Television Debut (Iamjustfreakingoutalittlebit)

So….remember when I told you guys something crazy happened a few weeks ago? I can finally spill the beans!

I’m going to be on the Dr. Oz show next week! Like…I flew to New York a few weeks ago, was there for about 18 hours, taped a segment and flew back home. It was nuts.

That was my first trip to New York, and I basically saw nothing except a hotel, one street, and NBC Studios, but it was awesome! I had never been in a dressing room before. They did my hair, made me look way better than I normally do (thank goodness for professional make up artists – I need help!) and got me ready to film with Dr. Oz.

I was so flustered (and kind of on the edge of throwing up from nerves) that I didn’t even take any pictures! It happened so fast – one minute I was waking up in the hotel, then I was in NBC Studios in a dressing room RIGHT across from Jimmy Fallon’s set!, then I was going over the segment with Dr. Oz himself, and then we were filming – in front of a full audience. That was new. I don’t normally have a crowd of people in my kitchen cheering me on, but it was fun! There was so much energy in the room that it kept me from being too nervous or losing my breakfast on the air.

Since we finally have an air date, I wanted to finally spill the secret — the episode will be on this coming Thursday, September 27th. And Dr. Oz tries 3 of my recipes! Crazy. I still don’t really believe it. The entire time I was there, all I kept thinking was “is this real life?”.

And….if you watch, please note that my make up will never look that good again. I wish I could do what she did, but I know I can’t.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. That is SO cool! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see the episode :)

  2. WHOA!!!!!! So cool! I can’t wait to watch!!! :)

    Can you share yet what the segment is about?

    • Yes! he asks me a few questions about cooking and the blog and then kind of demo 3 no bake recipes of mine – it was fun!

  3. How fun!! Can’t wait to see!

  4. So fun! I’m setting my DVR right now. Congrats, Brandi!

  5. DVR all set up :) Congrats!! That’s pretty awesome!!

  6. What a great experience! Looking forward to seeing the segment, which my cable guide says is a gluten-free episode with no-bake recipes.

  7. EEEEEE! What exciting news!!!!! Can’t wait to see it!

  8. Congratulations! I can’t even imagine how awesome that must feel! :)

  9. How totally exciting! I will definitely be watching!

  10. That is SO SO SO SO SO AWESOME Brandi!!! Congrats girl!

  11. Oh goodness! Congrats Brandi! I wish I were home to see it! If there is a clip after it airs please let me know, I’d love to watch it!

  12. Woohoo! That is awesome, Brandi!! Can’t wait to hear more about how this all came together! And of course I will tune in :)

  13. I am so beyond happy and excited for you!!! I cannot wait to watch it!!! You are my inspiration Brandi!!!

  14. awesome can’t wait to watch you on dr oz

  15. Ah Brandi, that is so exciting, congrats! Will set the DVR now.. can’t wait to see!!!

  16. How exciting!!!! Can’t wait to watch the segment :D

  17. This is amazing Brandi. I’m so excited for you!!!!

  18. Oh my gosh, this is HUGE news! I’m so excited for you, Brandi. I’ll definitely be tuning in! :-D

  19. Congrats! So cool! I was on the show back in March and I know about the throwing up feeling…lol! I am setting my DVR now. Cant wait to watch!

  20. How cool!!! Congratulations! I’ll make sure to record the show!

  21. OMG!!! That’s so awesome, Brandi!! I’m freaking out!!!

  22. HUGE freaking CONGRATS chica!!! I’ll def be tuning in Thursday to watch :D Thursday is also my bday so I already know it’s going to be a lucky day!

  23. That is so exciting!! Can’t wait to see it!

  24. That is so exciting!!!! I can’t believe you’ve never been to NYC girl, you gotta get back for longer next time ;) Can’t wait to see your segment — *squeal*!!!!

  25. Crazytown! Congratulations Brandi- that’s so exciting! And yes, I echo the sentiments above… you definitely need to go back for a real NYC trip sometime soon :) Such a fun place.

  26. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to watch, and I will tell my Mom, she never misses Dr. Oz.

