Things I Love: Coffee

Growing up, I wasn’t sure if I would ever actually drink coffee. Sure, I loved the smell of it when my dad was making a pot in the morning, but drinking it was another story.

When my sisters and I were younger, my dad was the only person in the house that drank coffee. My mom loves the smell of it, but has never liked the taste. The closest she gets to coffee is tasting ours (and still making faces at it) and buying those International Delight coffee creamer mixes and just making them with hot water.

Then college happened. There were cafes on campus, late nights of studying, and greasy diner breakfasts, and soon enough, I loved coffee almost as much as my dad. After years of having mediocre cups of joe, Nick and I started making the best coffee we could at home. I know I’ve shown you how we make our coffee – it’s a little crazy, that siphon, but it makes the best coffee ever. If we’re not using the siphon, we use a french press. We haven’t taken our 12-cup drip machine down out of the cabinet in over 2 years now. After making it with the siphon or french press…you’ll never go back.

And even though I’m not a coffee purist (I don’t drink it black – Nick calls me a “tainter”), I usually just stick with a splash of milk or cream….or some of these homemade coffee creamers.


Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer

Spiced Chocolate Coffee Creamer


German Chocolate Coffee Creamer


Salted Chocolate Coffee Creamer


Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Creamer


Almond Joy Coffee Creamer

And if you’re like me and like to have a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon (decaf for me or I won’t sleep – that makes me feel old!), here’s some of my favorite things to have with coffee.

No matter what you have with it, just make sure you’re sharing it with someone. Coffee is always better with friends or family.


Coffee and White Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake


Peanut Butter Cup Blended Mocha


Pumpkin Spice Latte Truffles

Java Chip Cookies

Thin Mint Mocha

How do you like your coffee?


  1. Beautiful collection. I am sure my readers will love this. I do :)

  2. When I was younger I absolutely hated coffee…now I drink it black every morning! I guess you could call me a purist, but I’d probably switch to a tainter if I got my hands on some Almond Joy or Salted Chocolate creamer! Mmmm! :-D

  3. I had no idea you have a collection of homemade coffee creamers! I’ve got to pin this! :)

  4. I’m 34 and have never tried coffee. Meeting up with friends for breakfast, I’m often the only non-coffee drinker, which now has me wondering…why haven’t I tried coffee? Maybe if I tried it, I’d understand everyone’s obsession with Starbucks :)

    • ha :) it’s not a bad thing – some people like it, some don’t! and if decide to try coffee, try some real, well-made coffee. not from Starbucks.

  5. I love coffee all sorts of ways, depending on my mood and the weather. I’m drinking a double espresso right now!

  6. i like my coffee in desserts only, please :)

  7. Mmmm I love my coffee! I always drink it black, but am also pretty intrigued by your creamers. German chocolate sounds great! Something I might do for a little treat :)

  8. Have you ever tried making creamers with evaporated milk instead of cream or half and half? I was wondering how it would taste. I had read the other day that evaporated milk is a good substitute and has less fat. Monday I opened a can I had in the cupboard and tried it plain. I like it in tea but not so much coffee. I took some and added vanilla extract but probably didn’t get enough because the flavor didn’t come out. The rest I added a pumpkin pie spice mix I had made up. To get the spiced to incorporated I had to heat it and then keep shaking the jar but it was actually pretty nice. Again, better in tea, for me than in coffee.

    • I haven’t tried making creamers, but I do use evaporated skim milk in my coffee any time i have some leftover. it’s so creamy!

  9. Awesome coffee post! I love the taste of coffee [don’t drink it for the caffeine aka don’t mind decaf] :) I use a Keurig but totally would love to make it myself!

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  11. If I’m not drinking my coffee black, then I’m drinking it with condensed milk. =)

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