Things I Love: Biscuits

Can we talk for a minute?


Some days, when I’m putting a post together while watching Friends reruns at 11 pm, I feel like I should only be writing about the recipe that I’m about to share. But…that is kind of boring to me when I think about it. This usually leads to me watching more Friends than writing because I don’t want to just write about pasta or cookies.

So today I’m just going to talk to you as if you were right here with me. Are you ready for this?


If you know me in real life, you know that there are just a handful of things I talk about non-stop. Food. Music. Books. Clothes. Family. To ease into sharing these random conversations with you, I’m going to start going through Things I Love.


These are going to be completely random. I love my list already!

Some are food. Some are things that a 28 year old probably shouldn’t admit to loving (Twilight saga, anyone?). And some are things that everyone should have on their love list.

Like biscuits.


I’ve been getting schooled on making biscuits for the last 8 years, thanks to my father in law, the Biscuit Master. My best batches still don’t hold a candle to his, but I’m learning.

Anytime I make biscuits, I’m equal parts excited and freaking out, worrying about whether they’ll turn out.

Welcome to my life: I have mini anxiety attacks over biscuits.

Luckily, a few years into biscuit baking means that I have more good biscuits than bad, and I think it’s because of 3 things.

1. I still don’t really use recipes. I mean, if I’m making some for the blog, I will measure stuff, but Biscuit Bob taught me to make biscuits  by feel – without any kind of actual recipe – so that’s my default. Ever tried it? You may have your own little freak out, but it’s fun!

2. Always use more baking powder than you think you should.

3. Buttermilk is best. Always and forever.


Biscuits are a way of life in the South. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – they’re a side dish to anything else you put on your table.

For how much I love biscuits, I’m a little sad I don’t have more recipes! I’ll work on that – but until then, here are some of my favorites:

Yogurt Biscuits

White Cheddar and Rosemary Biscuits

Buttermilk Peach Shortcakes with Bourbon Cream

Strawberry Shortcakes with Cream Biscuits

Lazy Biscuits for Two


  1. Who doesn’t love biscuits? My favorite trick is to make them with olive oil when I’m out of butter–they still turn out lovely and flaky somehow. :)

  2. I’m 28 too and would never admit to some of the stuff I watch on TV… :)

    I love this! And 5 biscuit recipes? That’s a lot. That biscuit with the peaches looks awesome… yum!

  3. I’m obsessed with biscuits, too, and could literally make them every weekend. They’re so versatile and delicious. I mix in scones every now and then, as well. And now I want a biscuit for breakfast!

  4. Mmmmm….I need more biscuits in my life. That photo with the peaches looks amazing!!

  5. Oh, you are so lucky to have an expert biscuit-maker in the family! I, too, am a huge fan of biscuits! Give me any kind of biscuit and I am a happy girl. :-)

  6. I’ve been making a lot of biscuits lately! Hilarious that you say they’re good at any time because my husband and I had a big discussion about this when I was asked to bring biscuits to a BBQ themed wedding shower. He apparently thinks of biscuits as breakfast only :)

  7. I love a nice, buttery biscuit. Simple, but delicious!

  8. Love biscuits! And your love it lists :)

  9. umm, i have a place we should go when you’re here. most amazing biscuits, with honey butter… it’s a dream :)

  10. Your biscuits are just ethereal! Sometimes baking what seems easy and simple requires a Zen moment. A scrumptious post!

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  12. Wow! I got a mention on my favorite girl’s blog. If you have been reading Bran’s blog you must know how lucky I am to have such an amazing gift for a DIL. The best part of biscuit making is making them with her.

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