Cocktails & Convo with Stonyfield

And the food just keeps coming!

After a full day at the BlogHer Food conference, I headed over to Purple Cafe and Wine Bar with Kristina and Chandra from Stonyfield  to host a Cocktail & Convo party with a great group of bloggers, along with Kath and Amelia, who spoke at the event.

The chefs at the restaurant used Stonyfield yogurt in the dishes – from an herbed greek yogurt dip to yogurt breaded calamari and crab cakes with a yogurt remoulade.

The group chatted and got to try all the fantastic yogurt-laced food while we caught up with each other and met new friends.

After sampling all the savory appetizers, we had Kath and Amelia chat with the group about what organic eating means to them and how they incorporate it in their lives.

And then the desserts.

All made with Stonyfield Oikos yogurts, plus samples of the new flavors of Frozen Oikos.

There was whipped caramel and chocolate yogurts for fruit dips, strawberry and lemon yogurt mousse parfaits, scoops of frozen Oikos, and nanaimo bars.

I love cooking with yogurt, but I would have never thought to use some of the flavors in this way – I can’t wait to try whipping the caramel yogurt at home for the fruit dip. It was incredible!

It was a great night of food, friends, and the best yogurt.


  1. I love Purple!! Have a great time in Seattle!

  2. I’m so sick of this whole “organic is the best” crap. Organic food v conventional food in season – there is still a huge price differential. And farmer’s markets are NOT cheap here in DC. We live in a condo so can’t grow food– and even if we could, I have no interest.

    I eat a diet full of whole grains, fruits, veggies, beans, non-fat dairy (and very little meat)– 99% conventional. And I’m just as healthy as these health bloggers are– unless there is a randomized, placebo-controlled study of 20 years showing otherwise. And there’s not.

    So if Kath and others want to buy organic and feel as if they are better than others for doing so, good for them. I’d rather spend my money on international and cross-country traveling enjoying life to it fullest.

    • I definitely agree with some of this – there is still a price differential, especially in certain markets or parts of the country. None of this night was about being better than others because they eat organic or local; it’s just a difference of opinion, and that’s the beauty of where we live. We get to choose what we eat and what we spend our money on. I think the biggest thing is just being an informed consumer and making your own choices on the information you have.

  3. I don’t think buying organic food is about feeling “better than others.” I think it’s about supporting agricultural practices that are better for the planet. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely issues with large organic farms, but the bottom line is: spraying pesticides on our food is bad for farm workers, it’s bad for the soil, and it’s bad for people who have to live near conventional fields. I buy organic to support better (not always the best) agricultural practices. I also buy organic because I can afford to, and organic prices are not going to go down until demand increases. I don’t, by any means, buy everything organic, but I do so when I feel I can. I do agree it’s very possible to be healthy eating conventional produce, but I do believe it’s healthier for farmers and our planet if I eat organic when I can.

  4. Organic food vs tickets to Turkey/Peru/ London etc? I’ll take the latter any day.

    • again, personal decisions are what makes this country what it is! :) I wouldn’t bash you for choosing travel over food, so I hope you wouldn’t do the same to someone else who is making a different choice about where they spend their money. Thanks for commenting!

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