Full Circle Giveaway for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Do you have any plans to celebrate?

We’re supposed to have some iffy weather today, but I’m hoping to spend some time outside searching for strawberries, working with Nick to find a place to plant our new flowers, and sitting on the porch with a book.

If you can’t do anything else, just take a break outside.

Turn off the computer.

Leave your cell phone inside.

Flip the lights off, open your windows and give the AC or heater a break.

To help celebrate Earth Day, I’ve had the chance to try out these awesome Full Circle home products – and I am addicted already.

First – they’re gorgeous. Sleek, fun, and much prettier than what I had before.

Second – these are made from sustainable and renewable resources like bamboo and cellulose. Some of their sponges are totally biodegradable, which is crazy awesome!

Third – I get to give this set away to one of you, too!

Share the Earth-helping, house-cleaning love.

One winner will get:

Laid Back dish brush (with removable, dishwasher safe head)

Crystal Clear glass brush

Tater mate potato brush with eye remover – seriously!

Walnut sponges

To Enter: Tell more your favorite to save energy, money, time, whatever! What do you do to help make a difference?

Want some extra entries?

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  • Tweet about this giveaway, and leave the link to your tweet in a comment! You can use this sample tweet: Happy Earth Day! @branappetit is giving away a @FullCircleHome All Natural Prize Pack!
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Be sure to leave a separate comment for each extra entry option – I don’t want you to miss a chance to win these! They may make me like cleaning my kitchen a little bit more.

I’ll be picking a winner on Thursday, April 26th – Good luck! PS: This is only open to US residents.

Disclaimer: I received these Earth-friendly items from Full Circle Home to use, test and review. I was not given compensation, and my opinions – as always – are my own. I love these things.


  1. to help conserve energy I always turn off the lights/fan after I leave a room, we have implemented gray water lines in my house to have bath water hydrate the grass, as well as always recycling!

  2. Recycle more!

  3. I’m a stickler for turning off any lights I’m not using and I unplug a lot of things when I leave the house (especially if I’m leaving for a day or two straight)–every little bit helps!

  4. I follow @branappetit on Twitter! (@Danica_ipnp)

  5. Such a fabulous giveaway! I just planted my garden, so thats my earth day contribution for the day! I also always use a reusable BPA free water bottle!

  6. I try to ditch the disposable lifestyle. :-)

  7. I follow you on Facebook.

  8. We continue to recycle in an area of town where there’s no curbside recycling!

  9. i always keep the lights off in the evenings, led light bulbs, water off while brushing teeth, walk to work, and recycle all my plastic/glass/cardboard.

  10. cut back on AC!

  11. Great giveaway! If I’m going out, I always keep my trash in my bag if I don’t see a garbage can anywhere near by. I also reuse paper since I think it’s such a waste to not utilize both sides!

  12. This is a great giveaway! I’ve been slowly working to “green” all my cleaning supplies but I hadn’t even considered things like sponges and brushes. Some things I do are to recycle everything I can, use reusable or paper shopping bags, and always carry my own water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

  13. I follow @branappetit on Twitter! @sprklingspphire

  14. And I like Branappetit on Facebook!

  15. Unplug, unplug, unplug. If you’re not using your phone charger, hairdryer, toaster, whatever–UNPLUG IT!

  16. I follow Bran Appetitt on Twitter.

    Great Giveaway!!!


  17. I follow Full Circle LLC on Twitter.

    Thank you


  18. i am a bit fanatical about turning off lights and appliances when not in use.

  19. I follow Bran Appetitt on facebook

    sandy b

  20. I follow Full Circle on facebook

    Thank you

    sandy b

  21. I follow @branappetit on Twitter! (@onitnaram)

  22. i follow @FullCircleHome on Twitter (@onitnaram)

  23. i Tweeted about this giveaway (@onitnaram) – https://twitter.com/#!/onitnaram/status/193932351124938752

  24. I always recycle. I always hang our cloths out to dry – NEVER use the dryer. I use cornstarch and water to wash our windows. I use organic ways to garden and to keep pests away from the garden like bugs, etc. to save the environment and bee population. Use the curly light bulbs. Turn lights off when not in use. Use air condition only when really, really needed. Put on extra sweater. Make a compost outside (we are lucky enough to live in the country.

    Thank you

  25. I recycle, unplug appliances, and try to take shorter showers!

  26. I save gas and money by walking to the gym! I have a desk job so the extra two mile walk (a mile each way to the gym from my house) every day is benefiting me and the environment.

  27. I avoid AC in the summer as much as possible. I much prefer open windows, fresh air, and a greener lifestyle…even if I have to sweat a bit for it!

  28. Recycling and composting! Also doing my best to turn off all the lights when I leave and also not leaving lights on in rooms that aren’t in use.

