Spring Favorites

So much for posting weekly favorites. Recipes have been taking over lately, and that makes me super excited, but I have all these random things to tell you!

Today = Spring Favorites.

We’ve got carrots!

Actually, that’s a lie. Well, they ARE carrots, but these were winter carrots. Nick planted these in our raised bed last FALL. Winter came and went and we didn’t think we would have any since they didn’t grow well last Spring. As soon as the weather got warm enough to take the plastic cover off the bed, he pulled all these babies out of the ground.

Aren’t rainbow carrots fun? They lasted approximately 1.5 days. I need more!

And the strawberries are officially going crazy.

I’m picking between 3-6 cups of berries a day right now. A DAY!

Send help. And some more jars so I can make some jam.

I can’t believe I haven’t shown you guys the shower yet.

Remember….like 6 months ago when we found out our shower had been leaking (for years, probably) behind the wall and under the floor?

We had to tear the entire thing out, replace drywall, replace subflooring, everything. Nick also ended up replumbing the entire bathroom and the same side of the house because there were so many leaks. It was a process. We didn’t use our bathroom for anything but brushing our teeth for 4 months, I think?

But apparently my husband is a tiling MASTER because he did THIS! His dad helped and my dad helped on a few family visits, but most of this is all Nick. Just call him Holmes – without the overalls.

I am in love with this shower. It’s like a spa compared to the old fiberglass one with the super fancy brassy gold trim. Plus, having that sweet wallpaper out of the bathroom helped, too.

Next up? Replacing all the rest of the gold in this bathroom and getting a new countertop for the sinks.

Have you tried this PB Crave peanut butter?

They sent me some a few weeks ago and that Choco Choco flavor went fast. I’m hoarding the last flavors because I don’t want them to be gone! I think I’m going to devour the Cookie one in less than 2 days once I open it…this could be trouble.

I also had the BEST chocolate bar I’ve ever had in my life a few weeks ago. I think I got this in the Food Blog Forum swag bag? I don’t remember, but I need to find more. If you like dark chocolate, you will love this bar. It was incredible – and I was sad I had to share it with Nick. It was that good.

Have you heard of NatureBox? It’s basically a healthy food subscription service, which is pretty neat. Every month, you’ll get a box filled with healthier snacks and new things to try. Nothing with HFCS, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, etc. I love the idea of this, especially living in a small town that doesn’t get many new foods very often. Heck, I’m lucky to find greek yogurt at the store 2 weeks in a row.

These dried pears? Gone. The Salt and Pepper pistachios? Spicy and delicious…and gone.

Check ’em out if you’re looking for some new snacks – you can use the promo code HEALTHY to get 25% off your first month.

And speaking of strawberries.

I got this new Marseilles color from Le Creuset a few weeks ago, along with their stainless steel pot / pan for a contest and that Marseilles pot has already been used – lots of times – to cook down strawberries and rhubarb for crepes and pancakes and soon-to-be jam. I love using Le Creuset pots for jam-making. They clean up so easy!

As part of the contest, they had everyone take pictures of their pots and the person with the most “likes” of the picture on Pinterest will get to give this set away on their blog, too! If you want to win one, go like and share this picture? I’d love to give one away to you guys.

The newest development? I am officially an obsessive 15 year old and am completely smitten with Phillip Phillips. Thankfully, I’ve got an equally crazy friend to share the ridiculousness with.

I may or may not have ordered a tshirt yesterday with his face on it. (I did. I totally did.)

Please tell me you’ve seen him sing Billy Joel, Damien Rice, and Bob Seger!! If not, that is your homework for this weekend – straight from me to you. You’ll thank me.

What’s on your favorite list right now?


  1. I’m really angry at you for introducing me to PB Crave :)

  2. Throw some of those berries into smoothies!!! I’ve been making ones with frozen bananas and fresh strawberries lately.

    • oh, I have! i’ve made smoothies, salads, eaten them plain and in yogurt and in oatmeal. frozen them. hopefully making jam today? there’s so many!!

  3. Pass some of those strawberries here! I’m paying $5 for a quart!
    P.S. Your shower looks fantastic! :D

  4. I can.not.wait.for.my.shirt.

    PP FTW!!

  5. i have those pb craves – down to the last jar now!

  6. ummmmm, i’d come help with the berries if i could!!! yum :) and now i’m craving peanut butter and dried pears.

  7. Phillip Phillips all the way!!! He is an awesome singer and easy on the eyes too!!

  8. Ha, love that you bought a shirt!!! Phillip Phillips forever!

  9. Ok, wow – that peanut butter looks amazing! I have never heard of it before, but I want to find it…yummm

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