Almond, Fig, and Orange Muffins

Moving into your first house is so exciting. When we moved here almost 2 years ago, I finally felt like a real adult – we had home insurance, our own yard that was big enough for a garden, and more debt. That’s the American dream, right?

But having your own house – and a bigger space than you had before – is a game changer.


In the 2 years that we’ve lived here, we’ve had quite a few life lessons. Like how writing that mortgage check feels every month. And how your planned projects always turn out bigger than you think. Or how unplanned projects come up at the wrong time and then you have to tear out your shower, replace the subfloor, and redo all the plumbing in the house just so you can take a shower in your own bathroom again. 

But the biggest thing I’ve figured out is that when you have more space, you fill it up. It doesn’t matter if you actually need more things or furniture…it’s going to happen.


And it’s not just the rooms in the house. The pantry is overflowing. I didn’t have any kind of pantry at our old place – maybe I’m making up for that by filling this one to the brim?

And our freezer is packed full of stuff that I keep forgetting that I have.

Like the almond meal in these muffins – it’s been in my freezer for months, and I totally forgot that I had it.

Maybe I’m just now using it….8 months after I bought it. Better late than never?


Two years in, we’re still figuring out new ways to use up all these figs. Our first choice is always Frog Jam, but these muffins are moving up my list to right behind the pizza.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect for the flavor of these muffins since I had never baked with almond meal before. Somehow, these ended up tasting like cake batter muffins…and I couldn’t stop eating them. They were perfect as an afternoon snack and made breakfast really easy a few mornings in a row – just grab and go!


Almond, Fig, and Orange Muffins

Makes: 12 muffins


  • 2 cups almond meal
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/3 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 cup chopped fresh figs


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Pour the almond meal into a medium bowl. Stir the beaten eggs, egg whites, honey, orange juice, and vanilla into the almond meal until everything is combined.
  3. Stir in the baking powder, salt, and fresh figs.
  4. Spoon the batter into muffin liners, filling about 3/4 of the way.
  5. Bake 20 – 25 minutes at 350 degrees until the muffins and golden and a toothpick comes out clean.


  1. I love muffins made with almond meal; they always end up so tender and flavourful and I really like the combination here with figs and orange. I also know exactly what you mean about stuff expanding to fill the space it has available. We are thinking about moving because we’ve outgrown our current flat but I know that within a couple of months, it will feel like we’ve outgrown a new place!

  2. I can’t believe these are gluten free, they look so perfect!

  3. I’m on a low FODMAP diet and am sensitive to honey and agave syrup. Any ideas on what to substitute for honey here?

    • you could use any sweetener – I’ve only tried honey in the recipe, but I think any sugar / sweetener would work

  4. Mmm…these look like a delightful way to use up some figs and almond meal! Beautiful!!

  5. oooooh! I think i’ve done the same thing! I bet you money there’s some almond meal in my freezer right now just beggin to be muffinized :)

    Looks fabulous!

  6. Great idea to keep the almond meal in the freezer!!!

  7. You’re not alone–I lose things in my freezer all the time! And it’s definitely the right place for almond anything. I’m jealous of your figs–these muffins sound like an amazing way to eat as many as possible!

  8. These are so pretty and great combo of flavors! I’ve never cooked with almond meal before but creating something that tastes like cake, I want to buy it!

    We live in a 1 BR apartment so space is not unlimited and we’re filled to the busting point with wedding gifts, I cannot wait until we have more space!

  9. This recipe sounds right up my alley — love the flavor combo!

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