Skinny Frozen Hot Chocolate

I don’t know about you guys, but this winter has been crazy warm so far this year. We’ve had a few cold days, but mostly, it’s been mild. We had our windows open this weekend! That’s not normal for December.

And without cold weather, I just can’t handle super steamy hot chocolate – I need to be cold to really enjoy it!

Lucky for me, I can have that great hot chocolate flavor in a frosty, blended treat. No worries about the weather here – I’ll have it cold with the windows open and a tshirt on if I have to, and keep hoping for a snowy night so I can heat some up on the stovetop.

Want to make your own blended hot cocoa? Check out my recipe for this Skinny Frozen Hot Chocolate over with Gina at Skinnytaste today!


  1. This looks incredible! I’ve never had a frozen hot chocolate but it’s my dream to have this in NY at Serendipity someday. Until then, I can just recreate yours! :)

  2. I loved this recipe so much that I shared it off of the website and truly hope that my followers follow you as well. Thank you and happy holidays!!

  3. I just heard on the news, “It going to be very cold today!” Yeah, it’s 61. Not exactly “very cold” to anyone outside of LA! So I’m all about cold drinks and ice cream in our “very cold” winter!

  4. Oh my gosh I love ovaltine!!! I have a similar recipe for a healthier chocolate malt using ovaltine. So good – love the idea of mixing with peppermints!

  5. Oohh I need to make this stat!!!

  6. I definitely need this! It’s snowing here in Denver like crazy. I need a good distraction!

  7. yes, I want to make this…wow!

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  9. Can this be made using all cocoa powder and no ovaltine ??? thanks for help./suggestions

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