The Bank is Back

A few years ago, Nick and I fell in love with a restaurant here: The Bank Food and Drink.

We went as much as possible – for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and for midweek dinners, just because.

Then the pastry chef got offered a new job in Texas, and after a new revamp inside and with the menu, The Bank is officially open again for business.

Two weekends ago, the owners had an open house for the restaurant to show the new decor, give a taste of the menu, and to introduce the new chef.

I’m happy we were in town for this – it was nice to see the doors open again and to feel the excitement in the room.

We sampled our way through the rooms, happy to see that they kept the integrity of the building while putting their own touches in the space.

The Bank building was actually a bank in town for years before becoming a law office and, eventually, a restaurant. The rooms are small – they all used to be offices – but that’s what I love the most. It’s a cozy place to share a meal and they have touches of the history of the structure mixed in with pieces from local artists.

One of the highlights for me was the Crawfish with Bacon Grits, aka the perfect dish to serve in the south. I can’t wait to get this again!

And I normally wouldn’t choose a pasta for a dish when I have other options, but this tortellini was incredibly tender and creamy. Nick and I went back for seconds and thirds.

I don’t think the utensil piece is from a local artist, but I want it regardless! It would be perfect on the kitchen wall.

The best part?

Their dessert menu looks just as good as the dinner menu.

Cookies and milk?

PB&J Panna Cotta?

And the chef makes his own tomato jam?

I am itching to go  already.

Thank goodness for us – one of our favorite places is back.

If you’re ever in the area, 1. You need to eat here and 2. You need to call me to meet you there.


  1. Brandi,
    Thank you so much for joining us during the Re-opening Celebration and for sharing your comments on your blog site. I’ll meet you any day for dessert and a drink so just call me!

  2. Brandi, where is this? My birthday is next week :) I’m feeling a new restaurant to try out!

    • There’s a link up at the top of the post, but it’s in downtown Pearisburg! Right on the corner, across from the courthouse.

  3. That place looks absolutely amazing! I’ve had many a places I love close but I’ve never been lucky enough to have them re-open! That’s awesome!

  4. This restaurant looks amazing and full of so many good things!! I’m not usually one for ordering pasta either but that looks incredible! And PB &J panna cotta? Umm yes please!! Sounds like a fun night and such a cool venue!

  5. This place looks super cute and cozy! ;)

  6. Very cool! I like the simplicity in the dessert menu – regular items we all know and love with a bit of a classy twist.

  7. Ooh I love the idea of all the little rooms- definitely looks like a great atmosphere. And fabulous food! I WISH I were in the area! :)

  8. It is a great place — and I agree …. Crawfish and grits! I can’t wait to try that again!

  9. sounds wonderful! tomato jam! :)

  10. What a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing it with us! Tomato jam?? Bring it on!

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