It’s Friday. I’ve been waiting for today since….last Friday.

Yay for weekends! Bring on the sleeping in and lounging around and laundry ignoring.

PLUS – on top of it being Friday (which means Fashion Police tonight – yessss) – I’ve got  fun giveaway for you guys.

Have you heard of the Know Your Food campaign that Stonyfield launched? As part of this year-long ‘Know Your Food’ campaign, they also just launched Stonyfield Food Superheroes, a fun and interactive campaign inviting food lovers to transform themselves into Food Superheroes by showing off their powers to support a healthy, sustainable food system through the small actions they take each day.

For every Food Superhero profile created, Stonyfield will donate $1 to FoodCorps, a national nonprofit organization that addresses childhood health through food by working directly in schools in limited-resource communities.

AND, to help spread the word and help you stock your own fridge with superfoods, I’ve got a giveaway for you guys.

Since I don’t have a Whole Foods here (sad for me), I’m going to give both gifts away here for you guys to enjoy.

So….TWO people will win:

  • $50 gift card to Whole Foods Market in order to purchase foods that make you a Stonyfield Food Superhero
  • Stonyfield Oikos spatula
  • Coupon for a free 5.3 oz Stonyfield Organic Oikos coupon – just in time to try our new 1.5% line! They have some fabulous new flavors coming soon.

And – if you’re like me and totally addicted to Pinterest – Stonyfield is running their very first Pinterest sweepstakes!  Just share what inspires you to be a food superhero and you’ve got a chance to win one of five $200 gift cards to Whole Foods Market.
Check out their Pinterest page for more information!


To Enter to win one of the $50 Whole Foods gift card gift package:

Tell me what superpower you would choose. Would you be invisible? Be able to fly? Have x-ray vision?

I would totally fly. I can pass on the super strength and the speed or the crazy claws. I just want to be able to take off into the air and go wherever I want. And today, that would be the beach. Beach > work.

Good luck and Happy Friday!


  1. Mind reading!

  2. Flying!! I would love to do that!

  3. Definitely to be able to fly!

  4. I would like the superhero ability to be in 2 places at once. I would send one of myself to work and the other would stay home & blog :)

  5. Flying for me, too! I love heights.
    I actually thought long and hard about this question haha, I decided i would hate to read minds. I’d be paranoid with other people’s lives all the time. I’ll stick with flying!

  6. I would love to run really, really, really fast. Talk about getting my errands done quick!

  7. I’d love to fly! I’m sick of dealing with traffic ;)

  8. i would love to be able to fly

  9. I think I’d have to go with either being super fast or super strong.

  10. I would love to be able to fly! :)

  11. I’d totally want to be invisible. There are so many times when I’d like to be a fly on the wall… this would be my chance to do it!

  12. I would choose the ability to apparate a la Harry Potter! Life would be so much more efficient. Plus, traveling would be much more affordable!! :)

  13. I would like to be invisible! I think it would be interesting to see what others think of you.

  14. Super fun giveaway! I would like to be able to fly – to get places quickly and be more efficient!!

  15. Flying was always my superhero choice as a child. And it still remains today. I mean, it really trumps everything else…and is obviously the most useful…and fun!

  16. I would definitely fly too! That’d be so fun! Thanks for sharing this giveaway. :-)

  17. I would want to be able to transport myself to different places! (aka out of work and into a hammock in a tropical location…)

  18. OMG Flying fo sho!

  19. Flying all the way!

  20. That’s a tough choice….between being invisible or being able to fly!

  21. I would want to be able to fly as well! That would be fun!

  22. Definitely to fly! Can just get up and go wherever I want!

  23. I think I would fly.. avoiding traffic is always a plus!

  24. I would fly. There are so many places I would love to visit, that would make it so easy.

  25. Read people’s minds! I know this could be a curse and a blessing but it would be absolutely fascinating and help me finally understand so many things.

  26. I would love to be able to transport myself places. I have no patience for flying or driving!

  27. Another one for flying!

  28. I would definitely pick mind-reading. I’d love to get inside other people’s heads…I guess I’m a little nosy. ;)

  29. I would be super fast so I’d have time to do everything I want! Or I’d just have the ability to turn back time :)

  30. I would like the power of teleportation so that I don’t waste time in a car or plane. I could be on vacation in seconds and not have to pay outrageous plane fares.

