Wine Bottles for Holiday Decorations

I’m not the craftiest person. I never did stamping or scrap booking or beading, and I doubt I’m going to start doing any of those things now.

But I kind of want to be super crafty– I think about trying things all time! – I just haven’t done much more than use a hot glue gun (and that was years ago), so I’m usually pretty intimidated when it comes to making things at home.

wine bottle decor4

But even without tons of DIY/craft know-how, I love a good challenge. And just a few weeks ago, The Wine Bar challenged me to come up with something to do with all the empty wine bottles I have around during the holidays. 

A quick search online brought up plenty of ideas – I mean, look at some of these! The white bottles and the little hats and scarves are so adorable.


My first thought with these bottles was to break out the spray paint…but we haven’t had good enough weather lately to do something like that outside.

So I went simple. So simple that I honestly didn’t know why I didn’t do this before! It barely took me any time and I love how it turned out.

Thanks to this challenge, my dining room cabinet has never looked so festive!

wine bottle decor6

To set this up, I started by removing the labels from the wine bottles. Also super easy to do! I always thought this would be hard and take forever, but it was so easy. I just put the bottles in a sink full of hot water and let them soak in there for about an hour, adding a little more hot water when it started to cool down. Between my hands and a scrubber brush, the labels came off pretty easily – I was able to peel one off the bottle in one piece!

Once the labels were taken off, I let the bottles dry on the counter, and then put everything together.

wine bottle decor5

With my family coming up for Christmas this year, I really wanted to have the dining room feel festive since that’s where we’d be eating the entire time.

Our dining room walls are a light blue, so I wanted to have something that would make it feel like holidays but not be too distracting.

On each wine bottle, I tied a little sash with either some silver or deep teal ribbon, just to add a little color.

wine bottle decor2

Sitting around the base of the wine bottles was pre-lighted garland piece I picked up at Michael’s, just for this. I think this piece was 9 feet long, and it was the perfect length to wrap around the bottles and cover the entire cabinet.

Then on each end of the garland, I put a mercury glass candle holder, to add little more shine to the bottle display.

And this was one of the first things my mom noticed when she walked in the house – I was so excited! I’m definitely psyched to try some other decorating ideas with these bottles now, and can’t wait show them to you guys!


Want more ideas on ways to use your empty bottles? Check out The Wine Bar and get (or share!) new ways to pump up the decor in your house.


And until I have some more ideas ready, I wanted to share this little Wine Cheat Sheet.  I wasn’t asked to do this, but once I saw it, I knew I had to show it to you guys.  I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I don’t know anything about wine. There’s just so many subtleties to wine and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when I try to figure out what to buy or what kind I like with certain dishes or how to pair them at home.

But I love this little cheat sheet – it’ll be great to have on hand when you’re planning a holiday meal or special date night in!


Disclaimer: To create my wine bottle decor project, I received a gift card to purchase craft supplies and wine for the bottles. All opinions and table top craft ideas are mine.

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  1. Those wine bottles turned out beautiful! I’m an avid fan of red wine these past 5 years, and certainly lean toward cabernet sauvignon, but also red zinfandel and chianti. Neat to see where they were on the chart. Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy New Year!

  2. These are beautiful!! I definitely need to start saving my wine bottles (lord knows there are enough of them!). And that wine cheat sheet is fabulous!! Happy New Year :)

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