come back as if she could come back as anything in the “culinary lexicon”. Her choice? A macaron. Not a bad choice. And it got me thinking: what food would I come back as if I had the chance? I think it would be a tie between a biscuit or a croissant or a slice of homemade pizza. They’re 3 of my favorite things so I’d be happy with any of them.

What food would you come back as?

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  1. haha, i loved that comment from gail :) i can’t tell ya what i’d come back as… but now i’ll be thinking about that all weekend!

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