  27. SO SO SO excited for you!!! Absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to watch :) :)

  28. This is so cool! Congrats Brandi, I bet you’re a complete natural!

  29. WOW! That is so awesome Brandi! Congrats!!!!

  30. So excited for you, Brandi! I have my DVR set!

  31. OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! this is so exciting, i’m glad i caught it before tomorrow :)

  32. Just finished watching your TV debut, great job! Congratulations.

  33. I have never heard of your blog before, hadn’t seen Dr. Oz show in my life until today an i sincerely loved it. Your food looked amazing and easy to make, im a college student so those recepies will probably a lot lol. I also recommended your blog to a friend who doesn’t even know how to boil water, I just told her that before you got married you didn’t cook at all and she said: I really like her. Hahah definitely going to read your blog now and even subscribe through RSS and twitter. Best of luck and keep it up. Can’t wait to try cooking some stuff, hope they end up like yours. By the way I’m a fan all the way in Honduras, a small country in central America.

    • Thank you SO much! Where are you in Honduras? My family goes every year to Tegucigalpa and outside the city – how fun!

      • I live in Tegucigalpa, I study law here! Now that I did not expect, not many people know this country exists. When I was little a live 1 year in the States and none of my friends had heard of it before. Have you been here?

  34. Just watched the episode and I can’t wait to try your recipes.
    Howdy, from Texas!

  35. I just saw the Dr. Oz show and you were fantastic! I did not know about this site before the show and I’m glad I caught the episode and saw your portion. I will be a regular on your site from this day forward. Great job! You behaved like you were made for the cameras.

  36. I just saw you on Dr. Oz. You were a natural. I love your recipes. You rock, Bran

  37. I just saw you on Dr. Oz and was so impressed I immediately looked up your blog. Your recipes look fantastic, and you were great during the show. I can’t wait to go shopping after I find some recipes on your site. Can you recommend some basic ingredients to keep in the cupboard? Thanks again!

    • Aw, thank you so much! I always have oats, cocoa powder, and variety of nuts in the pantry, for sure. Flaxseed is great, too!

  38. Hello…left work a few hours early today, and had an opportunity to watch Dr. Oz…..a rare treat. You were great on the show, and the samples you highlighted were awesome. Love the name of your blog..made it so easy to remember and find after the show. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Must have cheesecake cups ASAP! I love to eat…hate to cook and I struggle maintain interest in the kitchen. That is why I love quick easy and tasty items. I rarely leave comments but I thought I would let you know you have another follower!

    • Thank you so much, Jen! My husband came up with my blog name, so I’ll pass that along :) Quick and easy almost always wins in this kitchen, too!

  39. I saw the show and you were awesome!!! You looked so natural!!

  40. Just watched!!! You did awesome!

  41. The show aired here today. I am really surprised that you say you were nervous. You gave the impression of being super-cool and totally in control of your topic.

    • Well, thank goodness! I could totally see my hands shaking in some shots because I remember how badly they were shaking when we were filming! But I’m glad I didn’t look too nervous :)

  42. Just saw you on Dr. Oz and you are just adorable. I’ve never enjoyed cooking so I’m definitely going to try some of your speedy, healthy recipes. I’m a 64 year old wife, mother, sister, etc., and still learning how to cook. Thanks for being another great place to find good food that doesn’t take a professional chef to make. :-)

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl! I really appreciate it! I’m definitely still learning, too – it’s always a work in progress.

  43. I am a Celiac for 47years and always looking for new and easy tasty recipes– saw you on Dr, Oz today—

  44. I saw you on Dr Oz today too and thought you were great! I’m definitely gluten sensitive so I’m looking forward to trying your recipes! Happy cooking :)

  45. I just watched your segment on Dr. Oz. Excellent! Immediately zipped from his site to yours. Congrats on a brand new fan! I have a feeling I’ll be living here for awhile…

  46. I gotta tell you….you inspired me not only to check out your site and try a new recipe, but to start my OWN blog! “EmptiCurious” – empty nester recipes, presented in a humorous light. I don’t have it up yet, but here’s a link to this page I just added to my other website: You’re terrific, and you did great on your tv debut!

  47. Just watched the show with you on, you done an amazing job, if I hadn’t read your profile, I would not have known it was your first time on TV, Kudos, also a great blog, keep up the good work.

  48. You are too cool and famous. :D Eeee!

  49. Saw you yesterday. What an inspiration. I was talking about you last night to my husband at 11:30. Our microwave is in our bsmt because our kitchen counter space is very limited. After watching you, I am ready to bring my micro out of the bsmt and find somewhere more convenient to put it! I have a gluten allergy and have many of those items from recipes. I like how your recipes were healthy and endorsed my dr. Oz. Just because the box says GF, it doesn’t mean that it is any healthier. I find it very difficult to eat a gf diet. I homeschool a 5th and an 8th grader which takes up most of my time on a daily basis. Between Bkfst, lunch and dinner, I probably spend about 4 hrs daily , preparing, cooking and cleaning up. I would rather be spending some of that time with God reading his word. What an encouragement you have been and you may have given me back some precious daily time. Thanks and be blessed! Ps: you looked beautiful yesterday and you did not seem nervous at all. In 8 yrs, when I am finished schooling my kiddos, I plan on heading to NYC for professional makeup artist school. Once I learn my trade, I will look you up and teach you how to do exactly what they did with your makeup. I want to use my tools that i learn to witness to others:)

    • Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I really appreciate that – and I definitely need help in doing my own makeup, for sure! :)

  50. Thanks so much for doing The Dr. Oz show !! Printed some recipes this am. Dr. Oz is such a pick me up for that time of day . You probably have millions of more fans today !!! Please keep on help us who have limited talent in the kitchen ….Thanks again.

    • Hi Catherine – thank you so much! It’s definitely bit a bit overwhelming, but it’s so much fun :) I hope you find some recipes you like and stick around for more!

  51. Just hearing about your appaearance on the Dr. Oz Show! (I was on my honeymoon and missing from the blog world for a month) Congrats – that’s awesome. Trying to youtube it now to see it. All the best!

  52. Just watched the show last night where I DVR Dr Oz and you were great.
    Question– are all of your recipes gluten free?

    • HI Cheryl! No, they’re not all gluten free. I make a mix of gf and non-gf recipes, so there’s some of both on the blog. Thanks for saying hi!

  53. I watched you on Dr Oz yesterday and loved your segment. I like how you made it so easy to make healthy GF meals. I hope to see more of that on your blog as well. You didn’t look nervous at all!

  54. I just watched the show, and your recipes looked amazing, so I had to check out your blog! I can’t wait to make the Rice-less Risotto tomorrow.

    I was on The Dr. Oz Show last November, and it was just like you described–flew there, stayed less than 24 hours, saw pretty much nothing of the city ;) But it was a very fun experience! You did great on the show, and didn’t seem nervous at ALL.

    • Ha, yes, your trip sounds just like mine! It went by SO fast! I was so, so nervous – I’m glad it didn’t come off like that :)

  55. You did great on the Dr Oz show. I enjoyed your segment and was glad to find your blog after seeing you on the show. Very inspiring!!!

  56. I stumbled across your blog after a friend mentioned the Dr. Oz show was talking about gluten. You were great! Funny, professional and knowledgeable. If you were nervous, it didn’t show at all. I have suffered for years with symptoms like they described on the show. (I scored 9 out of 10 on the quiz!) I have also struggled with my weight since my twenties. I decided to go gluten-free about 2 months ago. Almost immediately I felt better. No headaches, no joint pain, no tummy issues. The brain fog lifted. And most of all, I lost 15 pounds without even trying. That was just a bonus. On the occasions when I eat gluten, I feel unwell, so I know I can’t go back to eating the way I did before. I look forward to looking through your blog and trying some of your recipes!
    Cheers, from Montreal! Pam

    Thank you for th

  57. I watched that show, I was home sick, and was lucky to catch you on Dr. Oz loved your segment. You did a great job and now I have a great food website to visit.

  58. Saw the episode (even have it DVR’d), I came for your Raspberry Cheesecake Yogurt Cups. They looked awesome and will be trying them soon. Thank you for the recipes!

  59. thanks this post

  60. I LOVED seeing you! YOU are amazing and I am so happy for you. What an amazing opportunity. You are a rock-star Bran!
    Wish I saw you when you were in NYC; keep up the amazing work. This is truly awesome.

  61. Seeing you on the Dr Oz show brought me to your blog, eager to see what else you had that I could try. I was diagnosed with celiac as an infant, 43 years ago, and both my children were diagnosed in elementary school. Endless to say, we are pros at the GF thing! But, there are always so many other ideas out there!
    I was just disappointed to find that your blog is not GF exclusive. Dr Oz led his audience to believe it was… I find the blog hard to navigate since I am looking only for GF recipes. But I will persevere and will certainly be making those cheesecake treats I saw on the show!

    • Hi Patricia – thank you so much for the note! Yes, I actually didn’t even know the show was going to be all about GF until I got there to tape it. And it just happened that my recipes were GF, but, like you saw, I’m not exclusively GF. I am tagging GF recipes as such and am working on a recipe index that should make them easier to find, too!

      • So good to hear, thanks! I’ve been navigating your blog and have found many delish recipes to try. Thanks!

  62. I am so glad I saw the Dr Oz show today. I was introduced to you & your blog. It is great…thank you so much for sharing.

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