Things I Love: Homemade Jam


Welcome to round #2 of Things I Love!

First it was biscuits. It’s only right that my second post like this is about the best thing to smear on all those homemade biscuits.


I was never a big fan of jam growing up. If I was having toast, I would pick plain butter or cinnamon sugar over gelled grape jelly or those little packets at Cracker Barrel. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on most store bought jams and jellies? Some of them barely sound like they have any fruit at all – it’s all corn syrup and sugars and maybe a handful of berries.

But homemade jam is completely different. You get to decide how sweet you want it and what sweetener to use (we love using honey and agave). There’s no corn syrup, no fake flavors, no artificial coloring. And after finally trying to make my own 2 summers ago, it’s the only kind I eat.


Our fridge has more jam jars now than types of mustard, which I didn’t think would ever happen.

Strawberry Rhubarb. Blueberry Agave. Fig jam. I’ve only made a handful of jam recipes, but I can’t wait to try more. Blueberry is super easy. Frog jam is probably my all time favorite.

And strawberry rhubarb? It’s best served on a hot waffle with a smear of butter and a cup of coffee on the side.


Here’s my favorite jam recipes plus a few that I have on my to-make list:

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Blueberry Orange Jam

Frog Jam

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam from Simple Bites

Strawberry Red Wine Jam from Savvy Eats

Butternut Coconut Jam from Tri2Cook

Peach Lavender Jam and Chocolate Raspberry Jam from Love and Olive Oil

What’s your favorite jam?


  1. “Some day” I’m going to learn to can & make jams. Until then, I’ll keep your recipes for reference. They look wonderful. I was never a jam or jelly fan either but I have to say, some of the jams here in the UK are wonderful. I have a favorite cherry jam I will miss when I come back!

  2. my tomato jam has yet to be beat ;) i tried a few blueberry and rhubarb recipes this year, and am looking forward to some peaches coming my way soon!!

  3. I’m so rubbish at actually setting aside time to make jam which is a shame because I love the idea so much!

  4. Wow, you’ve made some crazy awesome jams! I just made my first a couple months ago (Blood Orange Habanero) and I’m definitely hooked!

  5. Ooh, jam on waffles sounds like a perfect idea! My favorite jam is apricot–in high school I used to make box-mix yellow cakes and smear apricot jam all over my piece. :)

  6. Come to MI and bring jam.

    Yeah…I’ll never give up. Miss you on Twitter!

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