my top 6 holiday cookies

I just spent 5 and 1/2 straight days with no work.


5 days with no alarm clocks buzzing into a good dream before the sun is up. 5 days with no real agenda. 5 glorious days of giant feasts and pie for lunch. 5 days of movie watching, book reading, music playing, crazy shopping, and nephew loving.

To say I was bit grumpy to be back at work today is an understatement.


The best part about the holidays are those days off, the ones where you’re in a house with family and you almost never know what time it is because you’re having too much fun to look at a clock. Breakfasts are relaxed, coffee talk goes well into the morning, lunch is whatever (and whenever) you want, and dinner is served just in time for more dessert.


And when you have to go back to work inbetween those perfect holiday days, baking cookies is one thing that helps keep that holiday spirit going.

Maybe making a batch of cookies isn’t as good as taking a nap with your nephew or playing music while the turkey roasts or just reading, for hours, because you can…but it’s the next best thing, for sure.


I’ve never done a cookie swap before, but I think I need to start.

As soon as the Christmas music starts playing, I want to be baking. It’s the perfect excuse to make something for a neighbor or your husband or that cute someone across the street.

And why haven’t cookies been named the national dessert already?


I think I just found my platform for when I run for President – cookies for everyone!


If you haven’t started your holiday baking or are looking for some new recipes to try, here’s a few of my favorite cookies to share:

Mint Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Coconut Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Brown Butter Blondies

Triple Chip Brown Butter Cookies

Frozen Whole Wheat Monster Cookie Dough Bites

Soft Ginger Butterscotch Chip Cookies

What cookies do you make for the holidays?


  1. They all look lovely! I can’t wait to get baking :)

  2. found your blog through the day in life posting at rachel cooks! and what a day to find you with those amazing looking cookies! Yum!!! I want to make the soft ginger butterscotch cookies!!!!!

  3. Boy was I grumpy yesterday too. I know how you feel. At least we have cookies!

  4. These look wonderful! Cheers to enjoying relaxing days off with family. (And cookies to fuel the return back to work…) :)

  5. These look so good!! I don’t really have a cookie that I make every year – I always change things up! The one thing I do make every year is hummingbird cake.

  6. I had 4 days off and was pretty grumpy yesterday. Still am today. Haha thank goodness I love my job, but still, downtime is always highly enjoyed!!

    I want to make all of these… But especially those first peppermint ones :)

  7. Delish!!!!

  8. I had over five days off from work too, and goodness, Monday was rough! I’m still planning my cookie list, but I do know that gingersnaps are on it!

  9. the Triple Chip Brown Butter Cookies are my favorite!! I literary just made some like this during Thanksgiving break. Kinda sorta the same! yum!

  10. I am SO JEALOUS of your days off. And I love these cookies!!

  11. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! And i know just what you mean… going back to work yesterday was r-o-u-g-h.

    We ALWAYS make sugar cookies… not my favorite, but it’s tradition! And something with chocolate.

  12. I want a dozen of all of these cookies!

  13. Sugar Cookies!!

    It would not be Christmas around here w/out the decorated Sugar Cookies. One year, they even went all the way to Seoul and my niece Lisa who was spending a year there teaching English. I wish we could have seen the look on her face when she opened that package. :oD

    Then about three years ago, Mom put too many drops of yellow colouring went into the icing thanks to the Macular Degeneration for the star cookies and…Well…They could have been used as the lighting for the runway for Santa and the Reindeer they were so bright. :oD

    This year, we get to introduce them to the next generation thanks to my Great Nephew Parker joining us back in June. Can’t wait!!

    Hard to believe the first day of December is on Saturday, huh? Where did the year go?

  14. These cookies look yummy, there is something special about eating cookies this time of year. We always make sugar cookies and decorate them with sprinkles for Santa, and I also love to make Oatmeal Scotchies and Chocolate Cherry Cookies

  15. I just tried a recipe for pumpkin gingerbread cookies that I can’t wait to talk about! But my favorite for the holidays are definitely pb sticks, gingerbread sticks and my Mom’s Wipper Snappers. SO,GOOD.

  16. i’m trying to plan my cookie making this year… such tough decisions!!

  17. I was just talking about those peppermint kisses today. I love holiday cookie baking! this is such an awesome list!

  18. hi Brandi honey! I love this post. and i totally would vote for you for Prez!!!! :)

    and… Abbi is hoping to go on a mission trip to Haiti next summer! eeee! not sure yet. She has to apply and go through an interview process because out of their huge youth group of 100 kids, only 12-16 get to go. but at least i love it that heart wants to go! love you, friend. XOXO

    • Polly!! I’ve missed you :) That is awesome – I hope she gets to go! If not, and you guys ever want to go to Honduras with us when we go, just let me know. We’re always looking for newbies! :) xo

  19. I cannot wait to try all of these! The blondie bar has been a family staple for years, but your recipe is pretty different compared to ours. As long as I can remember my family has made cookies for christmas and 4 of your recipes will be included this year. Thanks so much for the great post, wonderful pictures, and yummy recipes!

  20. I love chocolate crinkle cookies! But I’ve burned myself out on them this year. I think I made a few hundred. Seriously. No chocolate crinkle cookies next year. No no.

    Those ginger butterscotch cookies look amazing! I’ve never tried that combo. Sounds awesome. :)

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