  29. i’m a stickler for lights, recycling, and water usage (except in the shower, what can i say), and also dry alot of my clothes on a rack instead of using the dryer! oh for the day when i have a clothesline out back…

  30. I follow Branappetit on Facebook!

  31. I like to refer to myself as the “light nazi”, a trait I thankfully inherited from my dad. I continually follow people around, flipping light switches to “off” if no one is in the room.

  32. I do all the usual things like making sure all unnecessary lights are turned off and all unused appliances are unplugged. But I also upcycle all the time! Since I am a stay-at-home mom, we reuse all sorts of containers to grow seeds to plant outside, crafts for fun and gifts, and my newest favorite item is we made a watering can for my young son using a milk carton with holes poked in the cap. It has a perfect handle, and he helps out watering our garden!

  33. I always try to have the windows open versus using the AC. I clip coupons to save money and rarely ever pay full price for things. I try to recycle as much as possible and also try to reuse things. I am conscious of water usage as well as lights. I try to little things that add up in the long run!

  34. i’m a stickler about the lights also – even at work when possible (why leave the lights on in the printer room when no one is there >95% of the time and there is natural light????). also recyle, try to combine trips using the car, keep the heat set low in the winter and high in the winter and cook predominately at the house and minimize “processed” foods for multiple reasons including thinking all that processing must use/waste lots of water.

  35. don’t have a twitter account or facebook but i do subscribe to you blog – extra entry for that?

  36. I like Bran Appetit on Facebook!

  37. I shop at Farmer’s markets – good for the earth and good for me!

  38. To help save energy, I turn off the lights when I leave a room, and I never drive anywhere if I can easily walk or bike it instead. I always recycle and do what I can to minimize my carbon footprint. The biggest thing I am doing to make a difference this year is planning the most eco-friendly and sustainable wedding I can. We’re getting hitched and going green in 6 months!

  39. I follow @branappetit on Twitter! Follow me at @vegology.

  40. I posted on twitter about your giveaway (@angereese)!

  41. My favorite way to save energy is hubs and I moved to a house an appropriate size for us… We used SO much less heat and electricity – actually less the whole winter than in one month in our old house

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  43. I save money and time by planning ahead and packing my own lunches/snacks! It also helps reduce my carbon footprint through less packaging waste.

  44. I like you on Facebook! (Suzanne K)

  45. I also follow you on Twitter (kara 0621).

  46. sustainable water bottle w me at all times!

  47. I make sure to have a mug and water bottle at work all the time!

  48. On way I conserve energy is to keep my thermostat down a few degrees in the winter (I can always put on socks or through on my bathrobe) and up a little bit in the summer (No need for socks or a bathrobe then!) It saves energy and saves me money. i call that a win-win!

  49. I recycle, I use a reuseable water bottle. We hand wash our dishes, and only use the AC and heater when absolutely necessary.

  50. We recycle and compost a lot!

  51. I try to do a little of it all here and there (because a little goes a long way). I turn off lights, avoid AC as much as possible, hand wash and dry 1/4 of my clothes (saves a load a month), turn the water off during brushings, time my showers, buy in bulk…the list goes on and on!

  52. I only use recyclable water bottles, shopping bags, and coffee mugs! Every little bit helps! :)

  53. I am a major coupon cutter. It doesn’t really save time, but it DOES save money so it is worth it to me in the long run! I also shop according to the grocery store weekly circular each week.

  54. I save money by making my own facial cleanser and cleaning products! So much more eco-friendly too! This set looks awesome :)

  55. followed you on twitter!

  56. tweeted the giveaway!

  57. My favorite way to save money is by using coupons!

  58. I tweeted and I am following you now.

  59. I’m following Full Circle on twitter and I tweeted!

  60. I’m in Canada, so can’t enter, but had to stop by and say “great giveaway” and happy day after Earth Day!!! Have a good week too.

  61. Re-useable metal canteens or BPA free water bottles instead of disposable bottles!

  62. unplug appliances when they are not in use!!!

  63. I pack my lunch in a reusable lunch sack everyday.

  64. To save energy I ALWAYS turn off the lights whenever I leave a room, try to walk or carpool whenever possible and unplus my cell phone and computer chargers when I’m not using them :)

  65. I recylcle everything I can. I unplug anything that’s not being used, i.e. coffee pot, toaster oven, etc…

  66. I follow branappetit on twitter @lscorduan

  67. I follow @fullcirclehome on twitter

  68. I’m a fan of branappetit on FB!

  69. I’m sorry I missed this one. My favorite way to save is buying in bulk. It is also green because it reduces transportation time and costs as well as uses less packaging – plus I save money on bulk purchases.

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