The Ultimate PB & J (grilled!)

When you get married, you learn a lot of new things.

Like you both probably fold laundry a different way. One of you won’t mind vacuuming and one of you will hate it (I’m the hater). And one of you probably likes the snooze button more than the other (totally me in our house).

When you go from living with your parents –> living with girl roommates –> living with a husband, there’s a learning curve.

I didn’t know how to cook anything when we got married, so that’s where I started.

Nick was definitely a better cook for the first year – at least – until I started to catch up.

But about 2 years in, he shared one of the most incredible food ideas I had ever heard.

After an early dinner one night, we were both wanting a snack. We looked through the cabinets and didn’t see much – until Nick suggested making grilled pb&js.

Excuse me?

Grilled pb&j?

Grilling a pb&j is the ultimate sandwich.

It’s all the things you love about a classic pb&j with buttered, toasted bread and a melty mess of a peanut butter and jam filling.

I’ve had this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks. It doesn’t matter when you have it – just do it!

Ultimate Grilled PB&J

Makes: 1 sandwich


  • 2 slices bread (farmhouse is best!)
  • 1.5-2 Tbsp of your favorite nut butter
  • 1 Tbsp jam
  • 1-2 Tbsp butter OR neutral oil


  1. Put a small skillet over medium heat.
  2. Spread your peanut butter on slice of bread and your jam on another.
  3. Put the sandwich together and butter (or brush oil) on one side of the sandwich.
  4. Place the buttered side of the sandwich in the pan and let it cook 3-5 minutes until it’s golden and toasted.
  5. Flip over, cook another 3-4 minutes until golden brown.
  6. Serve warm.



  1. Nick sounds like a smart man :)

    I’ve never tried grilled pb&j but one time in high school I made a grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwich and it was pretty epic.

  2. I grew up on grilled PB&Js. Now I make them in the panini press. Super easy and oh so good.

  3. Add a banana, you’ll never go back. We did that as a kid!

  4. Never thought of grilling it! Genius!!

  5. Although I do most of the cooking, my boyfriend always makes any kind of sandwiches because he says boys are much better at making sandwiches than girls ;)

  6. I made the discovery of grilling a PB&J last year and it was quite an amazing experience! Something about warm peanut butter….gosh it tasted like a sinful dessert.

  7. This is genius! A gorgeous sammy!

  8. Isn’t this the best?! Even better: Throw some banana slices in there next time.

  9. Favourite meal. hands down!! Haha I love to add banana to my ultimate pb&j’s :)

  10. I’ve totally made grilled pb & j many times – SUCH a great idea! I love it with banana too :)

  11. I agree with the added banana, it is amazing! I lived off these in grad school. Adding grilled pb&j to the to-do list!

  12. I’m making this for lunch! It’s been way too long since having a PB & J..

  13. That looks incredible! I should try it on some gluten-free bread because it tastes better toasted anyhow. Gotta love marriage, I hate dishes but Andy doesn’t mind. It’s been a good balance so far!

  14. Grilled PB sandwiches are the best!!! So gooey and yummy. Putting bananas on too is pretty tasty.

  15. I love warm PB sandwiches whether they are sweet or savory. This might have to be lunch now since I just picked up some GF bread and PB2 yesterday!! YUM

  16. Grilled PBJ is the way to go! Yours looks awesome!

  17. Seems like your husband is a winner JUST for suggesting this sandwich!

  18. totally a keeper, the pb&j and the husband ;)

  19. Omg glad to know that you weren’t always such an amazing cook– there is hope for me yet! I’m slowly but surely learning! And a grilled pb&j sounds like such a fabulous idea! Why have I never had one?! And nutella or dark chocolate dreams would give this dessert potential!

  20. oh my goodness. I have no words! the picture alone speaks for itself. I NEED to try a grilled pb&j stat! your hubby is a genius!

  21. Grilled PB&Js are the best sandwiches ever! Wayyy better than traditional PB&Js!

  22. I would love this… because I always toast my PB&Js!

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  24. whoa, a grilled pb+j?! my mind is blown! (in the best possible way). =)

  25. This has been one of my favs since I was a little kid! I love bacon on it too!

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  28. I’ve been making these for awhile now. They are my absolute FAVORITE!!!!! Most people think I’m crazy until they try it!!!! Best creation ever!!!!!<3

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