taking a latte break

You guys are some of my favorite coffee break friends. Did you know that?


Besides weekend coffee time with family and friends, my morning coffee is normally spent by myself at work. And that’s just not fun.

I like having actual coffee breaks with friends and catching up. Telling jokes. Retelling stories you’ve already heard (or told) 10 times. Laughing, crying, whatever happens, it’s always better over coffee. Plus, it’s nice to know you’re not the only one with coffee breath. You know I’m right.


But I’m very picky about it. If I just want a cup of coffee – with a splash of milk or homemade creamer – I make it at home. We’ve got our coffee routine down in the house: freshly ground beans, spring water, french press or coffee siphon. Yup. We’ve turned into those people. I don’t mind it since it means we’re always drinking delicious coffee at home, but it also means that I won’t drink just any cup of coffee.

But…as picky as I am, anytime I’m at an actual coffee shop, I want the drinks that I can’t make at home. Lattes, especially. I mean, I can make them at home, but we don’t normally have espresso beans and I’m usually too lazy to break out the milk frother.


Enter the Cafe Latte machine. Um…I’m completely in love with this already, and I’ve only used it once so far.

It makes having a coffee break – with friends in person or online – even faster and more delicious.

I mean – the latte is made IN the carafe. IN the carafe! I still don’t really believe it.


And since we never have espresso beans, I made it with some dark roast beans we had that make a pretty strong cup of coffee, and it worked out perfectly. No special espresso needed.

I can’t wait to make a latte while we ride out this storm. Hopefully, we’ll have power long enough for me to whip a couple up.


I’m just excited that I can make a quick latte at home without having to deal with traffic, drive 40 minutes to our closest coffee shop, or stand in long lines. It’s the best of both worlds when you have an in-house coffee break whether it’s getting to use your perfect mug, wear your comfy slippers, sit in your favorite chair, play your morning soundtrack and, in this case, sipping lattes at home with blog friends online.

If you’ve got friends or family that love lattes, Mr. Coffee® Café Latte would be fabulous for holiday entertaining or as a gift this coming season. I can’t wait to whip up some lattes when my family comes to visit next!

And, even better, Mr. Coffee is extending a special offer to you guys! With this code, you can get $10 off and free shipping on the purchase of a Café Latte at www.mrcoffeelatte.com. (Enter promo code: MLAT10A).

Check out the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte site for more info, to purchase with the code, or for more recipes.

And make sure to stop by and see what my friends are doing on their coffee break at home today:




Also….I’ve been going scone crazy lately, so….watch out. They’re coming.

I received the Cafe Latte machine to try out and was compensated for my time. As always, my opinion is my own – I really do love this thing. I may never pay for a latte again!


  1. What an awesome little machine! I’m the same way- I have black coffee every morning, but love a good latte when I go out. Never make them at home, but your homemade one looks absolutely delightful!

    Can’t wait for scones!!

  2. I’m sipping on a latte RIGHT now and really wish y’all were closer : ) Good thing for virtual get togethers ; )

  3. I got spoiled when I worked at Starbucks and got to have Free Lattes every morning. I miss them. This would be awesome to have at home. I’ll have to check it out

  4. I know! We do the same thing here; cold spring water, grind our own beans, and a press. Such snobs! But seriously this thing is pretty flipping fantastic for a latte fix! Wished we all lived closer!

  5. You? A snobbbb? No.
    Hehe! I expect a latte the next time I am there – should you ever invite me again. :) Looking forward to your scones, too!

    • Are you finally home now for a while :) We’re planning to have you guys over soon, for real. And we’ll do scones. Maybe with the brownies? :)

  6. This is a great holiday gift idea. Now that I’m a mom my opportunities to grab a latte are far and few between!

    • it would make a great gift – i know a few family members that would love it! especially since it can save you so much money to make your own

  7. Wow this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for sharing. P.s. If anyone else is interested in buying one, it’s only $80 on Amazon!

  8. I can’t wait for that scone recipe! And the latte looks perfect!

  9. Too COOL! I totally should have put this on our registry :P

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