After 5 days at the beach, chicken and waffles is the first thing you want to eat, right? Is that just me?

I’m here to help.


This is a lighter spin on the normal fried chicken and waffles, but you won’t miss the deep fried chicken at all.

Think chicken and waffles can’t get any better? These aren’t just your regular waffles. It’s peanut butter waffles topped with crispy baked chicken, and drizzled with a peanut butter and honey glaze.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whenever.


Check out the recipe on the Peanut Butter & Company blog today! I’m already thinking of making these again for dinner.


  1. I used to LOVE chicken and waffles growing up, but I always had mine w/gravy. Now this is an excellent idea! :)

  2. I never heard of chicken and waffles until we lived in Georgia for awhile, and there, they seemed to be everywhere! I still haven’t had the combination, but perhaps someday I’ll know what all the buzz is about. :)

  3. My boyfriend had chicken and waffles when were in the states recently and really enjoyed it so I shall be pointing him in this direction!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I HAVE to make this! Totally pinning. :-)

  5. I still have not done the chicken and waffle combo. I understand the concept, though. If I love bacon pancakes, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t love this…

  6. Whoa! I’ve never even heard of chicken and waffles?!? Sounds and looks fab though! :)

  7. I still haven’t tried the chicken & waffles combo but I hear such good things… I think a homemade version is probably the best way to go!!

  8. Those look amazing! I haven’t had chicken and waffles in ages–clearly I have to fix that soon. And peanut butter and honey? I’m officially intrigued.

  9. Holy heck girl, you’ve outdone yourself! The peanut butter & honey glaze on the chicken is fantastic looking, definitely going to have to try with some almond butter soon.

  10. What an awesome dish! Peanut butter on chicken and waffles is the best idea ever!

  11. Sounds AMAZING…oh my way over to check out the recipe!

  12. I love this idea! Where can I find the recipe? I’m so excited to have found your blog.

    • there’s a link in the post that will take you to the recipe – thanks so much for stopping by!

      • Lol… now who’s the tired one? I’ve already spotted several recipes to try. My left kidney was removed last spring so I am constantly on the look out for healthier recipes using whole foods, lower sodium, etc. Your blog looks like it will give me several fresh choices to try. Thanks so much for sharing and being so personal on your blog. Blessings!

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  15. These sound brilliant. definitely gonna be giving these a go. Thanks simon

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