  31. Fun giveaway! I think I’d go for the ability to fly. Or maybe the ability to read people’s minds, although that might be both a blessing and a curse. I’ll definitely pass on the option for x-ray vision, though, ha!

  32. I would choose to fly!

  33. I would love to be able to go back in time!

  34. I would love the super power to never have to sleep! Think of how many things you can do if you never had to sleep!

  35. I would go with flying. How cool would that be?! :)

  36. My superpower would be to change people’s mind!

  37. i would love to time travel!

  38. I would love to be able to transport myself to any time or place. What a great giveaway!

  39. Definitely would choose to fly! Would make getting through traffic so much easier!

  40. I would choose the ability to read minds. I always wonder if people’s intentions are really pure, and reading minds would definitely help!

  41. I’d love to teleport… shopping in Paris this afternoon, dinner in Italy? Ok, done! :)

  42. Please let me enter this give away….I just want my youth & health back….go back to age 25 again….& wished life was as in the 1960’s &70’s

  43. I would definitely fly! I could get wherever I wanted to go quickly and without traffic!

  44. Forget flying, I’d teleport!

  45. My superpower would be the ability to eat anything and everything I want without losing my fitness level or feeling “icky” afterwards. It’s getting increasingly more difficult to give up and limit the treats that I love as I get older. Aging SUCKS!!! On the other hand my tastebuds have changed for the better as far as fruits and vegetables go, but I would still choose a piece of cake over kale chips.

  46. I love Stoneyfield, I love Whole Foods, and I love super powers! This is perfect.

    I always thought that if I could choose anything as a super power, it would be Absolutely Unfailing Patience. Because you really need it sometimes, and it really does make a huge difference in other people’s lives.

  47. I’m with you! Flying would be awesome!

  48. This is fun! I would totally fly, simply because I hate driving!!

  49. I would want to be able to fly AND be invisible :)

  50. I would like to be able to travel through time!

  51. I would like to have the ability to read minds.

  52. Going super fast – then I could get the house clean fast – just get stuff done super fast and then enjoy the other things slow:)

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  53. id love to be able to heal people!

  54. it would be cool to be able to fly like a bird :)

  55. To see VERY FAR AWAY. I think that would be really cool.

  56. I was all set to say invisibility but now I’m thinking it’d be great to tell what people are thinking

  57. I would love to be able to fly!

  58. I’d love to have a form-shifting power…so that you can change your outward appearance at the drop of a hat. No more getting ready before going out…just snap my fingers & bam!

  59. I’d definitely pick flying…but I’d make sure to have a good helmet to keep the bugs from getting in my eyes!

  60. I would love to able to move at super fast speeds!

  61. I would also like to be able to fly. Time spent in the car with 5 kids is awful. If we could fly where we needed to go it would be awesome!

  62. i would like to be able to fly! how cool!

  63. I would like to be able to heal myself and others.

  64. I would either want to fly, or want to be able to read peoples’ minds. Although that might not be so great… be careful what you wish for right?

  65. Invisibility.

  66. I’d like to be able to fly.

  67. I would drop some of my type-A personality if I could…too much unnecessary anxiety.

  68. i would love the power to be in 2 places at once! :)

  69. Being invisible would be so much fun!

  70. I’d love to be able to travel back in time….so many things to do and see!

  71. I would Want to be able to snap my fingers and end up Anywhere in the World I want to be at that time. No Traveling Fees =) hehe

  72. I would love to be able to become invisible! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  73. I would chose telekinesis!

  74. ohhh I would chose to fly too! You could fly to different countries. :)

  75. I would like to be invisible.

  76. Flying all the way.

  77. I would be able to not sleep! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  78. Does wishing for the ability to eat whatever you want without getting fat count!?

  79. To be my children’s guardian angel, which seems like a great idea now, as they are 3 & 1, but as teenagers, they would probably want me to bug off:)

  80. Flight!

  81. I would love to be invisible!

  82. Oh for me…I would love to fly! I have had two back surgeries…so that would help out alot!

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