Food Blog Forum Orlando 2012

It’s basically Wednesday.

I’m still recovering from this weekend.

22 hours in the car.

3 nights in hotels.

2 days with food bloggers, just as friendly and food-crazy as I am, let loose in Disney World.

Too much information and not enough time to absorb it all.

I went to my first Food Blog Forum last October in Nashville and fell in love. FBF is a smaller conference – which basically means that I get to meet almost everyone there or at least have the chance! It’s more personal and always inspiring.

This conference was no different.

Thanks to some amazing planning from Julie, FBFOrlando 2012 blew my mind.

1. Todd and Diane were there, as usual. Seriously  – I can’t even put into words how incredible their presentations are. They are the perfect balance to each other, and it is so much fun to see them together. Their pictures are gorgeous, their words are true, their hearts are always on their sleeves.

2. The major presentations were from Todd & Diane, a panel with Jaden, Rachel, Arianna, and Thomas, Dawn Viola, and an equally inspiring – and hilarious – session from David Leite himself.

I could listen to him every day. He was fantastic!

We had a welcome party Friday night before getting together at Epcot on Saturday for the conference. I took lots of notes, drank even more coffee, and walked away renewed.

And the food?

I mean – what would you expect?

The lunch was one giant smorgasbord of crazy choices – sweet, savory, and 2 tables of desserts. I wish I had taken my big camera so I could have taken better pictures. The lighting in our room for lunch was so much fun, but it did make it hard to take pictures. Either way – Disney totally knocked it out of the park.

It was a pretty healthy spread and everything was tasty – including my favorite: the olive oil chocolate mousse. Oh my goodness. I shared the entire dessert table with Jessica and loved every bite.

I have had the best experiences at Food Blog Forum and I can’t wait until I can go again.

On top of attending the conference, I was able to pass out Bob’s Red Mill samples and help represent them – a dream come true! My pantry is seriously full of their products, so I was thrilled to be able to pass out quinoa samples.

And ps: I went to Harry Potter world. Holy cow, I want to go back.

Butterbeer tastes like a melted cream soda float, if that makes any sense.

I wish I had taken my bigger camera and taken more pictures! I was so focused on the actual conference, that I missed some photo ops, but the conference was the best.

If you’re thinking about attending a FBF conference in the future, do it!

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  1. I’m so jealous you got to go to harry potter world — if I had known you were going, I would’ve gone with you :) I guess that just means I’ll have to go back! Wonderful pictures and nice to meet you! Too bad it was a short conversation and we didn’t hang out much, but it was still so great to see you, nonetheless! :) if I’m down in Southern VA sometime, I’ll let you know!

  2. Just clicked on your Bob’s Red Mill link and oh my goodness, what great stuff! Where has this been? It’s good to know when we come back I can get Robbie some proper “porrage” oats! Also I had pinned a recipe for Homemade Butterbeer on my Pinterest board some time ago if you’re interested. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  3. How cool! Glad you had such a fun time :)

  4. Love your recap & it was so nice meeting you! I too was too focused on content and didn’t take any pictures with people until Sunday morning at brunch!

  5. Brandi, looks like you had such a fun time in Orlando! i’d love to go to a food blog forum time in the future.

  6. Every recap I read about some type of blogger conference I wanna go, they sound so fun! Maybe next year :)

  7. That looks like such an awesome conference and how cool that it was at Disney World! Two fun things in one!! I’ve never been to a blogger conference but really want to go to one!

  8. Oh bummer! I wished we met — there’s so many people I missed but overall the forum was a great success :)

  9. that does sound like a wonderful conference! should keep that in mind :)

  10. Thanks so much for including my post! What a great weekend and awesome wrap up!!

  11. i can’t wait to go to HP world!!!

  12. I’m so jealous that you were in Disney World! It’s my favorite place on earth! That would be awesome to attend a blog conference there :)

  13. ah what a fun time!

  14. i loved meeting you so so so much!

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