February Favorites

I know we’re 8 days into March, but, last night, I realized that I had all these pictures for my Best Week Ever round up posts and never put them up! February went by in a blur, and March is doing the same.

Instead of splitting these up, here’s some of my favorites from February.

Eggs for lunch, when I can. Especially when they’re topped with leftover jalapeno cream or salsa + avocado. The perfect lunch!

These cheddar cheese puffs from Michael Season’s are addicting! They’re Nick’s new favorite chips and are better than the cheeto version I grew up eating. Seriously!

Applegate (one of my favorite companies) sent me their new Family Size bag of Chicken Nuggets to try. I’ve bought their nuggets in the past and will keep buying them. I like having these in the freezer for easy dinners and quick weekend lunches.

Golden and crispy – just how they should be!

As for our morning routines, Nick and I still do our siphon-made coffee on the weekends, but the weekdays have been taken over by this tea.

Nick’s mom loves tea – like loves it, loves it. She has special tea mugs, carries it with her when they travel, and usually brings her own to our house, too. We bought her some Tazo Earl Grey with Lavender from Starbucks a while ago and she fell in love with it. But that tea is so pricey!

I searched online and found this 1 pound bag of tea on Amazon for only $15. Do you know how much 1 pound of  tea is? It’s a lot.

We gave her half the bag and kept some for us.

And…now we’re addicted, too. I can’t say I would pick this over a perfect cup of coffee, but it’s the best tea I’ve ever had.

My new slippers! The ones I got for Christmas last year were starting to fall apart. I found these little moccasins on sale at Target – they’re on my feet as soon as I step in the house. Love.

It’s that time of year again. Since I bought this book a few years ago, I have read it 2-3 times each year, and it’s starting back up. As soon as the weather starts to turn, we start thinking about our garden and I dig out this book.

And music.

February was a great month for us for music. Nick’s been playing guitar and I pulled the keyboard downstairs again now that the dining room is painted.

We saw an incredible band on a snowy night in Roanoke, and I’ve got my eyes on a few concerts this spring.

On repeat for me right now?

The Head and The Heart, The Civil Wars, Punch Brothers (they do an incredible cover of Radiohead’s Kid A, if you haven’t heard it – look it up!), and, as always, The Avett Brothers.

Here’s a few of my latest favorites for a Thursday pickup to your morning:


  1. I just love eggs. They’re perfect for every meal. I want to try those nuggets

  2. Earl grey with lavender <3 <3 :D

  3. ooh, love that book! recently read “The Dirty Life” and it was another great one :)

  4. I’ve always wanted to try a french press. I drink so much coffee, though, I don’t know if it would be practical.

  5. Brandi – your moccasin slippers are adorable! i just love eggs, at any time of day. Sometimes breakfast food at lunch or dinner just tastes better. that jalapeno cream looks divine!

  6. I love those moccasins. I have a black pair.

    I’m making Jessica’s jalapeno cream tonight for dinner. I’ll keep some extra for breakfast leftovers. Fabulous idea, my friend.

  7. I LOVE that book and plan on reading it again this year! We could have a book club like discussion at BlogHer Food ;)

  8. oh my gosh i need to find those nuggets! no idea they existed!

  9. Omg I have not had chicken nuggets in years but those look pretty delicious!! And do you make tea in a french press?? I’ve never seen that before!

    • french press is perfect for making loose leaf tea! especially if you need more than one cup. this is a 32 oz french press and we put in about 1.5 Tbsp of the loose tea, let it steep for about 5 minutes, then press it and serve! Easy.

  10. I’m reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle now too! The first few chapters have definitely gotten me in the mood for spring. . . and planting!

  11. now i really want to try the jalapeno cream with eggs!

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