Is it weird that I have a girl crush on Kate Middleton?

I just want to be her best friend.

She’s one of those people that would make me classier just by hanging out with her, you know? You know those people. It just rubs off onto everyone else.

Plus…we could totally share clothes.

BFFs with a Duchess? Sharing a closet filled with green DVB dresses, trench coats, fun hats, and nude pumps as far as I can see?

Sign me up.

I want to be her friend so much that I might even consider giving up my morning coffee for afternoon tea. This is a huge deal.

High tea isn’t a normal afternoon happening for me, but if it included piping hot tea, sweet little madelines, and my new bestie Kate, I’d be up for it.

We actually love tea and have it often. I switch between coffee and tea depending on the seasons and to just give myself a break.

On Monday, I had a little lunch time tea party with Susan, complete with jam + cream cheese smeared crackers, lemon spiked tea, and those airy little cakes called madelines. Donsuemor sent us the madelines to have with our tea party –  just saying the name makes me feel more fancy. These little cookie-cakes are super light and are the perfect treat to have with tea.

I bet even Kate loves madelines with her tea. They seem like a princess-y afternoon treat, right?

Plus…if she has tea with me, maybe I can talk her out of the pantyhose. I know – she’s royalty. Maybe it’s a requirement? But I just can’t get on board.

Donsuemor sent me some madelines and tea to try, but all opinions are my own. These cookies really are tasty – if you like tea, they may just be your new favorite treat! Just make sure to hide the chocolate ones from your friends/husbands/boyfriends – they went fast, and I barely got a bite. For more info on Donsuemor, check out their Facebook page and follow them on twitter.


  1. I’d like to raid her closet too, but I’d have to lose a few (a lot) of pounds first!

  2. I regularly host tea parties for my friends. The food is so fun to make, and I adore tea. Plus you get to feel all fancy-schmancy And, do not even get me started on my Kate Middleton obsession. Girl can do no wrong.

  3. Hahah no, thats totally fine because I want to be her bff too.. and share all those clothes! Love your little tea party :) And madelines are soo good! I love light little cookies, yum!

  4. i don’t do tea, but i am obsesssssssssed with kate. like disgustingly.

  5. So how close do you and Susan live to each other? I remember you said you picked her up for her flight… so you want Kate Middleton, and I just want a blogger BFF in my area, ha!

    PS – Loved meeting you, for real. Tim and I both said you had a good spirit about you. Thanks for chatting. : )

    • we live 5-10 minutes from each other – it’s fun :)

      you guys should move here! then you could have 2 bloggers near you!

      PS: loved meeting you guys, too. and you are too sweet! it was fun chatting – hopefully, we’ll get to hang out more next time!

  6. Maybe you could hold your bff tea party in the royal ballroom, that would be classy :) Plus any REAL bff would let you borrow her thrown and tierra :)

  7. red TEEAA cup, I fill you up.. lets have a tea party… lets have a tea party..

  8. I love tea. I actually have YET to try Madelines. Beautiful post. And yes, would TOTALLY love to be friends with her too.

  9. Love the photos! Great blog post. Also really like that you made it all about your obsession with Kate and just worked in the tea party as part of it. Nicely done.

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