Stonyfield and FoodCorps Twitter Party

Thank you all SO much for the excitement and notes and emails about the show tomorrow! I’m still very much freaking out – and will be – until it’s on. I have no idea how it turned out! I’m guessing fine, since it’ll be on tv, but I’ll be seeing for the first time along with everyone else. (You can totally see me at the end of this clip – holy moly) We’ll see if I stumbled over any words or made up new ones or tripped over myself like I normally do. Should be fun!



I just wanted to post a quick note here to let you all know that I’m going to be hosting a Twitter Party with Stonyfield tomorrow night (9/27) at 8 pm EST to help raise money for Food Corps! I’m so excited about working with these two groups and can’t wait to hear your answers and feedback.

We’re going to have $40 Stonyfield coupon packs to give out as prizes throughout the event.  PLUS, for each tweet using #Foodsuperhero (the hashtag for the twitter party), Stonyfield is going to donate $1 to Food Corps. I love that.

If you want some more information, definitely check out I Will Know My Food, where you can make your own “superhero” profiles – for each profile, Stonyfield donates another $1, so it’s a win-win.

I hope to see you tomorrow night!


  1. WAIT. You didn’t wear your PP shirt on Dr. Oz!?

  2. so interested in the recipes you made on the doctor oz show…healthy, quicky and looked delicious….i am going to try them all..thank you.

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